Jun 24, 2010

Home again

Tuesday (June 22) we woke up to no hot water but a drip free toilet!! Progress!  We can’t figure out the hot water situation at all.  The tech on Monday had put in a new rod and we did have hot water for a bit. Actually it ran out in the middle of Colin’s shower.  Tuesday morning the tech said he had no idea what the problem was.  At least the water heats on propane but we do want to use the electric element.  Another problem for another week.  So far the toilet seems to be holding with no leaks that we could find.  By the time we were ready to pack up the rain was falling, one bonus..no need to clean the front window but what a mess putting everything else away.  Then Cheikka decided she wanted a bath and proceeded to have one in her tiny water dish.  She somehow managed to get water everywhere.

Where her feet are is the bathtub!

We finally checked out and went on to fill with propane and diesel. What a huge difference in the price of fuel..regular gas in Edmonton was 82.8 per litre and in Kelowna it is 105.9 per litre. It was 12:30 as we headed West on the Yellowhead. Such a late start for us.  All in all it was a pleasant drive and we saw some deer and mountain goats.  We pulled into Valemont about 6:30PM.  Toilet still good.

Colin muy feliz!!

Yesterday (June 23) we were driving by 8:30AM.  We only saw a small black bear today, possible a baby. There was a huge assortment of wildflowers in almost every color & shape, yellows, reds, whites and a particularly beautiful mix of pinks and mauves. A beautiful wood hand built canoe being sold at the side of the road caught Colin’s eye.  When he didn’t come back after 20 minutes I was sure he had bought it…..not to be…a work of art but not in our budget for $6500.00.  We arrived back here at Holiday Park Resort by 3:30PM, unloaded, and got the RV back on the lake lot by 5:30PM.  Oh to be fulltime and simply back into your spot….no unloading, putting away etc.

Today we checked in with a few rv techs re the black mold issue and were advised to just keep an eye on it.  People have had worse overflow problems than us and for a much longer period with no ensuing problems.  We also checked in with the insurance claim agent who said that we were covered for moisture problems only, not for rot or mold.  Now if I’m not mistaken don’t those things happen because of moisture? Just now we had a visit from our floor installer guy who claims he did not know to put a new seal under the toilet when he put it back.  We will absorb the cost of the repairs and in exchange this fellow is going to refinish our TV cabinet in the RV plus a few other jobs along that line.

It has been a busy day but oh so good to get home…now if only the sun will shine.

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    Hi to the 5 C’s,
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    Love your blog!

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