Nov 12, 2011

So very busy!!

It was impossible to do a post yesterday….still reeling from the activity.

After the beach walk and breakfast Caeli found a nice place to curl up for a nap!

Our site from the beach....we go to the white post on the left. The green building in behind is the library, storage and shower, washroom area..

After the walk it was time to watch a local give a fishing lesson to an RVer from France.

Suddenly after 3 days of no contact our palapa workers showed up.  Time to move out.  No time for our breakfast today.

We moved to our old site from last season. The guys started digging as we drove out. They worked so hard all day in the 30C heat. We put the A/C on today and I was still warm. It seemed like a good time to do a deep dust and vacuum. The RV's you see over our dust fence belong to a couple who also lease a site here at Tres Amigos. They are setting up their own private site on a friend's beach property.

There was  a great deal of consultation between us and the workers to be sure of the exact measurements.  In fact I caught the fact that the RV mirror was likely to be in the middle of the front support pole so we had that moved over 4 inches.   We had to go out and pick up our laundry, drop in to see a friend for a moment and then a quick stop at the local store.  Home again.

These two seem to be worn out by all of the day's activity. I so wanted to join them. I did join a few friends for a glass of wine.

Once the 5 holes were dug, rebar was inserted and big rocks broken down to fill some of the space before the hand mixed cement was poured.

Just before sunset our palms were delivered.  Hope they bring more.

We were treated to another spectacular sunset last evening. The lights on the hill on the right are along the path up to the lighthouse.

By now we were mucho hambre and I needed to prepare a quick but filling dinner.

Nachos, chichuahua cheese, frijoles, avocado, salsa and sour creme. YUM!!

I was in bed by 8:30PM!  What will today bring?

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6 Responses to “So very busy!!”

  1. Colin LeBray says:

    Ymmm.. the nachos look yummy!

  2. Looks like you had a busy productive day and a yummy dinner!

  3. Nice to see the work on the palapa has started. Won’t be long and they will have it all complete for you to enjoy.

    Kevin and Ruth

    • contessa says:

      Kevin….the palapa was a huge decision & investment but for the next few years we think it will make out time here even more special

      Elaine….The amount of empty wine bottles is piling up! Today I get a massage!!!

  4. Elaine says:

    wow you are both busy busy….do you ever slow down? nice to see the palapa is starting to take shape…the girls look so content :)…take care and remember to take a rest and have some wine 🙂

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