Jul 19, 2010

Let’s try it again……..

…….I have come to believe that our RV prefers to travel West or South….that must be why when we headed to Edmonton mid June which as you know is East & North we had mucho problemas…so we are going to try a new direction……….WISH US LUCK!  We are heading West today……… …perhaps a titch South but for certain West.  We are off to the lower Mainlaind  aka the Vancouver area for a week of photography. The engine is working (3000.00), the toilet is working (??at least 500.00), the hot water tank on electric is good to go (120.00) and the HHR is good to go after 878.00 on wheel bearings!!!

So off we go on Monday July 19.  The bird in storage…oops I mean she is with Cheryl her…hopefully new to be 50% of the time mom….

what a lot of 'stuff'

I think it will be a good thing for all of us.

Chiekka at her Aunty Cheryl's

The dogs are wondering where the feathered sister is but anxious as always to hit the road. They wonder if this is the trip that they will end up at the beach. Nope…not this time…

…we are on a work mission….

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  1. have fun working and safe travels….

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