Jun 27, 2010

Baby Bella

Yesterday, Saturday the 26th was a perfect day.  Colin washed the outside of the RV while I did yard work, then we both cleaned the inside of the RV.  Well now that everything was looking so good we had a bit of a party.  Our neighbors have a grandchild born January 22.  Bella has been suffering since birth and at 5 months weighs only 9 lbs. She underwent open heart surgery recently at Children’s Hospital in Vancouver and is hovering so we decided to put some positive energy out into the universe.  We had a bit of food, lots of music & refreshments and when the wind died down for just 10 minutes we launched some candles. Most interesting was that the almost full moon emerged from the clouds at that very moment!  It was a special evening.  Hang in there baby Bella!

Getting into the groove!

Our 'other' home in behind

"leaving on a jet plane"......now we are grooving!!!

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