Aug 04, 2010

Happy Ending!

She knows where the food comes from

You may recall that we boarded Chiekka for our trip to Point Roberts.  Because of  changes in our schedule we asked Cheryl  if she would be willing to take the bird permanently.  As we are away for almost 6 months of the year  it would be better for the bird.  So Chiekka is in a new home where it is apparent that she will become even more spoilt but best of all get some training.  Cheryl has a background in birds and has already converted her deck into a safe haven for Chiekka to see other birds flying and to be out in the fresh air.  She was in our lives for just 2 1/2 years but has left  us with many wonderful memories.  We will truly miss her.

One of three perches at Cheryl's

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