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Oct 26, 2011

First Day Completed

Finally hooked up and through the gate at 1:15PM!!!  Yes we were on the road!!  Then came the beep, beeep, beepppp, B E E P, BEEP, over and over.  One of the car Pressure Pro Sensors was sending us a message, I need more air.  We did add air and will be watching that tire […]


Oct 25, 2011


…1:00PM and we are leaving!  Left this note behind! CLOSED FOR THE WINTER!  ADIOS AMIGOS!!  Next post from on the road.


Oct 24, 2011

One more sleep

Tonight we plan to sleep in the motorhome.  That way today we can totally winterize the house and lock it up.  But first we have to finish the lists and finish them we will.  Colin’s has already been to another special appointment with the dentist this morning about the root canal, he was given more […]


Oct 23, 2011

The finals….

…yes we are in the very very finals!!!! The final dental appointments, the final medical appointment, the final massage, the final bank deposit, the final pennies in the bank account and the final vet appointment, the final car and RV prep, the final Christmas card written, etc, etc. What else?  Oh yes, the final grass […]


Oct 22, 2011

Two weeks!

Today, Saturday, October 22….. Two weeks, Saturday, November 5th…. In order to be able to enjoy our beach view, we have to hit those to do lists extra hard today!  Adios for now.


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