Jun 26, 2011

Missing Daddy…

…big time!!  The girls are driving me nuts.  They want Colin and they want him now.  Friday night, the first night he was away, Carmeh kept  me up half the night going back and forth from the bed to the window, to the front door and over and over again and barking!!  She heard a noise and thought he was home, and another noise 30 minutes later.  Finally I just left the blind open so she could see out.  I can attest to the fact that there was still light in the sky at 11:30PM and the sky was beginning to light up again about 3:40AM.  So those trying to stay up all night for the June 24th celebration didn’t have too long a wait for the night to pass.  The girls needs are being met, they are being fed, watered and walked yet that is not enough for them.  Yesterday afternoon Caeli came up to me and started gentling barking at me, then whimpering, she was trying to tell me something.  Carmeh just stares at me with her huge brown eyes and follows me closely.  I almost stepped on her getting out of the shower yesterday.

Colin is the one who goes away, to see his Mom or to do a photo shoot.  I am always home except for the time I went from Acapulco to Mexico City with some other RVers for a bit.  Colin said that Caeli missed me so much that she kept running away looking for me, either in the RV Park or on the beach.  Someone was always bringing her back to him at our RV.   After two days she just sat on my pillow on the bed and waited.  I will never forget her greeting on my return.  The only other time I left the girls was to rush to my Mom’s bedside a few years ago.  My Mom survived the incident and the girls survived my being away & the day after I came home we hit the road south.  However because of Mom we didn’t venture as far into Mexico as we normally do and settled on the Isla just south of Mazatlan at the Tres Amigos RV Park.  Here we were only 14 miles from the Mazatlan Airport in case I needed to fly home urgently.  Over the next two years we fell in love with Mazatlan and will continue to winter there.

Caeli, doing what she does best....

Waiting for Dad, what Carmeh does best, next to hunting that is!

I miss my sweetie too.  These 2.5 days have been so long…the weather has been overcast with small showers off & on and it is cold.  I sit under a blanket reading on the sofa.  Everything is warmer, brighter and happier when Colin is home.   However I don’t think that even he could have stopped the snow from falling at Sliver Star yesterday!!  10:30PM tonight just can’t get here fast enough!!

From the magic of the computer world I received these photos this morning…..

Photo taken yesterday, Colin & his almost 97 year old Mom. I have to say I was stunned at how great she looks. If it wasn't for the veins on her hands, I think she could pass for someone in their 70's!

Bill, Colin's oldest brother & his wife Gloria. Thanks for sending the photos Bill. Yes I wish I was was there also. For sure next time!!

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  1. Sandie Dixon says:

    Wow – she looks a whole lot better than I do and she’s got 35 years on me. What a beautiful lady.

    And I must say you have good taste in dogs. But ours react the same way when Jim has to leave. Especially Scooter. She is constantly looking for him and any noise – she’s up and checking it out. Skittlez is a mama’s girl so when I leave, she has a rough time. But then if we go away for just an hour you would think we’d been gone forever. Sure do love those girls.

    • contessa says:

      Sandie…..welcome to the blog. Great to have you reading & sharing with me. I’m 58 and my husband will be 61 in 2 weeks so I know that he will be around for along time if he has his Mom’s genes. I agree with you about being away an hour, the greeting is so ecstatic. I’m sure there will be lots of barking & kissing going on when he gets home. I will be that last to be greeted. Wonder who the pack leader is?

      Susie..she is in perfect health and wears heels higher than I do. Her only problem is she is hard of hearing and that is because her ear canals are closing, nothing a hearing aid can help with!

      Daniel & Shula…we are all missing Colin. Yes Colin’s Mom is a very very special lady!

  2. Susie larose says:

    WHOW!! She looks the same as in 2009 photo, lucky lady!! Is she as healthy as she looks?? Your turn next to visit your mom & dad!?? I sure miss mine! susie

  3. The “girls” are missing Colin or you do???
    Colin’s mother looks gracious and beautiful.

  4. Marty says:

    She will be a challenger for the world’s oldest woman-she’ll make 100 easily and probably quite a ways beyond. She looks like she’s a load of fun! Looking at her photos makes me miss my mother-in-law.

  5. Aren’t animals funny! Whiskey is much the same when either Kevin or I go away. She just keeps looking out for you to come home. A dog’s love is unconditional, guess that is why they are man’s best friend.

    Kevin and Ruth

  6. Mari says:

    Colin’s mother is lovely and she has a special radiance about her. I’m glad that Colin can enjoy his visits with her even though he’s missed by his wife and doggies.

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