Jan 28, 2011

Mouse IN the house !!

Yesterday was an overcast day so we spent a good deal of the day indoors as the wind made it a wee bit cool. About mid day Carmeh started her sniffer dog behavior.

We pulled out the drawer & Carmeh was convinced the mouse was under the dash! After all if a daschund doesn't know then who does?

I mentioned to Colin that I bet we have a mouse around here.  Sure enough during dinner last night I spotted the mouse….he was sitting under a chair then made a beeline for the dog toys where he hid out for a bit.

Just try and find a mouse amongst all those toys!

Finally he scurried away.  Both the dogs went into major sniffing mode.  Colin set up 3 types of traps and some poison pellets.  This morning all the inside traps, including the one under the sofa had been visited.  The food was gone but no mouse.  Success, the mouse was trapped on the sticky trap placed outside on the generator which is likely where it came in.  As you know where there in one there are likely to be more, so the traps have been reset!

One less mouse to nibble our electrical wires...

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6 Responses to “Mouse IN the house !!”

  1. Good hunting! You have had your share of critters this year.

  2. Marty says:

    Good thing you have the dogs to be an early warning system. Watch them, though. My Westie caught a mouse, killed it, and buried it in my couch wrapped up in a hand-knitted shawl. Was that ever a pain to get the smell out of! Had to throw the shawl away, and used half a bottle of Resolve to get the smell out of the couch!

  3. Larry says:

    Quit picking on the poor mice!

  4. susie says:

    Those noses don’t miss anything, good work girl,s !!!

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