May 26, 2011

It’s gone…….

We have been living under cloud and showers for a few days now but this morning the heavens have opened.  There is even snow on roads in the mountains passes!  A high of 11C today!

People still enjoy the lake with cloudy weather and I've seen water skiers out in showers but not today, just the ducks! This photo was taken a few days ago.

So today it will be inside fun for the girls.  Both Colin and I will have to brave the elements due to pre booked appointments.

They have taken up a new sport, wrestling.

This is a recent development over the past week.

No crabs to hunt here so they hunt each other!

I hope the rain doesn't damage my blooming lilac. It has such a sweet fragrance.

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11 Responses to “It’s gone…….”

  1. Enough of this yucky weather, how soon before you head south again???

  2. Mary says:

    Your picture with the overcast skies is gorgeous!! It all is in the perspective I guess; as I am sitting here in a dusty hot space (the isla right now) and I am thinking that I would love to be sitting in that gorgeous space you posted!!
    Not sweating…and taking two showers a day…

  3. Marty says:

    Chloe and Merlin wrestle like that all the time! They chase each other around the house over and over. Pretty cute to watch, even when one of them collides with a piece of furniture! Good thing they have hard heads.

    I see by the long-range forecast that it should warm up mid-week for us. I certainly hope so-people are really crabby and we might have to build an ark. The flooding is so bad Interstate 90 was closed this morning. Still is, I think. Only problem with it warming up is melting snowpack and we still have a decent amount of snow in the mountains. Yep, better find some Wellies and a good boat!

  4. Same kind of weather here too. My Dad turned on the furnace this morning. That’s it, Kevin and I are staying in Mexico next year.

    Kevin and Ruth

    • contessa says: is just not right using the furnace the end of May!!

      Marty…the dogs are the joy in our lives amidst all the rain!! We are having flooding problems also.

  5. Susie larose says:

    Yes, enough of rain and cold!! We also have fresh snow on Mt. Washington and hills, their still skiing! Our Sara and Toga(cat) often play and chase each other, can’t imagine lefe without pet,s!! Susie

  6. contessa says:

    Susie…really, they are still skiing. Amazing for May 27th.

  7. I am fascinated by the picture on the lake…is this HOME? woooow what a great place to lower your hair and feel the wind.

    • contessa says:

      Yes Daniel, this is home or one of our 2 homes here in the Okanagan. The RV lives on the lake and we are right across the road in our park home from which we can see the lake. We love being on the water, hence Mazatlan in the winter months.

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