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Sep 20, 2011

Que pasa~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

….well it does seem that fall is in the air but we are back to heat  here in the valley so one day at a time.  However up on the mountains they did get a dusting of snow at Big White, one of our many ski hills! The most important and very very big news […]


Sep 19, 2011

Weekend visitors!

Right along with the very cool temperatures arrived friends Terri & Mike.  They are in the area doing research for a book they are updating.  We met this couple several years ago while RVing in Mexico.  I guess you could say we knew them before we met them.  How so you ask? Mike & Terri […]


Sep 17, 2011

A perfect marriage!

Who knew? Seriously, who knew that yellow roses and grape tomatoes would become such great pals and reproduce so well?


Sep 16, 2011

What would you do….?

……if your RV insurance arrived and it was 50% less than usual? Let me explain.  We have our RV insured for full replacement value.  We use a combination of a private insurance company and the Crown corporation ICBC to insure the motorhome.  The ICBC portion has been $669.00 for several years.  However Aviva with whom […]


Sep 15, 2011

Aurora Borealis

Last Friday evening, Sept.9th, the night after the winery event, I was in bed about 9:30PM. Colin was outside playing his guitar when a security guard came by and asked him to look back over his shoulder.  There it was, perhaps the first time ever here, a light show, the Northern Lights.  Colin woke me […]


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