Mar 28, 2017

El Quilete, a soon to be Magic town/Pueblo magico

From trip advisor….

Colin and I have known about this wonderful town for several years.  In fact he plays the song El Quelite and I sing the lyrics.  Here is the song but I think we do it better 😀

For some reason we just have not had time to go visit over the years and finally we made an effort to make the journey thanks to Carol and Bill.  They visit several times per month when they are on Mazatlan and their blog has many stories and photos about this wonderful place.

The following are just some miscellaneous photos I took on our visit.

We stopped here for a late breakfast.

A most interesting place.

The courtyard.

A mural on a back wall.  So realistic.  Actually the well on the left is real and just blends into the painted backdrop.

Colin has always loved parrots.

All of these birds are real.

One of Bill and Carol’s favorite waitresses.

The Tree of Life just inside the entrance to the washroom.

Life on the roof tops.

After our meal we did a short walk about and observed some things such as the division of property.

Interesting landscaping.

A close up…..

Looks like someone is renovating their dream home.

So much color, so much to see. Some of the homes are hundreds and hundreds of years old.

Rooms for rent, such interesting architecture.

My personal favorite. I don’t think that our RV would even fit into this tiny space.  Location, location, location.

Thanks for a great day Carol and Bill.  I know that we did this trip just before Carnaval in February but life decides what I post and when.




Mar 27, 2017

Que pasa

Since early February the girls have had a skin infection.

The local vet thinks it is bacterial, our vet thinks it is fungal and we have been treating for both. It is not going away.

You guessed it, Caeli gets the least amount of food and she is the heaviest.  Carmeh gets that full bowl of food three times per day and she continues to lose weight and is always hungry.

These bananas cost 10 pesos or 70 cents CAD or 53 cents USD.

Three large Roma tomatoes cost three pesos or 2 cents CAD or 1.5 cents USD.  The bonus is that the actually taste like tomatoes.

Fresh out of a bath in our shower.

Zonked out after a beach walk.

This guy came into our bay where the sail boats usually stay but obviously was not happy there and moved.

He settled much closer to RV2 and the rougher waves.

We have had a lot of wave action these past two weeks. I never tire of watching the movement of the ocean.

These guys are in a hurry to catch the action.

The horses are back. For the past two weeks the horses have been allowed to roam free on the beach as they have been for many years. For some reason they have been going a different route for the past few few years.  We really missed them. Note the one in the foreground.

I guess that this one really needed a back scratch.

A few days ago blog readers/friends Sandy and Rex came to stay for a few days.  This is not their first time here at Tres Amigos.  They are from West Virginia and have been traveling Mexico for 43 years either by  personal vehicle, RV or flying in.

Sandy, I’m not sure that you saw this sunset as you were heading inside to get away from those nasty insects.  It was gorgeous.

Thank you for the lovely gift, I will treasure it and always think of you when I use it.

Adios dear friends.  Hasta luego.

Things are looking lonely here at Tres Amigos.




Mar 26, 2017

Photos from my Isla garden

One of my few plumeria blossoms from when we arrived in November.  Then the leaves fell off and now in March they are growing again.  I can see a few buds but I won’t be here to see them bloom.  Last year it was warmer and I did get to smell that lovely fragrance before we left.

Sadly this is the papaya tree that died but we now have two more on the go. Hope to be eating our own fruit next season.

My potted poinsettia were growing but then the heat got to them and now they are just a memory.

A personal favorite. I do hope that this one survives all the wind and the salt air.

I love how my bougainvillea are dressing up my fan palm.

Colin wants to remove the mat over the gravel and put in a brick sidewalk.  Who knows what next season will bring?

Not sure if this is the kale or the swiss chard germinating. I have no idea what the white things are but we have had some strange things growing in the pots in which we used the soil we brought in from Palm Springs.

A pot of kale and one of swiss chard.

Two more pots in the back and I have 2 smaller pots on the side.  Too bad you weren’t here to help eat this before we leave.

Did I show you this before?  It is one of our smaller iguanas feasting on the flowers in my pots on our beach stairs.

These mangoes are not from my garden but don’t be surprised if I get a mango tree soon.



Mar 25, 2017

Mazatlan snapshots

These were taken during a few random walks in Centro.

A social club for Mexican gentlemen.  We have never been inside but friends say it is very formal with men dressed in their best having a drink and playing games such as chess and dominoes.

I was happy to see the Ladies Bar just down the street.

Love the color.

Zumba anyone?

The purple building is a hostal.

I was amazed to see this ancient printing press still being used.



Mar 24, 2017

The best surprise ever!

We got an email this past Monday that long ago friends were in town, merci beaucoup Nicole.  So I turned on my Mexican cell phone ( I never have it on, we are on vacation :), it is used only as we choose to ) and soon we got a wonderful phone call.  They were only in town for two days and made plans to meet the next day, Tuesday for dinner.  As it turned out, they just happened to be at the Puntilla Restaurant right next to the Playa Sur embarcadero.  I got off the phone and made a snap decision.  I called my friends back and told them that we would meet them in 20 minutes for a drink.  We locked the girls in the RV, drove to the embarcadero, took the lancha and walked to the restaurant.

Colin and Jocelyn immediately began talking.

As did Shirley Ann and I.

It was a great reunion. We have not seen each other in nine years.

Not only had we not seen each other in nine years, we have not been in contact.  We met these friends way back when we were RVing in Acapulco at Playa Luces RV Park in Pie de la Cuesta.  When we left there we had no idea that we would not be back.  Instead we found a new home here on Isla de la Piedra.  Is is difficult to describe our time at Playa Luces.  In a word, it was magical.  For some reason the bunch of us came together to watch the sunset almost every evening at the mirador, an elevated covered area with an panoramic view.  From there we started having happy hours and once or twice per week a dinner provided by management which we of course paid for.  We always had music and at least twice per week we had group sing a longs and entertainment from a variety of musicians, Colin included.  Of course there was also dancing.  The group developed a unique camaraderie that has never been replicated anywhere else we have RVed.  It was mostly based on a love of music.  Colin and I have often talked about how special our time was in Acapulco.   It was a unique time and we both felt that we had lost something very precious when we stopped traveling to Acapulco.  Someone is bound to ask why and the reason was that I needed to be closer to an airport as my parents were ill.  Meanwhile we fell in love with the Isla and it was a lot less further to drive.

So it was was totally phenomenal to be reunited with Shirley Ann and Jocelyn.  Tears were involved.  We ended up visiting with them until we had to rush to catch the last panga back to the Isla.  However we were only returning to feed the girls, change and meet up in less than 90 minutes at the Plazuela Machado.

Traveling with our friends were their good friends, Betito and Lulu.

We never stopped laughing or talking.

…and music and song were always around us.

As Shirley Ann and I used to cruise around Playa Luces late in the evening we sometimes shared some Sangre de Cristo, a red wine that is reminiscent of a sangria or sweet boujolais.  We pretended that it was a cheap porto.  I happened to have an almost full bottle in the RV and I brought it with me to dinner.  After our meal we made a toast to new and old friendships that will last forever.

Yes those are tears in our eyes.

Vowing to be friends and to visit each other every year.  Very serious stuff.

Somehow it was already 11PM and time to say buenas noches.  Yes, I am crying.  These are such special people and it is difficult to say adios.

However we got a phone call the next day ( I had left my cell turned on ) and the gang was on the Isla, walking down the beach to see us.  They think our site here at Tres Amigos RV Park is fabulous.  Sadly they no longer RV and both couples now live in Bucerias, near Puerto Vallarta.

They loved our site and thought that we lived in paradise.

We spent the next six hours together, talking but mostly playing guitars and singing.

We sang in Spanish and in English although we could have added some French which we did in Acapulco.

That was part of the enchantment of staying at Playa Luces.  Many only spoke French and a tiny amount of English.  Others only spoke English while a a few had a smattering of high school French.  At the time I was the only one who spoke all three languages although my Spanish was very poor now that I look back, but at the time I thought that I managed just fine.  No matter what we spoke or understood the entire group came together through music.  So we sang in each language and learned the words to a few songs in another language.  Albertina the owner spoke passable English but preferred to have me do all the translating from Spanish to French and then to English.  She even taught us a few Spanish songs.  Of course we danced and danced and danced.  Albertina and her family also loved music and the mirador became our hangout.  Soon margaritas and pina coladas were being mixed up there and sold at sunset.  Again I have to say that it was a magical time.  I honestly can’t remember if we were a part of this for three or four years.

What is amazing is that Shirley Ann and Jocelyn now speak fluent Spanish. Betito speaks English and Lulu says that she does not but she totally understands when we speak in English.

As is often the case at our place here on the Isla, we had some dancing.

I had asked Shirley Ann to sing two specific songs for me before they left.  One was my absolute favorite from our Acapulco days.  I simply broke down and cried like a baby when she started to sing.  Was it the emotion of seeing our friends after all these years had passed?  Was it because I truly wished that we could go back to those simple and perfect days?  Was it because the time spent together during these two days was more special than anything else I have experienced of late?  Was it because so much had occurred in our lives over the years that we never shared?  All I know is that I was extremely emotional and even now as I type this post I have tears streaming down my cheeks.  I am sensitive but I have to say that I did really go overboard emotionally.  I don’t regret my show of sentiment as I truly love my old friends Shirley Ann and Jocelyn and my new friends Lulu and Betito.  So here is a one minute video that I had no idea that Colin was recording.  Thanks my dear friends for yet another ‘Under the Boardwalk’.

All of sudden it was almost time for the last boat of the day to leave from the Playa Sur embarcadero.  We drove everyone to the dock.  Of course I’m streaming tears down my cheeks but Betito made me laugh as he took over the lancha.

Hasta luego!  See you soon treasured friends.




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