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Jun 30, 2010

What A Wonderfull World!!!!!!!!!!!

We were graced with a visit from friends Connie & Jeff  on Monday. Having just purchased a Heritage home in Ladysmith they are taking a bit of downtime before the renovations start.  We had a great, although too short a visit. Over a great salmon dinner we attempted to solve some world problems.  Just before […]


Jun 27, 2010

Photos Baby Bella..part 2

For some reason I could not get these to load on my original Baby Bella page.  Sorry it kinda ruins my story line seeing these photos first….quick skip to the next blog & than back up here. I think that perhaps I exceeded my photo limit or something! I tried for over an hour!  Sorry!


Jun 27, 2010

Baby Bella

Yesterday, Saturday the 26th was a perfect day.  Colin washed the outside of the RV while I did yard work, then we both cleaned the inside of the RV.  Well now that everything was looking so good we had a bit of a party.  Our neighbors have a grandchild born January 22.  Bella has been […]


Jun 25, 2010

The renovation that caused ‘Operation Smelly’

😳 So Colin decided it would be nice to extend our lovely kitchen floor into the bathroom. So do we drive to Indiana to get it done, which is where got the kitchen done or find someone locally. So Colin ordered in the Dura Ceramic tiles and found a ‘craftsman’. What the carpenter did was […]


Jun 24, 2010

Home again

Tuesday (June 22) we woke up to no hot water but a drip free toilet!! Progress!  We can’t figure out the hot water situation at all.  The tech on Monday had put in a new rod and we did have hot water for a bit. Actually it ran out in the middle of Colin’s shower. […]


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