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Dec 31, 2011

Isla de la Piedra – restaurants

Did you know that there are 21 open and fully functioning restaurants here on Stone Island?


Dec 31, 2011

Mom Update!

9:25AM ~nothing to report since last night.  Dad on his way to see Mom. I will be updating here throughout the day and will publish today’s post seperately. 1:30PM ~Dad says Mom is semi alert, not so groggy but is desperate to drink water.  The heart surgeon came in and said the heart is doing […]


Dec 30, 2011

Changes & more changes…

I spent close to 2 hours on the phone Wed. night discussing Mom and  way over 3 hours tonight ( Thursday pm).  Mom is doing really well in the the heart surgery department but now we are dealing with major complications related to pre surgery conditions.  All the issues of the last few days have […]


Dec 29, 2011


YESTERDAY…. After two walks I decided I wanted to take a third walk, straight down the beach to Elsy’s for a marguerita! Two delicious margueritas later it was time to head back for some reading in the sun.  So far a perfect day. Then I started getting messages to check in with Dad.  Mom was […]


Dec 28, 2011

Caeli escapes!

This morning Caeli decided to go visiting.  She greeted several of the RVers who were enjoying the morning sun.  Then I heard her being ushered out of the managers RV.  The door was open so Caeli had of course gone in.  Joyce says she was in the shower and heard someone crying, opened the door […]


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