Jan 26, 2011

..then comes Friday…

Another early morning trip into Mazatlan…

Another foggy morning...

Today our pulmonia driver was Jorge and he spoke excellent English.  In fact he has travelled extensively in both Canada and the USA.  He was a delight to be with.  Yes he agreed this was the coldest winter in record here in Mazatlan.  He was born here and wonders why the summers are hotter and the winters are colder.  He claims that the whales are now being seen closer to Mazatlan because the ocean is much colder.  He told us not to worry because a warm front was coming next week and we would feel some heat again.  We sure hope so.  Meanwhile he wanted to know our thought on his city Mazatlan.  Did we like it here?  How often did we visit?  Look over there, isn’t that a picture (he was referring to the view)?  Look at that fellow ( an extremely obese elderly male wearing only shorts & shoes) …do you think he dresses like that on the street in his own country??  Yes Jorge was indeed a neat fellow.  The next day I discovered that a fellow Rver had also travelled into town with him and enjoyed all that Jorge had to offer.  Jorge left us with some interesting food for thought….he wanted it known that Mexicans only fight & kill their enemies unlike other countries that wage wars and kill innocent people!!!

After our errands we went to the Ramada Resort for a late breakfast.  How delightful, clean, high class, beautiful, lovely music ( I wanted to dance rather than eat), good food, great prices and wonderful service. The only other patrons were Mexicans, I strongly recommend this location for a non tourist breakfast.

The beach here is rather narrow and today perhaps because of the tide, rather steep. The beach on the Isla is much better for walking.

Back home to watch this butterfly play in my garden!

So ends Friday, please let the weekend be quieter....

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  1. Trinidad says:

    I loved the picture of the butterfly in your garden! I’ve always wanted a bouganvilla in my yard, at my old house in California I tried growing one several times. Everytime winter came it would freeze. In Nayarit they grow like weeds anywhere and everywhere, so I am looking forward to finally having one!

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