Jun 30, 2010

What A Wonderfull World!!!!!!!!!!!

We were graced with a visit from friends Connie & Jeff  on Monday. Having just purchased a Heritage home in Ladysmith they are taking a bit of downtime before the renovations start.  We had a great, although too short a visit. Over a great salmon dinner we attempted to solve some world problems.  Just before dessert the rain gods appeared so we moved the table out and moved the fire pit under the umbrella where we stayed warm & dry.  We were rewarded with a beautiful sunset. It was sad to say goodbye yesterday but we know we shall meet in Mexico very soon.

A very relaxed Jeff

Baby Bella  is doing well. Her Gramma held her for the first time ever on Monday just after Bella had a blood transfusion. Hopefully the little one will start gaining some weight now.

Colin is almost finished his photoshop work on the Edmonton jobs he did….now we can move on to my favorite part…invoicing and getting him onto local jobs once the weather clears…

The end to a perfect day!

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