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Sep 30, 2011

Stone Island and change….

…good or bad is all in how you perceive it.  We have been wondering if this would actually come to be and it seems that it has begun. The first phase of the $120 million dollar Isla Amaitlan Resort has begun.  Grading machines have begun clearing the first two hectares.  Now if only someone would […]


Sep 29, 2011

Bad, bad, day…..

It all started with the wind….lots of it.  I guess we were fortunate that we were not blown about as much as the West Coast.  However we were affected. So I called the office here and asked it they could come and rescue the palms, perhaps keep them in the club house or ?? If […]


Sep 28, 2011

Does anyone need a job?

Here at Holiday Park we are surrounded by cedars and they all need to be trimmed.  It seems that no one wants to cut them any longer.  Last fall we had a new company come into the park but they are too busy this year.  Most of the people have retired and it seems no […]


Sep 27, 2011


Over the years Colin and I have travelled the globe and medical insurance has always been a part of the trip.  We have never used it.  Now as we are getting older the people who decide medical insurance policies have decided we are at risk and have to pay much higher prices.  We use to […]


Sep 26, 2011

Que Pasa!

First off I just can’t believe we will be in the USA a month today and on the road to our annual journey to Mexico.     Y A H O O ! ! ! I do apologize for  the delay in my travel medical insurance post.  I have had several emails asking for it. […]


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