Nov 30, 2010

A bit of this and that…..

…is it a conspiracy to keep us sleepless in Mazatlan?  First the iguana or possibly it was a grande gecko and now a mouse.  Yes we have a mouse in the house.  Well not exactly in the house but between the walls and at 5 AM up in the ceiling.  We may just have to get a cat or  perhaps we could borrow one?

We continue to enjoy life on a day by day basis.

This little one popped in for a wee visit the other day.

Some of it's older friends dropped by and left a calling card. Sorry we draw the line at dog droppings!

Two veggie trucks come by daily as does the water delivery guy.  Now we are getting some fresh watermelon right out of the fields.

Such a treat and the price is hard to believe, 10 pesos or 90 cents for the melon in my hands!

You will hear more in a few weeks about the generosity of this RV Parks’ residents towards the less fortunate on the Isla.  Meanwhile most of us came down with boxes of used clothes, blankets, etc for Mary ( a USA ex pat now living here on the Isla ) to distribute on her walkabouts to help those in need.  This is the third load we have given her.  Mucho gracias  everyone!

Thank you Mary for distributing it all!

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3 Responses to “A bit of this and that…..”

  1. Phil & Carol Brooks says:

    Thanks for tip on clothes distribution….we have a ton of it….will indeed bring some down!!

  2. Mary says:

    How fun it is to have such a wide variety of things to share with those who REALLY need and appreciate it. Their eyes light up when they see me walking down the road, and at times I get …chased down, sort of speak.
    Now with all these wonderful donations more people will enjoy!

    Thank you Everyone~

  3. Marjorie and Bob says:

    Glad to hear that the clothing drive has been successful to date!
    Re your mouse problem: you are welcome to “have” the feral cat in Park two that sprays outdoor table cloths..eewwww.. or borrow our mouse traps.

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