May 30, 2010

Time to build an ark!

We left Mazatlan March 28 and arrived in Kelowna on April 9th.  It has been raining, drizzling, cloudy, dull, sometimes snowing, cool, very cold, often windy and just plain miserable ever since.

The girls refuse to go outside to do their business unless they are desperate.  We are even growing mushrooms all over the lawn.  Wish our flowers and roses would start growing instead.Our forecast is cloud and showers, pretty tough to get those prize winning photos for our clients.  Of course our friends back East are struggling to deal with heat wave conditions.  At least we aren’t in Alberta where they are still experiencing snow.  I want to know where is the heat part of global warming?  Is that why we are using our furnace every morning since we returned from Mexico??

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2 Responses to “Time to build an ark!”

  1. Hugh says:

    I’ll take that beautiful lake view no matter what the weather!


  2. Mary says:

    Is this your home in Canada? How BEAUTIFUL!

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