Dec 01, 2021

Only 16 miles from the Mexican border

We did it, we are poised to cross into Mexico tomorrow December 2nd.  I still can’t believe that we are traveling in December. I am behind one blog which I except to catch up on in the next few days. I decided to stay in real time as it makes it easier on all of us, you included.

We had just set up on the empty lot yesterday after our repairs were completed, when this dude and passenger flew overhead. Not much chance to focus better than this.They flew right over I-8. Nice sunset ride.

Those look like some pretty mean guys behind bars. They so want to be able to run wild like they do at home.

What a view out of the front window this morning.

Colin to the rescue. He did the outside first and then the inside. The girls were licking at that window as he cleaned the exterior.

Tucson way in the hazy distance.

The girls were not interested in a rest stop. It was a challenge today getting them to do their business today.

Picacho Peak off I-10. This state park is one of Colin’s favourite places.  Next time.

While Colin was walking the girls I took this photo of the sun reflected in the mountains in front of us. The colour was amazing and this photo shows it just as it was.

He took this shot when he got back from his walk.

Today we drove 270 miles to the De Anza RV Park in Amado, Arizona. The girls were happy to be back to a routine they are familiar with. 10PM and all is ready for the crossing. Looking forward to what tomorrow will bring.



Nov 30, 2021

November Calendar Photo

Second post tonight, first one is about the RV update.


This really was a fun trip. We preferred the north rim.


Nov 30, 2021

Back on the road

Purcell Tire and Repair Centre were able to find a part in El Centro, California.  They went out to pick it up this morning. We did have Spartan on standby to overnight it to us but Purcell persevered on our behalf. They never even charged us to pick it up. By 3PM this afternoon we were able to drive the RV out of the service bay. We did not go far, just back to the same empty lot we spent Sunday night in ( thanks Roger & Chris for your positive input ).

It took a while to get everything put back together in the RV as things had been pulled out and piled here and there. Colin has had to unload and reload the car five times in the past free days. Last night when we went to the hotel he had to leave the tow shield and several other items on a pallet in the service lot. We are all back together but tired.  Well I am, Colin says he is fine.

Instead of blogging I napped this afternoon.  Not easy sleeping in a strange bed with two puppies and different noises all around us. The girls were certainly happy to be back in the RV this afternoon.

Looking forward to being back on the road tomorrow and checking out the repairs as we drive. In just the short distance we did earlier Colin could feel a difference in the steering and there was no noise.

I will catch up with the details in the days to come.

All I can think about is going to bed, so very tired. Might have something to do with the painful headache I have.

Thanks for all of your support.  Tomorrow will be a better day.




Nov 29, 2021

Today did not go as planned

We got to the repair centre at 8AM on the dot. Apparently another RV had come in at 7:00 ( no one told us that they opened at 7 ) and were in the alignment bay. Colin drove the RV into the bay at 9:20AM.

Sadly when we returned about 4:30PM the RV was not ready but they were going to work on it till it was done.

About 5:45PM  ( they lock the gates at 5PM ) we were told that there was only the one more piece left to install before doing the alignment. What are the odds that it was the wrong piece? Nothing anyone could do.  But it was already late and they wanted to close. We were given very short notice to pack up and find a hotel for the night.

Most unsettling for us. They closed and locked the gates behind us at 6:30PM.  Thanks to good friends Stacie and Bob who did the research for us as we were frantically packing we were able to drive directly to the Ramada at Wyndham which are pet friendly. What we did not know is that they were so busy that the only dog rooms were on the second floor with no elevator. Good thing Colin is strong, he carried up five loads and now has to take the dogs down to do their business. I remembered everything for the girls but forgot our special pillows and all my sanitizer stuff. I had a small bottle in my purse ( which I almost forgot ) and a few individual hand mini wipes in individual packets so we made do.

No idea what tomorrow will bring. The shop will try and source the missing tie rod in the morning. Likely they will have to cobble us together with some of the old pieces to get us out of their bay. Then we wait for a part. Of course Colin will call Sparten in the morning. If they have the part the soonest would be another air freight for overnight .Of course the cost of closing up the RV and then reopening it up will be added to our ever growing labor bill

We have no idea what tomorrow will bring. Apparently tomorrow can always be worse than today.

Stay tuned for the rest of this saga. Guess I will have lots of time tomorrow to catch you all up on every detail.

Posted without checking for errors, sorry but I am really done for tonight.


Nov 28, 2021

We made it to Yuma, albeit slowly

We had planned to leave at 11AM today but darn it Ken, it was 11:10 before we pulled out.  Close enough for me. First stop was just across the road to the RV Pit Stop to top up the propane. Surprised that we used a full 3 gallons in one week. It is cold at night and it the morning and we like to be warm. It was only 45F this morning. We were finally on the road heading south to Yuma at 11:20AM.

Colin started at 55mph but with the dips and needing to be extra cautious re not taking air we were down to 45 in the dips.

We soon turned on the flashers and kept it at 45mph. As we were doing 45 in a 65 zone Colin pulled over at least three times  to let others pass. Surprisingly no one honked at us. I guess the flashers helped. We eventually dropped down to 40mph.

As we get closer to Yuma you cross into the Yuma Proving Grounds. This ? weather balloon was far out in a field.

Yuma Proving Ground is a United States Army proving ground and one of the largest military installations in the world. It is a subordinate command of the Army Test and Evaluation Command.  You can read all about it here.

The Imperial Dam Recreational Area.  We have dry camped here a few times in our earlier years of RVing before we started traveling further south to Mexico. While there we often heard bombs exploding.

Easy to tell that one has arrived arrived in the Yuma area. So much fresh produce. being grown. Hope I can find some nice romaine.

It has been hot for the girls sitting up front so I was surprised that Ciela jumped into that bed and started rolling on her back.

Exactly two hours later, after driving 79 miles we arrived at Purcell Tire & Repair Center on Gila Ridge Road. It is on the right. This is where we are to spend the night!

I – 8 is literally just a stone’s throw from the RV.  That is a dog ear on the left. Very loud road noise. I was rather emotional at this point and tearing up. My solar plexus was in a knot. Those 79 miles were so difficult, not knowing if the ball joints were going to drop and what would happen to the RV. It took a while for me to relax.

Yesterday in looking at Google maps I noticed an empty lot just east a bit. Colin unhooked the car and went to checked it out. It must have been better than where we were as he walked back. He is on the right.

Taken from the Gila Ridge road, further away from I – 8. The road noise is still there but a few degrees less. ***See the trees in front of the RV, well we soon discovered that a railroad track ran behind them. Depending on how long the train was or how fast it traveled the RV shook each time it passed. So far we have had 15 trains pass in eight hours.  Overall still quieter than the freeway noise.

Colin set up a penned area for the girls but it was hot. Maybe 84F. He very cleverly moved the car to create some shade as the awning was too high but Carlie chose the sun.

The pen was still in the creative stages when Ciela had to pee. Dogs do not go in their den or crate. We were so surprised to see her immediately start to cover her wet pee area with her nose, pushing the sand and gravel to cover it all  up. We did clean her nose but it was so funny to watch.

Eventually they came in for lunch and Carlie decided to take her nap in the stairwell with the sun coming through the screen door. The dog ramp made a good pillow.

We all started to truly relax, this was my area. I had wine, cheese and crackers and a book to start, the first I have read since early October.

Carlie was sleeping on the left between the lounge chair and the sofa. Ciela was in the red bed between our driving seats and Colin was relaxing with one of his guitars.

A good place to spend the night. We likely will be here tomorrow night as well as we are expecting overtime to complete the install and alignment. It will be dark shortly after 5PM so no sense looking for another place in the dark.







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