Mar 23, 2017

Unexpected crazy Sunday at the beach

…or I could have titled this post, chicken day 🙄

About noonish a lot of Jeeps began to arrive.  They spontaneously started to park facing the RV park and then a second row began.

There were other vehicles as well and this lovely swan.  Many people were out enjoying the day.  I believe that it was a long weekend of sorts.  Soon the vehicles were starting to park in the third row.

Meanwhile we were inside cooking chicken. Yes that is a lot of chicken, close to 500 pesos worth.  I had to let it cool on the bathroom counter away from the reach of the long dogs.

A similar photo to the first one but showing more vehicles. By mid afternoon there were four rows parked on the beach.

This is the first time in eight years that we have seen so many vehicles on the beach at one time.  It wasn’t an organized event in that people seemed to just arrive and park and enjoy the day. I do suspect that the Jeeps could have been part of a club out for a Sunday drive.  Because we were inside dealing with the chicken we missed a lot of the que pasa of it all but with our huge windows we still felt a part of what was happening.

The driver of this Grand Am probably wished that he was not quite such a part of it all.

Of course one of the Jeeps stopped to help but it still took several attempts before the car was free.

This is what 20 carefully measured and  weighed chicken meals looks like.  This will feed Carmeh till  about the 18th of April.  Now we have to pre cook enough sweet potato and fresh green beans to last that long.  We need a few days off first.  The chicken from beginning to end, including clean up took close to 5 hours.  We will get to the rest of the cooking in a few days.

So ended an unusual Isla Sunday.  Of course being a Sunday we got to listen to the live band from the Union Bar. Perfect.


Mar 22, 2017

Hair day

Colin has asked me to thank you for your comments on his post and to let you know that he is still alive and wanting to take more photos next time he is in Culican 😯   I can’t believe that I haven’t had a post up since he posted about the narco cemetery.  Last week I went through all of my photos and now have 14 files filled with photos for 14 new posts.  I vowed last week that I would not take any new photos.  I just now downloaded 100 new photos taken in the past few days 😎   We have had visitors but more on that in another post.

No matter what happens each day our beach walks take priority.  Over the past week we have saved a few starfish at low tide plus Colin was able to maneuver a large dinner plate size jellyfish back into the ocean by using 2 pieces of driftwood he found in the area.  Today it was a botete fish ( aka a pufferfish ) that had been thrown high up the beach by a large rogue wave. Sadly I haven’t taken the camera on our walks for a few weeks now.  Don’t worry I have a great post in the making from a perfect beach walk.

Last Thursday we headed into Mazatlan to get haircuts.  Somehow I never took photos of that but then haircuts aren’t always that exciting 😕   Whenever we go to town we try and take different streets to walk from point A to point B and sometimes we just stroll here and there.

I don’t recall being on this corner before.

Someone has put a lot of love and care into this home.

Not so much this one, on the same corner.

Done with our new coiffures we walked over to Olas Altas to one of our favorite restaurants, El Fish Market.  We were fortunate enough to see this cruise ship head out after a day in port.  We had watched the same ship come in that morning from the comfort of our RV.

It was that magical time of the day.

As we dined the sun began it’s descent.

This waiter was rather entertaining. I’m glad that he had brought my margarita first.  By the way El Fish now only serves chardonnay as its white wine, which I prefer not to drink, so I now have to resort to margaritas when there.  Suzanne, they have never been as yummy as the day that we were there.  We really should have had that third one!

How fortunate we were to be there on that particular evening.

So ends another day in Mazatlan.  I never tire of taking the lancha back to the Isla.




Mar 19, 2017

Jardines Del Humaya, Narco Cemetery, Culiacan

Guest Post by Colin

Recently I visited Culiacan and had the opportunity to visit the Narco Cemetery.  This is a private burial area established in 1969 by the Narcos for the remembrance of their cartel leaders, their members, and their families. When you enter the cemetery it resembles a cemetery. There are the regular plots and grass but as you go farther in, there are sidewalks with mini buildings on each side.  Going deeper, the sidewalks turn into roads like you are in a subdivision of homes. Then you see the large mausoleum buildings.  The mausoleums are unique and lavish in their style. They resemble real houses and associated opulence related to the lifestyle of these people when they were alive. This is a public place for anyone to visit but is also a very private place, in fact a very tight knit community as it is used by the people, families and friends related to the deceased and everyone knows everyone.  The dwellings obviously have somewhere within or underneath, the deceased person. What you see from the outside and from peering through the windows looking in is a comfortable residence. These buildings have air conditioning, TV’s, bedrooms, full kitchens, and Jacuzzis in some, plus of course the possessions of the deceased person.  I say person because there are deceased babies, children, spouses etc.. In the drug world it is common for families to be slaughtered. The living come here to pay their respects, to socialize, to party. They stay overnight in their deceased persons home.  The police do not dare enter this community. Most likely there are many guns on the grounds.  You don’t want to mess with these people.

When I visited with my friends there was a party going on with a band and food vendors.  Not sure if there was a new resident or maybe they were just having a good time. It was poor timing on our part as it was close to sunset.  There were many people walking around.  We were the only strangers there at that time of the day.

After walking past grave plots you come to the first set of smaller  mausoleum buildings,  very upscale for Mexico.  Notice the sidewalks.  We were very impressed.

As you go farther in, they look like this, yes more elaborate.

Going between them and a little farther in they look like this and here is a tag indicating the permanent resident residing there.

Now it is getting interesting.  I did wear long pants and dressed so I would be respected as no one really knows who you are but the big mistake that I made was that I brought my camera through the gates even though there was a sign saying very clearly ….NO PHOTOGRAPHY !!  It was impossible to hide a full size SLR with an 8 inch lens in my pants.  So we walked even farther in.  A little bit nervous maybe.  We talked to one of the people working there and he said  not to take any photography of people, buildings only.  For  a while I thought I was on a charming sidewalk in Europe.


Then, turning the corner and this was what I SAW…..


Karumba!  WOW! ..translated  to English.   Some of these buildings cost over $650,000.00 US dollars.  For a while I thought I was in Las Vegas.  Look at this one. These look like homes of scholars not Drug Cartel bosses. The statues on the roof are over 7ft. tall. Very impressive.


We were approaching the sounds of banda and the smell of marijuana was in the air.  Need to be more discreet and careful.  Around the corner I could see gatherings, food stands and musicians.

We are entering the real interesting photo oppurtunity areas now except……. 2 ladies appeared and I know they saw me take the last shot. .This was bad.  Holy Crap!   My friends advised me for us to all be very close to each other as we walked and we whispered as we walked.  They said no more photography please.  We wanted to return back to our house tonight.  Heads have been found on the steps of some of these mansion mausoleums.  I wanted mine on my shoulders.  Being Culiacan residents, my friends knew we were in a “GRAVE ” situation.  We walked away slowly, changing directions much like a mouse in a maze.   No logic to our pattern and our trackers followed precisely.  My friends were beginning to bite their nails.  Our legs felt like rubber. One of my friends said to me “are you nervous and a little scared” ?  I said  in return   ” WHO, ME ” ?  So we turned back and headed to the gate slowly but quickly.   Our trackers fell back as we proceeded away.   The sweat was pouring as we were getting closer to the car, hoping the gates were still open.

What an adventure that was.

Below a few related images I borrowed from the internet.

This first mausoleum was the home of one of the most famous narcos.  They die very young and have a short life.  We never made it to his residence because of our tour being cut short.  Next time I will go earlier.

It was quite the visit but I will be back 🙂







Mar 18, 2017

We celebrated yesterday

There was little green yesterday morning. St Paddy’s day started with a bunch of cool fog. I know that the ocean was out there but it was not visible.  This is not our normal March weather, most unusual.  We have had fog more days than not but it does burn off eventually.

We had a busy day doing things as we always do. We even went into Mazatlan and to the mercado  ( Tony’s Burgers !! ).  Just as we were getting really relaxed back home, we realized that we had a party to attend so we had to hustle to get ourselves and our food together.

Joan and Jon RVed on the Isla for a few years and then four years ago found a house to rent.  They did a lot of renos over the years and named the home Casa Verde.  So March 17th was the perfect time to have a party plus Joan is Irish so why not.

From the expressions, it seems that there is something serious being discussed.  Colin is merely an observer.  Notice that Colin’s drink is even green.

Some serious partying going on here.  I want a pair of those glasses 🙂

The house is painted green, hence Casa Verde.

It was a pot luck meal.

So much to chose from.  I missed getting a shot of the wonderful cakes that Pat made, but I can tell you that they were the best of the best.

Not sure which of the two photos that Susan took that I preferred, so I put them both in this post. It is my blog after all 🙂

As we were 1/2 block off the beach last evening, I missed the sunset, but just found this one in the camera begging to be a part of my sunset collection.

These sunset shots were taken last Monday, the second evening that Colin was in Culiacan.

I have to say it one more time, life on the Isla is paradise.





Mar 17, 2017

Tooting my own horn

You may remember that last week I was asked to speak about Tres Amigos RV Park for a drone video that King David was doing as a promo for the park.  I got about 2 minutes notice and then suddenly I was on camera.

This is the raw video footage that was shot.  I think it was rather well done in that all of my words came off the top of my head at the last moment.

I do have to say that I don’t like that camera angle, it should have been more eye level.

Looking forward to the final edited video of Tres Amigos.  Once I get it, I will share it with you.





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