Nov 19, 2011

Almost done!

Friday we did the final clean up about 5 times!!  The gravel truck came at 8:00AM.

Grava is not cheap, 1500 pesos for a half load. There goes the plant budget!

We had the gravel dumped in various locations to make the spreading easier. So nice to have fresh clean pea gravel everywhere plus it will help keep the ants under control.

Only in Mexico would the delivery truck go over 'the road' with a flat tire!

We hired this guy to add steel supports at each of the 5 concrete posts. A steel rod goes thru the cement and is bolted to the steel rod hanging over the wooden main beam.

The roof is now complete. Just to be extra cautious Colin asked for brace supports on the two wooden posts. We want this thing to last for a very long time.

We kept the girls inside for part of the day due to all the comings and goings. They really really wanted to be out there.

Caeli got insect bites between her toes and would not stop licking the area so I put some salve on and tiny socks to allow the sores to heal.

While the workers worked Colin washed the last side of the RV so it would be clean for the new site. I decided to get busy and made salmon pate, muffins and sugar syrup for the hummingbirds.

Looks great, time to move I think!

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7 Responses to “Almost done!”

  1. Marty says:

    Caeli looks so cute! She looks like she’s looking for a little sympathy!

    Yay, now you can really go home!

    • contessa says:

      Marty……so good to be home. Yes Caeli plays it for all she can.

      George…..we are so enjoying.

      Connie….the fun part will be planting more flowers and palms.

      Nancy…..For sure, come for lunch and we will join you also. I need another week.

      Larry….we have to get in line to schedule the party, already lots happening.

      Susie…they did a wonderful job. Once settled we will have you and everyone else over.

  2. looking good tome to move in!! Enjoy……

  3. Connie in PA says:

    Oh my – it sure looks nice – have fun getting settled in!

  4. Nancy says:

    Very nice! When you get settled we’ll have to come over to Isla and meet for lunch again! Or are you coming this way anytime soon?

  5. Larry says:

    Chill the wine! Now you need to get ready to enjoy the housewarming (or is that house cooling?) party

  6. Susie larose says:

    It look,s huge and very well built, awesome job they did. Will check it out when your all settled in. Enjoy

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