Oct 06, 2011

MEXICO INSURANCE ~ the fine print

We received our vehicle insurance policies yesterday from San Xavier Insurance.  They provide top notch service.  I called their 1 – 800 number on Sept. 20th, ordered online, gave them my Visa card information and now have our policies in hand.

Based on all the flack I have been getting on RV.net I decided to read the fine print.  Surprise!!!  We are covered for way more than I ever thought.  So between the medical insurance coverage we have settled on, this fills in the blanks quite nicely.  We have always paid the extra $10.00 for ‘legal aid’ and the extra $10.00 for ‘travel assistance’ but never got into the details.  We tend to think on the positive side rather than the what if’s of life.

There are 6.5 pages of fine print under travel assistance coverage!

We pay the extra $10.00 per policy so we are covered with either vehicle.  Some details include medical transportation if the insurance company’s physician determines that it is medically advisable to repatriate the insured party to his permanent address or to the medical facility closest to it; bringing in a specialist at their expense if one is not available, etc.  I see this as bonus fine print for us.  Mexico, get ready for us.

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10 Responses to “MEXICO INSURANCE ~ the fine print”

  1. Getting ready to go , just the fine details!

  2. Croft says:

    We have always gotten great service from San Xavier!

  3. Miki says:

    Hi Contessa…We spend our winters in Melaque. We used to stay in our motorhome for the winter but the past couple of years, we have rented a bungalow so have travelled down by truck/camper. We still enjoy camping in a few places on our way down and back so we take two or three weeks coming and going. Hopefully, we’ll be on our way in mid-November. Your travel medical was of interest to me as we are getting to the very expensive stage of life although this year, for some reason, BCAA seems to offer the best choice for us. (for coverage for the entire trip, ages 63 and 65). In years past, because of some medical issues, we have taken a policy with a large deductible to make it more affordable. I know that Dan Pucher Insurance (online) offers a policy just for travel through the US. I haven’t purchased one, but he told me a few years back that he could do that. Glad to hear you’re getting ready to hit the road. I still have 6 weeks to go! I really enjoy your blog and your little dogs. Safe travels and thanks again for the info.

  4. Elaine says:

    So glad to see your almost ready to hit the open road:)….good luck with all the prepping…

  5. Marty says:

    Let me paste my Facebook comment I just made, which will give you an idea of the American Insurance racket (er coverage):

    Won’t paste, let me retype-‘Got a letter from my insurance company. They had to make sure that my claims (knee and feet) were something they had to pay, or if they could get another insurer to pay. I have no other insurance, I have no Medicare, Blue Cross is it! I haven’t even made a real claim in over 9 years! They wanted to know why I went to a podiatrist in June. I told them, “To remake my orthotics.” “Then was it an accident or work-related problem?” “No,” I said, “Plantar fascitis is not from an accident!” “Have you consulted a lawyer over either issue?” “Why would I, when THERE WAS NO ACCIDENT!” I almost told them that if they balked at paying in any way, I WOULD consult a lawyer!’ American insurance is a HUGE racket! I think I will join my sis in moving to Canada or Mexico. (She says if the Republicans get in the White House she will definitely move to Canada)

  6. Lorraine says:

    Hi Contessa ! we are pricing out our insurance, leaving next Thurs. from Greenwood, heading to Ventura to visit “you know who” !!
    Anyway, do you know what your deductable is ? We are finding that most are working on a either fixed or variable deductable. Which is substantial on $60-90,000. Thru San Xavier, who is your policy with ?
    Hope you don’t mind sharing a little more info … there are a lot of different quotes coming back !
    Hope you get all done/packed .. I know the countdown gets frenzy !!

    • contessa says:

      Hola Lorraine,

      For our RV which has a 90,000.00 vehicle liability the deductible for collision, upset & glass breakage is $800.00. The fire, total theft and natural disasters deductible for the RV is $800.00. For the car with a 10,000.00 vehicle liability the deductibles are $500.00 and $500.00.

      San Xavier uses Mapfre. Hope this answers your questions but don’t hesitate to ask more. We are becoming somewhat frantic but one thing at a time…

      • contessa says:

        Lorraine sent me a reply…

        Hi Contessa !

        When we got our estimate back from that exact insurer, there is a “rider” right on the bottom that says All policies as of 2010, are percentage deductables, minimum $800. When you do the calculation on $60,000 = $3,000. deductable.

        Can you check on yours to see if it has that ? They were the best rates in all quotes, the majority had percentage … that seems new to us too !!
        ………and I replied to her reply…

        Well I didn’t read the fine print very well did I. Colin said he knew it was a percentage and still thinks it is a good thing, 2% collision is about $1800.00 and for risk 2 which is the fire or total theft the deduction is $4500.00 which is not bad considering the overall payout.

        • contessa says:

          …and Lorraine replied to me ( all this via email)

          I absolutely agree with you … would rather have this than nothing at all as some travel with ! The liability of $300,000 (some policies as low as $20,000) I think is the most important issue … if we were to hit someone/thing that could be very costly ! … okay back to the packing too, hitting the road Thurs after our Flu shots !

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