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Jun 25, 2011


This time Colin has flown to Winnipeg to visit his mom, who is 96 years & 8 months old.  We fondly call her Mommio because she is so young at heart.  He left Friday morning and will return late Sunday evening.  It just seemed to be the right time for a visit. Mommio still does […]


Jun 24, 2011

Happy June 24th!!

Happy Saint Jean Baptiste Day!  I know that Robert & Michele will be flying their flag, the Quebec one that is.  Today is a National Holiday in Quebec.  The celebration of June 24th was brought to ‘New France’ (now Quebec ) by the first French colonists with the first celebrations taking place around 1638.  It […]


Jun 23, 2011


…well we had our two days of summer.  Back to rain, showers and thundershowers.  It was nice while it lasted.  It never did get up to 30C on the first day of summer but yesterday we hit the 30C.  It was wonderful.  The sun, the heat, our bones just soaked it all in.  Colin started […]


Jun 21, 2011

Summer Solstice

Welcome to the first day of the summer season.  Today the Sun is the furthest North from Earth.  Here in Kelowna we are expecting a high of 30C with full sun, tomorrow also.  Humidity is 39% so not too dry or too wet, in fact the perfect day.  Mazatlan has the same temperature but a […]


Jun 20, 2011

Mexico Vehicle Permit – NEW INFO

On June 11, 2011 the Mexican Government signed into law some very important changes which will affect those of us who travel into Mexico via vehicle.  I’m sure it will also affect those who live in Mexico and have US or Canadian plated vehicles.  This involves cars and trucks, RV’s are not affected.   Your […]


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