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Mar 18, 2011

The disassembly of my garden….

Disassembly is not the correct word.  Nor is deconstruction, which is what I want to use, but that is not right either, so for now disassembly is the best I can come up with!!  Bottom line , we have begun to tear my garden apart…it just breaks my heart.  I have 2 yards in Kelowna […]


Mar 17, 2011

A special time in Culiacan!

While attending the International Guitar Festival Colin lived in the home of the Soberanes Family.  His days started about 7:30AM.  Some days he had breakfast with the family, other days he headed directly to the Cultural Centre where an International competition took place for accomplished student guitarists.  There were also daily Master classes on technique, […]


Mar 16, 2011

How come?

…how come people stand like this?  A small photo essay! And some even sleep this way!!! Hummm!!!!!!  Any thoughts?


Mar 14, 2011

He’s back!

Colin got back from Culiacan about 5:00PM Sunday evening.  The girls, that includes me, were so happy to see him.  Carmeh never let him out of her sight. He had a wonderful trip and many special experiences.  More about that another day.  We spent the evening catching up.  The actual road trip was uneventful other […]


Mar 13, 2011

On the other hand!

It has come to my attention, late Sat. March 12 ( yesterday ), that Holland America Cruise Lines has dropped Mazatlan from its itinerary for the rest of the season.  This is very very sad news.  There will be NO further cruise ships docking here.  All the beach vendors will be affected and most especially […]


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