Jul 28, 2011

Que pasa!

A year ago yesterday my life changed forever.  Lately I seem to be on the low side of energy.  I have so much to share with you but right now it is difficult getting words to paper.  I have spent the past few days reflecting on the past, my present and the future.  I have come a long way and can hardly wait to head south in October, my true expression of freedom.  Meanwhile I am enjoying the little things, like watching my flowers grow and can almost taste my soon to be ready tomatoes, the sun on my body as I walk around the block and cuddles from the girls. I am thankful that the past year has brought Colin to the kitchen.  I have to say that he has always helped out but for him to plan, create, cook and serve dinner with no input from me at all, what a huge treat!  We both enjoyed it.

A shot of the quiet birthday celebration on the 22nd.

Gorgeous lilies....merci du fond de mon coeur mes amis!

A special walk motivated by love. Milles gracias!

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