Oct 27, 2010

Mexico update and RV update

Regarding the caved in piece of road north of Mazatlan, here is a bit more information I gleamed from another post…

…Here’s a report from another forum:
I hit it doing about 80 on Friday. Thought for sure I was going to bust a spring on my loaded van. Can’t remember exactly where its at, but its around the exit for the Celistino RV park and the rest area. It is in the passing lane. Stay in the right lane and you will be OK. There was a traffic cone along the shoulder. Just don’t count on it still being there…..

Regarding our coach problems….

We are in great shape.  Everything is working 100%.  The problem with the retracting jacks was due to sagging springs.  The Mexican salt air had taken its toll over the last few years.  Basically the springs were taking longer to retract causing the fuse to overheat and created the fire.  Bottom line, new jack springs and a new 40AMP fuse.  An easy fix.  We even got a $40.00 discount on the job just by asking. We even got a 10% discount on our dog food by paying cash.

Our big news today is that we got kicked out of Walmart last night about 9:30PM.  No overnighters!!!!  I was just returning to the coach with a buggy full of goods when I saw Colin bringing in the slides.  Finally settled just down the road in an empty lot.  Not fun after the last two days.  Today we are going to have a wee visit with our friend Libby here in Lake Havasu.  We graduated nursing school together so very many years ago.  Then we are heading out to the desert, to the BLM Lands (Bureau of Land Management) where you can camp in the middle of nowhere at no charge and just be at one with nature.  We need to just sit and be for a while.

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  1. Glad its all coming together!
    We love the BLM lands as well, maybe a bit later in the season for us, Travel safe and enjoy!

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