Jun 25, 2010

The renovation that caused ‘Operation Smelly’


So Colin decided it would be nice to extend our lovely kitchen floor into the bathroom.

So do we drive to Indiana to get it done, which is where got the kitchen done or find someone locally.

So Colin ordered in the Dura Ceramic tiles and found a ‘craftsman’.

we removed the carpet

the 'hole' problem!

What the carpenter did was to simply remove the toilet, put in the ceramic tiles and replace the toilet without putting in a new gasket which everyone now knows to do.

He did do a very good job what with taking out part of the kitchen tile so the tiles would continue through into the bathroom rather than have 2 half pieces of tile side by side.  He also made a point of using a glue that never dries ( as they did in Indiana) so that the tiles move with the movement of the coach as we hit tope after tope, pot holes and other obstructions thus allowing us a no crack floor. 😆

The final result....

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  1. Jason B says:

    Hiya Contessa!

    Thank you sooo much for all your hard work, I am happy and thankful to have friends like you and Colin. 🙂

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