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Jun 21, 2010

Operation ‘Smelly’!!

The RV tech was to arrive no later than 8:30AM.  After Colin called three times, explained that he had to go to work and we were heading West tomorrow we finally saw the tech about 10:30AM.  He confirmed the toilet leak…!!!!..said he couldn’t do anything till they found a seal and hoped it would happen […]


Jun 20, 2010

how to win back a guy after break up

my ex fiance wants a third chance my ex husband still loves me winning someone back you think is completely over en que region de mexico existe mayor sismicidad how to get back with ex boyfriend you live with The day started out in our usual ‘unusual’ style. Early this morning, Colin was off to […]


Jun 19, 2010

My nose knows!!

Ever since we left Kelowna I kept telling Colin that the RV smelt like urine!!  He couldn’t smell anything and thought I was nuts.  Well today he could smell urine.  So our quiet Saturday afternoon has been spent unbolting various screws in various places in an attempt to discover the problem.  Bottom line…we can’t use […]


Jun 19, 2010

The next day……..June18

Wake up in a Casino lot @ 8AM…rush to feed the zoo and get a move on.  Today we are moving to an rv park and doing a real set up.  Four days of no moving the rv….yeah. We headed north to St. Albert to the new Kinsmen RV Park.  After fighting rush hour traffic, […]


Jun 17, 2010

Repair day!

Our appointment is for 7:30AM.  Due to this and that our RV is finally getting into a Cummins service bay at 8:45AM.  By now the entire zoo is packed into the car with food for the day.  We ‘hope’ to get our house back tonight but no guaranties.  Colin drops me and the zoo off […]


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