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Nov 30, 2010

A bit of this and that…..

…is it a conspiracy to keep us sleepless in Mazatlan?  First the iguana or possibly it was a grande gecko and now a mouse.  Yes we have a mouse in the house.  Well not exactly in the house but between the walls and at 5 AM up in the ceiling.  We may just have to […]


Nov 29, 2010

The dark of the night….

…what we see and how we look!


Nov 27, 2010

The fisherman and the pony!

He is more that just a fisherman, perhaps also a farmer.  We see his cart go up & down the beach a few times a day.  He often travels alone with just the pony following behind, trying to keep up with its mamma.  But most evenings at sunset you will find him and a helper, […]


Nov 26, 2010

Thankful Caeli is alive!!

Was it a scorpion or a spider? How many lives does that girl have?  Was it not enough that she gave us a good scare in Acapulco with kissing the poisonous frog?  Not really because then she decided to have a go around with a tarantula!  She was extremely lucky to survive that one!  Then […]


Nov 25, 2010

Ejido dispute semi resolved!

First of all Happy Thanksgiving to all my US readers! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ From the Mazatlan News today: MAZATLAN .- Finally Barron ejidatarios reached a settlement with the tourist development Estrella de Mar, on the basis of three agreements. The first was to remove the camp of the ejidatarios in Estrella de Mar and the commitment to […]


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