Mar 07, 2011

Culiacan bound…

The guitar is packed and so are the dress clothes and shoes...

Colin left for Culiacan yesterday morning.

I believe that this is the 5th year that he is attending the International Guitar Festival.  He is gone for 8 full days and stays at the home of Maestro Heriberto Soberanes who performed here on the Isla in January.  Colin will attend Master classes during the day and attend a concert each evening followed by a very late dinner with the honored guests.  It is the highlight of his year, a wonderful opportunity to learn, listen and to play with these great artistes. He gets littles sleep but mucho musica!!

We all miss him but I think Carmeh pines the most.  She didn’t come to bed till 3 AM this morning.  Now she is spending the day inside lying on Colin’s side of the bed.

No, he didn't forget his guitar, he has two! Poor Carmeh!

Caeli has taken her post at the front gate where she will be the first to know when he gets back.

Hopefully they will settle down.  Each time a car passes they run to the gate barking.  Lots of extra cuddles and hugs are in store for us three remaining C’s!

Meanwhile we continue to enjoy the improved weather!  It is Carnival time here in Mazatlan.

Lots of special lights everywhere and banners.

Some of the decor for the 113th International Carnival.

I have just realized why I have no Carnival photos!  We’ve never been!  This is our second winter here and Carnival was in February last year but somehow music has taken precedence over the Carnival.  We were hosting Maestro Heriberto and his family last February and other than one dinner at the Plazuela Machodo that was the extent of our Carnival festivities.  Of course this year Colin is away in Culiacan.  For certain this will be rectified for Carnival 2012.

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3 Responses to “Culiacan bound…”

  1. Before you know he will return and the 3’cs will be happy once more.

  2. Music always takes precedence with me as well! I have a guitar but don’t know how to play it. When I was in college I took a class but it never stuck with me probably because I was always so busy and never had time to practice. When I move to Mexico, I will have all the time in the world to practice piano read all my books and maybe pick up my guitar. I hope Colin enjoys himself at the festival!

    • contessa says:

      Another positive for you re your move to Mexico! Yes Colin is enjoying every second of his time there.

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