Mar 26, 2011

Surprise, surprise!!

We are down to our last two days and so much has been happening.  Time is passing muy rapido and try as I might I can’t stop the clock!  We’ve had some incredible weather but today it is cloudy, good maybe we can get more packing done instead of just hanging around visiting!  The other day we heard a loud HOLA, we had a surprise visitor!  Peter from Maine who has been coming to the Isla for 40 years had looked us up.  He found my blog last November and wanted to make a point to let me know he read it almost every day and especially enjoyed the photos of life here on the Isla.

Peter aka Pedro Picapiedra met his friend Moreno here on the beach in their long haired hippy days. I am amazed that they have remained friends over 40 years. Between them they have many stories to tell, most especially about the changes they have seen on the Isla. How I wish we had more time! What a wonderful visit we had, short that it was.

Later that day we had our farewell meal with Carol and Gary who live here in a house half the year and when not visiting friends and family in the USA also live in Maine.  Turns out that Peter met them here a few years ago and suggested they visit Maine and as the saying goes, the rest is history.  What is neat is that neither Peter, nor Carol & Gary knew that the other was reading this blog….neat, eh!

Hasta Noviembre, see you in November is fast becoming my favorite saying!

So back to some more packing, even the dogs are getting into it, well not Caeli, she’s asleep in the sofa (as usual) !!!

Good thing we used up most of the 'stuff'.

Nope, none of my toys are in here......

All the flowers and plants have been given away, planted or adopted out till November.   Colin hired a truck pulmonia and 2 locals to load the heavy pots for transport and at the last minute he added our small outdoor fridge.  Off they all went before I could even get a photo, too much, too fast.  As it turned out the fridge fell out partway to its destination!!!  Life in Mexico.  We did a deep cleaning inside the RV only to have a big wind blow all the dust right back in about an hour later!!  Why bother cleaning!

Life keeps happening all around us.  I am sad to say that the baby hummingbirds did not survive.  They were fine one morning and later that afternoon they were no longer breathing.  Perhaps the heat of the full sun was too much for them??  We were all very sad.

These two decided they liked the heat and wanted to heat things up even more. "Stumpy" (who has no tail) was on the bottom so now we know she is the female!! Well at least I think so......

The tuna boats are starting to come in, they have to wait till there is space at the canning facility for them to unload, then the workers get to see their loved ones, often after several months at sea.

I have mentioned before that when we return here in November we will be moving to an end site which is larger.  It does not have a palm tree in front as do the other sites so the other day, the manager asked Colin to come and pick out a tree.

There were several to chose from but transplanting and survival are a major factor so this it 'the one'. We think it will be replanted sometime in the next few weeks, perhaps someone can take a photo for us!

We went into Mazatlan yesterday primarily to visit the bank machine and pick up a few groceries.  We have been joking about getting a mini pool or a hot tub for our new site……well, while at the Mega store….

....we found this! Surprise! Did we or didn't we??

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5 Responses to “Surprise, surprise!!”

  1. mary klassen says:

    oh my gosh, you got a shot of the Iquanas doing it! I will try and pop by tomorrow.

  2. George Yates says:

    The time always goes faster as the deadline approaches, but you are getting it all done.

  3. Zoe Jussel says:

    Have a safe and uneventful (at least in the negative) trip back, and I hope to meet you next year. Our pups can have a “playday” maybe. ‘-)

  4. Looks like you have been very busy and I bet a little tired. I wish you a safe trip back north and will be waiting to hear that you’ve made it safe and sound.

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