Feb 22, 2011

MexiCALI Rose

She was with us only a very short time, not quite 24 hours and she was named Cali!   Over the past few days 5 strays were “dropped” off or somehow found their way to Tres Amigos!  But Cali was the youngest, the weakest and so very lovable despite her numerous fleas.

We think Cali was about 6 weeks old.  Something had happened to her tail…it just wasn’t there, just a wee stub was left.  Perhaps it had been bitten off by ??  She was so full of fleas that we couldn’t take her into our Rv’s so a wee den was made for her.  Cali was so very hungry, probably close to starvation and dehydrated.  Once her tummy was full she settled in for the night.

Her bed was inside of zippered garden tent but she still made her way out during the night.  She wanted her family, she whimpered through most of the night.  As we all do she wanted to be held and loved.

In the morning she was fed again, held and loved.  As many of the fleas as possible were picked off her.  Her long nails were clipped.  If she wasn’t being held she whimpered.  She needed a home but no one here was willing to take her in.  Many of us already have two dogs and Molly the Kat refused to allow Cali into her home!

Cali would have been happy to keep sleeping on her blanket in the sun.....

….but that was not to be.  She needed a forever home and some immediate care so she was taken via a truck, then a panga and finally a pulmonia to the Amigos de los Animales Shelter in Mazatalan.  So much excitement in her young life.

Happy to see that Cali will be well attended to!

Cali was delivered to the shelter along with a monetary donation towards her care and the many others at the shelter.  If you would like to help the many strays both here on the Isla and in Mazatlan you can make a donation online.  If you can’t manage even a small donation perhaps you would consider helping out the shelter by voting on a daily basis so that the shelter can win some much need funds.  Cali, we wish you a long, happy, healthy and loving future.

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  1. Z says:

    What a little sweetie and it is heartbreaking to think what these special gifts to humans can go through and still be sweet, loving souls. Thanks for caring. Z

  2. Marty says:

    My son and family just lost their Pug to a brain tumor. My daughter-in law would take one look at that pup and try to figure out how to take her home!

  3. […] received a few emails from the Amigos de los Animales Shelter on our MexiCALI Rose. Here is the latest!  Looks like she will be ready for adoption next week so pass the word to your […]

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