Sep 26, 2011

Que Pasa!

First off I just can’t believe we will be in the USA a month today and on the road to our annual journey to Mexico.     Y A H O O ! ! !

I do apologize for  the delay in my travel medical insurance post.  I have had several emails asking for it.  I’m behind.  I do have lots of excuses but the major one is that my computer, the laptop we travel with, has been in for service.  It took the computer tech a week to tell me that the laptop was no longer stable and he didn’t really know why.  Well I could have told him that much.  Actually we did!  It can be used but there is no guarantee how long it will be workable.  So I wanted a replacement, of course!!  A new one would have been over $2000.00 with change.  Wow!!!  Did someone forget to tell the Apple people that the stock market isn’t so great these days.

We settled on a compromise.  Mamma Computer, with a lovely 21 inch screen. This is a used desktop that was used as a display model.  After revamping and a new hard drive we got this for $750.00 and it has a one year warranty.  Colin uses Papa Computer (27″) which he actually monopolizes it at this time of year, our busiest time.  I usually get Baby Computer.  So we still have Baby Computer ( 15″ ), the laptop which hopefully will get me from home to Tres Amigos and all my travel postings.

Papa, Mamma & Baby Apples....

Once on the Isla we will set up Mama Computer.  Where I said?  Found a computer table, online, I do tend to let my figures do the walking these days.  For a mere $18.00 we got this one.  Works at home and should fit into the RV.  I had to get Patti to set it up mainly because I’m blonde!!  Colin was working and some wine needed drinking.  Wonderful husband that he is he brought us all take out dinner at 9:00PM.

Thanks Patti, I learnt a good deal that evening...........

I have to say I love my final combo.

How can Walmart sell this for $18.00? I love that it is on castors.

I really want to put some fall photos on my blog but we just haven’t had the turning of the leaves yet.  Late summer = late fall.  We are not complaining.  Did get a tad amount of rain overnight and some lighter winds.

The news is on as I’m working on this and Colin is half listening… news!!!  What, didn’t we just finish dealing with the playoff riots?

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5 Responses to “Que Pasa!”

  1. Sandie says:

    Great looking table especially for $18. Our leaves haven’t turned yet either because it is still summer.

  2. Nice computer table for 18 dollars. Too bad about your Mac Book. Mine was have issues and Idid some fiddling and cleanup and now seems to be working just fine, will keep my fingers crossed.

  3. longdog2 says:

    Sounds like you are really getting busy with preparations to go south. It is still really warm here in Texas–over 100 degrees yesterday here in San Antonio. I still far rather have that than the cold. I grew up in northern Minnesota so I’ve had the alternative. Just saying. Handy little table you got.

  4. Susie larose says:

    Great buy!!

  5. Marty says:

    You will be in the US just after we get BACK to the US! It would have been fun to hook up on the Isla but that would have been a big crew descending on you-13 people! We will go there anyway and look wistfully at your empty RV spot…..

    Oh, tomorrow I go to my “Joint Replacement Class.” Yep they even have a class for it!

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