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Aug 31, 2011

Too too cute…..

Once, when we lived in Vancouver, Colin went to work in slippers! Once, while living here, Colin travelled all the way into a Kelowna shoot with the garbage &  the doggie ‘you know’ in the back of his car!!  He later said he wondered what the smell was! But yesterday, he left for a photo […]


Aug 30, 2011

The good, the bad and the ugly!

The good news stems from this article on violence & crime in the state of Sinaloa.  Is a nutshell it says that crime is down 29% in Mazatlan, robberies are up but homicides are down!!  Good news indeed, we might get robbed but not murdered 🙂 The bad news is that D Day has been […]


Aug 29, 2011

They are here!!

Dear Patti & Simon, Welcome to your new home in Holiday Park Resort!  So happy to have you as neighbours!! You can imagine our surprise when first thing the morning of the 23rd Patti is knocking at the door.  I was still in my nightie and hadn’t even brushed my teeth yet!!  Great to see […]


Aug 27, 2011

The best dinner ever!!

Colin got back from Vancouver about dinner time Friday and brought home some fresh halibut steaks.  I swear they are the very very best we have eaten.  In fact I think dinner last night was the best meal I have had, even in any 5 Star restaurant! It was still warm at 7PM, like 34.5C!! […]


Aug 26, 2011

Too busy…

…to post or to relax or even read other blogs!!!  It has been about 33 -34C each of the last 4 days which makes it tough to push and get stuff done.  You just want to sit and languish. I have really wanted to post each day and have lots to share with you but […]


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