Dec 28, 2010

El Tlacuache!!

No not a pussy cat, not a mouse and maybe not even an iguana but a tlacuache!

This critter decided to nest in a Ford!

We have to come to believe that this may be the critter that has invaded a few RV’s and a vehicles over the past six weeks.  All of this came to be because Miss Molly (part feral cat) and  part owner of said truck got curious Monday morning.  She managed to tangle herself and leash and long rope (she is an active creature, known to walk thru the park pulling a brick behind her) in the workings of the vehicle.  She just had to find the source of that particular smell!  And so said critter was exposed for all to see.

Are those the teeth (fangs) that have been munching away at our house?

Are those the claws that have been keeping us awake at night, scratching over and over just at the head of the bed?

If you look closely you can see a dark grey tail hanging down….as the critter descended further in the bowels of the engine the tail just kept coming and coming, slithering along like a snake, at least 14 inches of a rat like tail, first gray and the last six inches an off white color.  Not a pretty site. By the way the photos were taken by Colin, no way was I getting anywhere near that thing!

As far as we know this tlachuache is still living in Molly’s truck!  We’ll keep you posted….

So it seems that we have the initial European visitors to Mexico to thank for bringing this ‘thing’ here in their ships.

Here is a link explaining how this animal has been used in the indigenous myths for centuries.

Here is a loose translation from Spanish explaining a bit about this critter.  There is also a good photo of the tail on this link.

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5 Responses to “El Tlacuache!!”

  1. So much fun to find such interesting animals in strange places.
    Better watch that this one doesn’t hitch a ride back north with somebody.

  2. Marjorie and Bob says:

    Very interesting!
    Thanks for the info.
    Hope that he is no longer bunking with you.

  3. Susie says:

    Yikes!! Not a pretty critter!! The tail info isn’t good info for anyone afraid of ssssssss’s (snakes) being ME!!!

  4. Al McClughab says:

    Sure looks like the same beast that found it’s way into a few truck engine compartments of vehicles that hadn’t moved in a while, the locals called them possams.
    There is similar picture on our website

    This particular visited again after being taken to the fields and released. If you grab him by the tail with a pair of pliers (and gloves) you should be safe.


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