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Jul 30, 2011

Dental portrait essay!

This is not for the faint of heart. This is for those who love going to the dentist and getting a tooth extracted. Photos and model courtesy Colin Jewall who really really wanted me to post this.  I just had to do it!! Beware, some of the following photos are simply put….not pleasant. As part […]


Jul 29, 2011

A Blast from the Past!

That is how she started her email to me just a fews weeks ago.  My friend Jannose Lebray, a definite blast from the past.  It has been over 12 years since we were last in touch.  Thank goodness she Googled me, found this blog and from there came her email.  What a wonderful surprise!  We […]


Jul 28, 2011

Que pasa!

A year ago yesterday my life changed forever.  Lately I seem to be on the low side of energy.  I have so much to share with you but right now it is difficult getting words to paper.  I have spent the past few days reflecting on the past, my present and the future.  I have […]


Jul 26, 2011

Palapa Crisis

However the palapa is gone!!!  While moving their RV out the current site renters (for the past 5 years) somehow managed to dislodge the palapa and it is no longer there. When I first got word I was devastated.  The only reason we had changed RV sites at Tres Amigos for this coming winter and […]


Jul 24, 2011

Crisis, soap opera or…

…just another day in the lives of the 5C’s??  You tell me. Colin left at 4:40AM this morning (Sunday) to get a spectacular sunrise shot for a client.  Mission accomplished he came back home to get us all up, and to enjoy the morning with a coffee when he quietly said “have a look at […]


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