Sep 21, 2011

Mexican Vehicle Insurance!

Those of us who travel to Mexico all have a variety of vehicle insurers we use.  Since our very first RV trip into Mexico, which happened to be the Baja, we have always used Bob from San Xavier Insurance.  He and his staff have always been efficient and we have never had any problems in over twelve years.  We did have a claim once from an incident north of Puerto Escondido which we were unable to report until we reached Acapulco.  The investigator came, told us to do what we had to do re the repairs and they would pay all.  They did so with no questions asked.  So of course year after year we call them for our annual six month insurance policies, one for the HHR, our tow vehicle and one for the motorhome.

Yesterday I ordered our six month policies.  The one thing they do state on their form is that the stated value must not exceed market value.  So unlike the insurance we pay on our motorhome here in Canada which is full replacement value we value our 2001 rig at $90,000.00.  Our tow vehicle, a 2006 HHR, we dropped to a value of  $10,000.00.

So our cost for a six month policy on the RV which also includes medical expenses of $5,000.00 per person cost us $692.09.

The policy for the toad, our tow car, which also includes the $5,000.00 medical clause, cost us $252.53.

The most important thing to note at this point is that if you are from British Columbia, Canada ( sorry I can’t speak for any other Canadian Province ) you may claim a refund on your B.C. insurance if you are in Mexico for 3 months or more. There are certain receipts that must be a part of the refund request.

Last season, 2010 – 2011, we paid $275.84 for the car & $752.03 for the RV with San Xavier Insurance.  Once we returned this past April we put in a refund request from both ICBC and Aviva, our two vehicle insurers.  If you check out my July 5th post, you will see how we came out ahead.  We made a profit of $386.97 once the refunds less the costs were calculated.  As I said in my July post, it does pay to travel to Mexico.  Who knows how much I’ll get back in April 2012, but you can be sure it will be a profit!!  Of course that means we are paying way too much money on insurance costs here in Canada in the first place.

So what are you waiting for!!!  Book your trip to Mexico.  At least start the planning of your trip……………..

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5 Responses to “Mexican Vehicle Insurance!”

  1. Croft says:

    We too have received a refund every year and also made a profit on the transaction. The first year they told us we did not have the correct receipts but they were paying us anyway. They wanted RV park receipts with the plate numbers on them but these are very difficult to get.

    The next year we managed to get some fuel receipts with the plate numbers entered but were unable to get a receipt for turning in the RV permit as we chose to buy the ten year permit. ICBC paid again and have every year since even though we never provide the level of “proof” they want.

    • contessa says:

      Croft…..because we tow the car we are able to get the Banjercito form which is a huge help. We also make a point of stopping at an RV park on either side of the border and I ask that our license plate numbers be recorded on the receipt. Works for us.

      Susie…..medical insurance is my next project. I’ll post on it soon.

      Marty…be sure to read our American friend Chuck’s comment.

      Chuck…….very clever of you to have found one of the few American insurers to cover Mexico. Your overall rates do sound very much better than ours. Us Canadians have to think harder to sort this out. As to other vehicles left behind we only have my BMW which is only insured for 6 months and is on a storage policy during the winter 6 months.

  2. Marty says:

    I haven’t heard from other Americans, but I’m sure you wouldn’t be getting any kind of refund on a vehicle insured in the US! I could be wrong, but not being an RV-er I’m not up on those things. Next time I have coffee with my friend the insurance agent I’ll have to ask him.

  3. Susie larose says:

    Yes we also get a refund and use same Mexico Insurance guy.. Have you checked out your medical for out of country?? I wait till the last week thru BCAA.. Will let you know what we paid last year and then this years..

  4. chuck says:

    We have our RV insured through Progressive and our policy which is under $800.00 a year covers us in Mexico EXCEPT for Mexican liability which I purchase a “license” policy from Vagabundos club. at $98.00 for the year. So it only costs me $98.00 a year extra to travel in Mexico.

    Most insurance companies in the States do not have this Mexico coverage.

    What I do on my vehicles that are left behind and not used while we are in Mexico, they are put on “suspension” and our premium is on hold while we are in Mexico so we save there. But there is no refunds in the States, but if you suspend your policy while in Mexico you will save that amount.

    Seems our insurance cost might be less here?

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