Mar 19, 2011

Laundry on the Isla

If you don’t have your own washing machine you can either rent Carl’s washing unit, use your kitchen sink or visit Alphonso!

This stainless steel contraption totally comes apart and is easy to store. What's not so easy is the constant wrist action!

So we choose to gather up all our dirty laundry in the big yellow bag!

Then you bundle the bag and the dogs in the car and go for a very very bumpy 7 minute ride to the laundry guy’s house.

Alphonso has some real laundry machines but does a good deal of line drying as well.

When we pick up our clean linens & clothes a few days later it is neatly folded and bagged. Everything is clean and smells so fresh. I have never seen such perfectly folded sheets since I was nursing.

One thing Alphonso has not quite got correct yet, hey it’s only been 2 years now… the name. But I actually like the idea of Senor Contessa!!!

Since the beginning of November we have paid 1604 pesos (roughly 160.00 USD) for all laundry, including cleaning towels for the exterior of the RV, dog blankets, the usual sheets, towels and personal clothing.  We may spend another 15.00USD before we leave and feel that this a great price to have this service done for us.  There is no way I would want to give up storage space in my RV for a washing machine!!!  The locals always have laundry hanging somewhere, somehow, despite the dirt streets and often seen flying dust.

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2 Responses to “Laundry on the Isla”

  1. Good deal for the laundry, we would not give up our storage either for a washing machine. And the cost of one, we pay a little over $100.00 a year to us campground laundries. In a little over an hour 2 loads are done.

    • contessa says:

      While traveling in the US & Canada we prefer the laundromat route simply because of time. Like you say you can get it all done quickly and enjoy the day doing other more fun things.

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