Sep 23, 2010

Medical Travel Insurance Update

I have spent many days researching alternatives to paying $1000.00 for the two of us.  As mentioned previously this is a 50% increase.  I honestly have to say that of the 20 companies I called they all are within dollars of each other.  So I decided to try and think outside of the box and came up with a solution that will work for us, at least for this year.

The vehicle insurance we get from San Xavier Mexico Insurance includes a $5000.00USD medical expense clause for each of us for both the RV and again for the car.

Medical Services Plan of BC does cover out of country claims, paying the same amount they would if you were here in BC.  This would not work in the USA where medical procedures, even a visit to a hospital for a minor procedure costs a great deal.  In Mexico the cost of health care is very low…even at a top facility.  I went online and printed out the Out-Of-Country Claim Form to be sure I would collect all the required information if I had use this service.

That left us with the transit of the US itself and the need for coverage.  I thought why can’t we just get insurance for 11 days going from here to Mazatlan and again for 12 days returning end of March.  Within Mexico would be covered by the above two solutions.  I was surprised at the number of insurance companies that just said no, can’t be done, you have to be insured the entire 166 days you will be away.  One offered to do the here to there part but not the return in March.  Thanks to one of my readers, it was suggested I contact .  What a wonderful company!  They are truly helpful and caring. They tried many different options to bring my overall insurance down and they did get it $150.00 less than the other companies.  The agent even came up with the idea of all inclusive insurance with only so many days in the US.  I think it is call a non US policy.  A better price but still not for us. Then I asked her about the insurance for just the 11 days and again the 12 days on the return.  She wasn’t sure but got back to me with good news.  We could do it for $100.00 for the two of us plus because we were booking specific return dates we could always call and change those return dates or even extend them for a top up fee.  Sold!!

Everyone has to chose what is best for their situation.  Interestingly enough I received an email from a friend who suggested we try the going & coming part being insured in the US.  I wish she had emailed me sooner as it would have saved some brain cells.  But I do have the pleasure of having figured it out myself.

I also found a location in Mexico that does sell medical insurance for up to two years, but it is expensive.  The same site also offers an emergency air evacuation for a mere $125.00/couple for six months.  Lots of options out there.,PATII,PATPI,PATPA

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  1. Susie & Roger says:

    Hi!! Great info on Medical etc..

  2. Chris says:

    Well, to all the naysayers, there really are other alternatives and it takes someone to do the leg work. Good job. I hope others take advantage of it.

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