Apr 18, 2019

Still married to my desk

Almost done Europe but there is always more computer work to do.  I still have a lot of paper work to get through but I am no longer stressing about it.  I am just taking what I think is the next most important task ( right now that is our trip ) and working on that.  I will get to the rest when I do.  Poor Colin has been out in the car everyday this week.  Even today he did me a huge favour.  I was out this morning as I had an appointment and on the way back I picked up some fish.  It wasn’t until I was back here at the computer that I realized that it was Easter weekend and that tomorrow was a holiday.  In fact most places are closed until Tuesday.  So Colin very graciously offered to go pick up my library books ( I am optimistic that I will get some free time over the next few days ) so that I could continue my research.  Lucky me.

Yesterday was a fun day.  We had some unexpected overhead visitors.  You can read about that here. First we heard them and then we saw them.  The first group did a special formation flypast before coming in to land.  We just watched with interest.  The noise is so loud that we can’t help but get up to see what is going on.

At least an hour later while Colin was in Vernon, I heard them again and grabbed my camera.  Can you see the plane in the tree branches?

I got this guy coming in. Considering how far away each plane was, I think my new camera did a great job.

Yesterday was mostly a windy, very windy day. Had I gone for a walk in the sunshine, my hat would not have stayed on.  I wonder if this is where I should mention that I have not had a true walk since we left the Isla.  Soon, soon.  My body is not happy with me.

So glad that we decided to have two levels of kitchen counter. The top level is full of my trip paperwork and all the frypans that I usually store in the oven.  Dinner last night was pizza again, just like last Wednesday.

I always make my pizza but if we happen to be in Vernon where there is a Papa Murphys we will pick one up.  Great price for a cook at home pizza that is very tasty.  Likely we won’t have another until July.  I still can’t believe that I forgot it was an extra long weekend.  Weekends aren’t important to us as we make our own special times off.  Hopefully our weather will clear up and we can get out and do some walks.



Apr 17, 2019

Things keep getting crossed off the to do list

When we moved here we could not afford to remove the cement patio that was already here.  We hired a fellow who installed our chosen 24″ x 24 ” x 2″ hydropressed slabs over the existing concrete as well as expanding in different directions.

The water here is hard and the rust from our sprinklers changed the colour of the slabs.

Over the years Colin had the patio clear coated. Then that started to peel and not look good.  We tried using different chemicals to try to remove it.  We are not happy with the look of our patio.  Colin has been looking for two years  for a solution and may have found one.

The snow isn’t leaving anytime soon.

We have a reverse osmosis system under the kitchen sink with a UV filter.  All the filters need to be changed annually but because we are only here half the year we only do it every two years and yesterday was the day.

We have tried everything to get our patio back to normal. A few years ago we hired a guy with a massive power washer inside his  truck. It only got some of the sealer off. The new idea is sandblasting.

Colin took one piece in to see how it would look.  We like it, the colour is back.

Dinner last night  was a stir fry with almost the last of our Mazatlan shrimp, we have enough for one more meal.

One pound of shrimp along with onion, carrots, broccoli, mushrooms and kale made for a very yummy dinner with leftovers for lunch today.



Apr 16, 2019

Another full day

We left the house about 9:45AM yesterday and didn’t get back until after 5:30PM.

Lots of errands including dropping off our accounting package to FED EX at the airport.  It was on our way and the quickest way although not cheap to get our documents to the accountant in Vancouver.

We saw five 737 Max 8 aircraft, all grounded for who knows how long.  So glad that I was onto  it while we were still on the Isla and were able to get our flights changed quickly.  We were to be travelling on one from Vancouver to Montreal and then back from Toronto to Edmonton with connecting flights to/from Kelowna.

Kelowna is greening up.  Spring is ever so slowly making an appearance.

Still lots of snow up there.

I finally saw my first daffodil of 2019.  It wasn’t in great shape, leaning over the flower bed on its side.  All the others were just small tight buds.

One of the last RVers at Tres Amigos on the Isla sent me a photo of the empty park.  The two RV’s on the right are  in storage.  You can see our palapa in the distance on the right and I can see my plant pots.  I am told that my flowers are doing well.  I really do miss my garden.

It is true, the fuel prices here in Canada are off the charts. Thank you Sandy for sending me this.  In case you can’t read the prices:  Regular is LOL, Plus is OMG and Supreme is WTF!

A wee touch of colour last evening.



Apr 15, 2019

Crossing things off the list

I chose to take part of Sunday off hence no post yesterday.  I caught up on emails, tidied my desk into a bunch of piles to deal with later this week and decided to do some research for our next trip.  Hard to believe that we are leaving four weeks tomorrow considering we have only been home for two weeks.  We are visiting four countries ( three new to Colin and two new to me ) and I was able to complete the one city in the third country yesterday.  I still have two more cites in one country to research and that will happen this week.

Eventually that cup of tea changed into a glass of vino blanco. I then actually sat in my recliner and finished a book.

Colin spent the day checking things off the to do list.  One of which was taking the Pressure Pro Tire Sensors off the RV and the Jeep tires.  We bought new sensors last fall and the fellow told Colin that when we were not traveling to take them off as the batteries will last longer. Cleaning the fireplace was another thing on the list.

It is a gas fireplace and the soot really begins to obscure the glass.

We hired someone to do this the first time it needed to be cleaned.  Colin was a quick student and we no longer have to pay $196.00 to have this done.  It is a dirty job but if you are slow and careful it is easily completed.

Each tiny hole is cleaned out and the flame now burns nice and bright.  The fireplace looks brand new.

Colin then went on to put leather protector on our new white sofa.  If we do that once per year, the sun coming through the windows will not dry it out.  He was was like the Energizer rabbit, going from task to task.  I don’t think that there are too many other things left on the list.

Thanks to all of you who gave me so many ideas on finding the perfect set of sheets.  I am looking forward to doing more research.  So many interesting suggestions.  I think that we will be alright until we get back the end of June.  Seems that I always have something to research 🙄  At least we have the option of ordering and picking  up new sheets in the US as we head back to Mexico in October.  I had almost ordered sheets from Land’s End ( who now deliver to Canada ) when I kept getting more suggestions so I will wait until I have more time to sort it all out.

We ended up cooking a special dinner last night that we ate as we watched Ocean’s 8.  What a fun movie.  I never even fell asleep 😉

Today was another day but I will save that for tomorrow.

Oh, I just wanted to add, that the guy two doors over who just poured his concrete patio/driveway ( I will try and remember  David…concrete not cement ) is already parking on it 8-O. I thought that it had to cure for a certain amount of time.  He only left it untouched for 36 hours.  I know that David and Alan will have something to say about this.  Stay tuned 😎


Apr 13, 2019

I did it

We woke up to yet another cool and wet day.

You can actually see the hills here but for most of the day they were covered with cloud right down to the lake.

It was a perfect morning to finish off the year end.

Not only did I finish it, I managed to balance everything to the penny on both sides of the ledger.  So nice to have our dining room table  back again.

This was the sunset last evening.

With the reflecting light to the south.

I zoomed in on a white spot on the lake. As you can see it was on the far side of the lake and close to the highway.  It is a person laying on a paddle board or a floating mat.  It is freezing out there, what on earth was he doing last evening?  Maybe after enduring the winter, he considers this nice weather?


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