Jul 10, 2011

Surprise day!

Last Tuesday, July 5th we were greeted early morning by a hot air balloon gliding towards the lake.  A beautiful start to a perfect day.

You can barely make out the tiny yellow balloon just to the left above the trees. Colin had taken a few shots for me but they have become lost in cyber space.

Thanks to Robert I can show you this. So nice to have an alternate photographer just down the road.

Then Colin was off and running.  I can’t even remember how many jobs he was doing this day but I did pack breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner to go.  I know he didn’t bet back till after midnight.  This is a typical good weather day for him in the photography world.  I think my husband must have been missing me because he called and left me a voice message.  Unfortunately I was on another line talking to my Dad so did not get Colin’s message for a few moments.  I had to listen to it twice.  Once because of the background noise and a second time to make sure I understood what the message was.  Too bad you weren’t here Dad, you would have loved what came next.

The message said something to the effect that he was doing aerials in a float plane and would fly over.

So I rushed out and tried to capture a few shots on my point and shoot.  Soon I realized that he was about to do a second flypass.  I decided to get my semi pro neighbour involved but he wasn’t responding.  Turns out Robert was on the phone with a business situation.  Meanwhile our other neighbour Dave got ready to take some photos.  I tell you I had all these shots being submitted for publication.  The rest of the people on the street were starting to come over, what the heck is going on?  “The plane, the plane, it’s Colin I said”, fantasy island style!

...and then it happened, the plane landed!

At this point I am going, I need a better camera so I ran over to Robert's where I discovered he was on the phone. I took this shot from his place.

Then I must have taken this one. I only this because the shots are sequentially numbered. Too much happening, way too fast for me.

As her husband was still on the phone, Michele grabbed his professional Canon and shot this. Amazing photo!

While Michele shot this one I was running back to our site and missed all the close ups. That is Colin in the coral shirt. Great shots Michele. You are hired!!

By then the pilot was turning the plane around and planning to take off.  Lake landings don’t come cheap!  I was and still am so upset that I missed the close ups.  Meanwhile Colin ( as he told me later ) was wondering where I was, he says he saw all these different people on our beach site but not me.  No, I was just trying to rush between sites.  Big massive ‘sigh’!

Merci Robert for this shot.

I got back to our site to wave a distant adios mi amore. It was fun!

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5 Responses to “Surprise day!”

  1. Nice to have the neighbours around. They got some good photos for you. I was in a float plane once, many years ago, even got a chance to fly it for a bit.

    Kevin and Ruth

  2. Susie larose says:

    Awesome photos, you need more camera,s within reach !!

    • contessa says:

      Sandie…thanks..well I did see the plane from a distance both coming and going, just never saw his face up close. I just need a better camera but my pocket size one is generally good enough.

      Susie….I agree nice photos and fun too but no more cameras in this house….plus I don’t want to use the big professional ones. I think it use up too many brains cells.

      Mary…must have been a rush to see the F16’s fly over and to know who the passengers were.

      Kevin…I also was in a float plane eons again in Tahiti. A wonderful experience.

  3. Sandie says:

    Love the pictures of the plane. But sorry you weren’t on the beach to wave at Colin. Maybe need to figure out how to have a camera attached to you.

  4. mary klassen says:

    wow, so much excitement. Even Prince William and Kate flying over our golf course in F16s didn’t cause such a stir. They were on their way to Whitehorse.
    You got some nice shots though.

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