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Aug 30, 2010

Month end!

Summers end or so it seems.  We have used the furnace the last two mornings to combat the 6C temps. The girls are in shock and shivering. Nasty!  It has been a hectic last few days. The dogs found this ugly huge caterpillar on the lawn, I assume it will eventually become some disgusting moth […]


Aug 27, 2010

Not only in Mexico!

How often have non RV friends and family tried to talk you out of heading into Mexico for the winter?  Over and over!  The violence, drug cartels and vehicle stealing is not limited to south of the US border.  On August 1st, a Wisconsin couple who were on a 5 year cross continent trip had […]


Aug 26, 2010

…a bit boring around here….

Sorry I haven't been posting too much or  about anything exciting.  It's a slow news week….we did move back to the house from the RV on Tuesday (after 6 blissful weeks in the RV).  The site next to us (in the house) was sold and for the first time in 7 years we have permanent […]


Aug 25, 2010

Cost of dog food

I guess if you have designer dogs (that's what my 96 year old mother in law calls them) you have to buy designer dog food!  This 8 LB bag cost us $50.13CAD.  The very same bag can be purchased in the USA for $26.00!!!  A very big difference


Aug 22, 2010

Weekend updates

Lots and lots of phones calls the last two days.  Colin is having a wonderful visit with his Mom and they even managed a great & fun visit with one brother. I had a massage Friday afternoon and I wasn't here when Colin called.  For some reason he was worried & got his time zones […]

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