Aug 27, 2010

Not only in Mexico!

How often have non RV friends and family tried to talk you out of heading into Mexico for the winter?  Over and over!  The violence, drug cartels and vehicle stealing is not limited to south of the US border.  On August 1st, a Wisconsin couple who were on a 5 year cross continent trip had their motorhome stolen in Vancouver, B.C.!  It was found five days later in another part of the Lower Mainland. This was their first stop in Canada.  I wonder what they think of Canada now?  Will they ever return? The next week there was a shoot out in the city and someone died.  On July 12th and and again on the 14th there was gunfire exchanged between drug gangs. A 17 year old was executed in Surrey, B.C. on the 14th. Earlier in July an Alberta couple went missing and are still missing and presumed kidnapped or worse.  Their burnt out Class A motorhome was was discovered in Edson and later in the week ,their tow car was found in another part of Alberta. Today we read about shoot outs in Toronto and now terrorists being arrested.  Who says that Canada is safer than Mexico?

Missing Alberta couples burnt RV!!

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2 Responses to “Not only in Mexico!”

  1. We agree with you one hundred percent!

  2. Marjorie says:

    Well we are starting to get excited about going south…. I am still
    apprehensive but as you wrote, this stuff is happening all around us.
    Just don’t want to invite the Mexico stuff closer to us than need be.
    Having said that we certainly feel safe at Tres Amigos and travelling
    throughout Mazatlan. It just is very unsettling especially without
    knowledge of the Spanish language.

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