Feb 06, 2011

Slowly getting back to normal!

The nights are still cool but not cold and the days are warmer by a few degrees every day!  The ocean is very cold and so is the breeze that comes off it.  In order to sit in the sun one has to find a sheltered spot, then bask in the warm heat. It feels so good.  When it was too cold to go out I would sit in a sunny window in the RV.   Today the girls dug up a small crab.  There have been no crab holes for a long while, not like November when the girls could hunt and dig up crabs till they dropped or got bored with the game.

My cold is almost gone.  I don’t understand people who have colds or are ill and go out, whether to shop or to a variety of appointments.  First of all I worry about infecting others and secondly I just don’t have the energy or even the desire to do anything.  Even reading can be tedious. The hardest thing I had to cancel last week was my massage, how I miss my weekly 90 minute session.  Today we have been invited to a Super Bowl Party  so I get to have my first outing in a week!!!  Yeah!

We received some sad news the other day.  Our very good friends’ doxie passed away on the 4th.  Hilde was only ten but got into something she shouldn’t have and eventually her body gave up the fight.  Our dogs (even Cloii & Channel who are no longer with us)  have played with Hilde for over 8 years and shared beaches with her in Mexico, the USA and at home in Kelowna.  We will all miss Hilde.  This photo was taken after a long walk at Pismo Beach, California on Dec.2, 2004.

Hilde, Cloii and Carmeh. Hilde & Cloii are together on some great beach in doggie heaven hunting crabs. We miss you girls!

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  1. Marty says:

    Doxies hold a special place in my heart. I had one growing up, and we have had two at different times during our marriage. I think they are so sweet! My SIL just told me that her daughter just got a little doxie and they are all in love.

    My son’s Pug was having seizures the other day-I think she got into something naughty, too. Maybe chocolate. She’s better today, let’s hope she recovers-she is my grandson’s best friend. Isaac is a quiet kid and he is most comfortable around dogs and little kids.

    Glad you’re warming up.

  2. Margot and Ken says:

    Such nice words, Contessa. I had forgotten that darling picture of the girls on the log. It brings back such wondeful memories. We are struggling for composure these days and everything reminds us of our baby girl. We have finally packed away everything that belonged to her and given away her food to nice neighbours. Yesterday we received a card from a couple across the street we hadn’t met. They had been talking to other neighbours about Hilde’s death. People can be so simpathetic which does help. They lost their little dog in July. We will be picking up Hilde’s ashes later this week and I guess we can expect another crying session. We feel so awful and there is no cure. Thank you both for your concern. Bye for now. Much love from the Bartletts

  3. susie says:

    Love the picture of the 3 dog,s.. Yes it is so hard to lose one of our pet,s, they are part of our family, I try to remember all the good memories we are lucky to have after the loss. Susie

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