Aug 22, 2010

Weekend updates

Lots and lots of phones calls the last two days.  Colin is having a wonderful visit with his Mom and they even managed a great & fun visit with one brother. I had a massage Friday afternoon and I wasn't here when Colin called.  For some reason he was worried & got his time zones confused and thought that I was out late!!!!  So he called a friend down the street  to come check on me and even called my Mom in Edmonton to check on my Dad and to see if she had heard from me.  Sweet guy… bet!

Dad's hip surgery went well but his blood pressure was so low that he could not be given any pain medication and he was suffering a great deal according to my Mom.  Poor guy.  Finally late in the evening when his pressure decreased even more they brought in a specialist who was able to order some pain medication.  Saturday it was discovered that his hemoglobin was extremely low so was was started on the first of three bags of blood.  At this point all I can say is that it has been very difficult for an 80 year old but he is definitely hanging in there.

My mother is most unhappy with the smoke in Alberta, it is affecting her breathing.  So very sorry Ma!  Colin is now complaining of the smoke in downtown Winnipeg.  I am just waiting to hear from my friends in Ontario.  Here there is no smoke but we do have cloudy skies and a forecast of rain for tomorrow which should make everyone happy again.

Just got an email from Colin today re his 96 year old Mom….cute..

“The OL Gal has lots of life still even though she is making arrangements for her end. She has been giving away things for the last 20 years because the end is near. One day she will be standing naked in her living room with nothing to sit on. Never hungry she says; last night she had, smoked salmon on bread, a vegetable roll, Gewitztraminar wine, glass of Kahlua and cheesecake.”

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