Jul 20, 2018

This and that

Thank you all for your lovely anniversary wishes.  We really appreciated them all.

I had planned a post for yesterday and another for tonight but we have had a hectic 48 hours so I am just going to give you a bit of this and that.

The smoke from the local fires is worse at certain times as you can see.  Where did our mountain view go?  Because of wind today it was better. However the wind simply fueled the fires.  We feel so badly for those who have been evacuated as well as for those who are on evacuation alert.

Frightening times.

We purchased the center tray in Positano on the Amalfi coast, not far from Naples.  This coffee table is new and needed something.  That is the Gaudi inspired piece on the right.

Easier to see the detail and color.

About to head into Kelowna for our anniversary dinner.

The view from our table.  So glad we chose to eat inside rather than outside on the upper deck, it was very hot and the smoke was not pleasant.  That bit of color above ‘The Sails’ piece of art is from the smoke.

The Kelowna Yacht club was in the background.

We were dining at Earls mostly because I had recently found a $100.00 gift card 🙂  Looking at the prices of the individual glasses of wine made it more economical to order a bottle.  We were a night late, turns out that on Tuesdays a bottle of wine is 50% off.  We went with the Lagaria Pinot Grigio from Italy.  Our server wanted us to go with the Blue Mountain Pinot Blanc as it was their most popular.  She very generously brought us each a sample glass of both wines.  We found the latter much too sweet so the Italian wine it was.

Looking at the view helped with the wine prices not to mention the gift card.

These bikes are part of a very new program here in Kelowna.  Dropbike share started mid June with an 18 month commitment.  The bikes rent for a mere $1.00 per hour along with a refundable $50.00 deposit.  In this past month they have become very popular and the program is expanding.  Dropbike started with 300 bikes and is already expanding to 1200.  We saw this type of bike rental system everywhere that we went in Europe.  Why would you buy a bicycle when you can rent one to get to work and then rent another to get back home?  Two dollars per day!!

It was fun watching the outdoor activity between our conversations.

This couple, on their own bikes, had stopped to watch the sun go down behind the mountain.  Romantic I thought.

Veronica our server was incredible and did not rush us at all. I made a point to commend her to the manager before we left and will do so to head office next week.  I have to say that I most surprised that our very expensive bottle of wine was delivered to us in a carafe.  Of course I asked why.  That $44.00 bottle of wine came out of a box!

We were going to order the salmon ( ? wild or not ?? )  but realized that the way Colin BBQs our fresh wild fillets that nothing would even come close.  So we had Fettuccine Alfredo with prawns.  In Mexico they simply call it shrimp fettuccine.  I  think that here they believe that using the word prawn, justifies the price 🙂

We were just pleasantly full, not stuffed. Veronica surprised us with a dessert at her expense ( which we covered as well as the tip ) .  A chocolate & taffy mix with ice cream as well as a rich chocolate cake.  Needless to say we went home stuffed.

It really was the perfect day.  Thank you for sharing it with us.





Jul 18, 2018

Thirty one years today

On a very hot July 18th, much like today, we were married in Vancouver in 1987.

It was a garden wedding.

Such big eyeglasses in those days.

This morning when I went to make the bed after Colin had gone out I found a card with a surprise.  Later I found another homemade card and a surprise.  Yet another surprise found in the coffee drawer.  Now I know why he kept telling me to go make my myself a coffee before he left 😀  I thought that we were not doing gifts as we had just had a very special trip to Europe.

Lucky me.  Apparently we have been married 11,315 days.

By now Colin was home and suggested that I put a bottle of wine in the fridge for later.

Look what I found.

My husband of 31 years is awesome and so very very special.   Thank you for all my surprises and the fabulously homemade cards.   I wondered why the printer kept going last night.

So as I am writing this post I turned to check something on my desk and found this….

Yet another surpirse 🙂  I never even heard him beside me at my desk.  Love the look of this bottle, a 2016 Freudian Sip from Therapy Vineyards.  My type of therapy indeed.  For those that would like to know this is a blend of Pinot Gris, Riesling, Gewurztraminer, Sauvignon Blanc and Viognier.  At 14.2% alcohol/volume this should be interesting.

Thanks to Colin this has been a fun day.  We are going into Kelowna for a dinner with a view of the lake but as the smoke is getting thicker who knows what type of view we will have.  Regardless we will be having fun.

I might as well get the party started.  Cute label.  Nice wine, smooth, sumptuous with a refreshing finish.  More please.

Happy Anniversary, te amo mi amor!


Jul 17, 2018

The fires have started

It only took one day of 36C temperatures and we have a layer of smoke in the air.   Many of the fires are human caused, i.e. cigarette butts out a car window.  By mid afternoon today we have three fires surrounding us.

Suddenly at 7:45PM as we were preparing dinner a huge storm came up, totally unexpected.  We had white caps, a piece of heavy lawn furniture overturned and torrential rain.  This was all accompanied by thunder and lightening.  So will the rain put our the fires or will the lightning spark more ?

Breaking news 15 minutes later.

Then the fury of the storm….

We have never ever seen such a storm in all the time we lived here.  It came up out of no where and was not in the forecast.

One of our very heavy wind resistant chairs went over.

The wind was incredible.

The rainbow, meanwhile the thunder and lighting kept up.

Taken from inside.

I finally went outside to take this photo.  The arrow says ‘the lake ‘.  Quite the sky.  During this storm the temperatures dropped from 90F to 73F within 20 minutes.

This was not the post I had planned for tonight but nature dictated my words and photos.  We can only hope that this storm has brought us more good than bad.  The smoke today was an indication that Colin would not be able to do the view photography that he does at this time of year.  So perhaps this unexpected storm will put out some fires, however the lightening could be a bad omen.

Meanwhile the thunder and lightening continue.

Just realized that it is 9:15PM 😯   I am so blessed to have such an understanding and patient husband. Must dash and make dinner.








Jul 16, 2018

Butterfly release

About three weeks ago a poster caught my eye. There was going to be a release of 500 butterflies on July 15th, yesterday and so we went.

This was put on by the Central Okanagan Hospice Association  at Falcon Ridge Farms.

There were butterflies for release that you could pre purchase, butterfly cookies for the kids to decorate and lots of butterflies to color.  There were even face painters, painting butterflies on the faces of children and adults alike.

Lots to see at the farm, music to listen to, vendors serving gelato, hot dogs, muffins, water and more all by donation to the charity.

Why did we go?

Longtime readers know that we have lost two sets of dachshunds over the last 20 years and this was our chosen way to honor them.  Butterflies have always been a part of our girls lives.

Our first two passed away very early, Cloii on the right due to poisoning in Mexico at five years of age and Channel at almost three years of age while on the operating table for spinal surgery to correct her paralysis.  Channel loved birds and butterflies.  Cloii mostly only cared about playing ball or digging or crabs.

Carmeh is two here and Caeli is just a few months old.  We loved her face mask but it faded as she grew.

My blog posts over the last eight years were mostly about Carmeh and Caeli and our travels in the RV which we bought for them.  I don’t think that we were ever separated from them in the time we had them, other then the one 24 hour period that I went to meet Colin in Culiacan for the International Classical Guitar Festival.  One of us was always with them.  Sadly they passed at 14 years of age and 12 years of age just over a year ago.  You can read about that here.  Butterflies were a part of their passing and ever since.  You can read about the girls and the butterflies here.

So this event seemed the perfect way to honor the memory of our girls.

I was pleasantly surprised to see their names in the program along with may others including other pets.  Just after the release of the butterflies, a single butterfly landed on the sidewalk about 18 inches in front of us.  It then hopped almost to my feet before it took off again in flight.  We took that as a message from our girls.

There was a set time for the release of the butterflies which were to be picked up ten minutes before hand.

There were many gardens here and they and we chose to stand here to release our butterfly.  It might be difficult to see but I was wearing my butterfly dress.

Someone offered to take our photo.  My hand is shielding the box from the direct sun as the butterflies are dormant.

A bit slow coming out of the box.

She flew up and over to the flowers. We followed her flight for several moments before we lost her.

A different released butterfly showing the other side of its wings.

Just as we were leaving we saw this much larger butterfly alight for a few moments.  We are so happy that we had this experience and were able to create a special memory.




Jul 15, 2018

Garden update

I am happy to say that we still have a garden and it is doing rather well.  We now are able to weed just once per week and that seems to be enough.  We found some discarded boards which we have placed between the rows and that is helping with the weeds.  Best of all we are now enjoying the fruits/veggies of our labour.

Does anyone want some extra kale or Swiss chard?  Hmmm no photos of the boards here.  Note the tomatoes on the right.

We will have a lot of tomatoes. I actually pollinate them by hand everyday by running my finger under the new yellow flowers.

I love fresh peas out of the shell.

This was a few days ago and last night we each got another 8 pods to snack on.  We also had fresh beets as well as their tops steamed with our meal last night.  Between the beets, kale and Swiss chard I no longer have to purchase veggies.  Our carrots  are still tiny, I think the soil is too hard for them.

Loved this sky a few nights ago with the layered dark clouds, especially the sun filtering through to the hills on the East.

Looks like we will be watering the garden a few times per day for the next week.


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