Feb 21, 2019

I couldn’t believe my eyes

It was late afternoon and I had been on the computer since early morning.  What else could I do what with the cold weather?  We did not go for a walk today.  I even had the heat on for a bit.  I had just poured a half glass of vino blanco and was finally at the point of being able to make sense of the complex issue that I had been researching for hours, when I glanced up.

Seriously I could not believe my eyes 😯   I must have said something to Colin because he looked up and was as stunned as I was.  Neither of us could move.  Because of the weather the door and windows were closed so we heard nothing.  Someone, actually two people were standing on my patio.  I was in shock.  It took us a few moments to get up and out the door.

Surprise visitors.  A huge surprise.

Juan and Chris flew in for four nights. Chris write the blog Living and Boondocking in Mexico.  As it turns out they had already been spotted by Laura and Alan as they read that blog as well as mine. They are staying almost next door to us at the Maria Coral Hotel.  I am still in shock and can’t believe that they are here.

Fortunately  Mother Nature came through and gave them a wonderful welcome.

I had a special post of our outing last evening ( yup we went out yet again ) but that will have to wait a day or two.



Feb 20, 2019

Que Pasa

Colin took my camera in again on Monday.  When he had it apart and put it back together one tiny piece was out of place and that created the problem I had with it last weekend.  Colin also asked him to remove one more piece of dust that we found.  As I type this Colin has gone in to pick up the yet again repaired camera.  I can’t remember if I have already told you or not but I have decided to purchase a new one.  A newer model of what I already have.  Click here to see it but I will order it in the red of course :-D. Colin just got back and all is well with the camera except there is one tiny piece of dust between two pieces of glass that he can’t reach.  Colin says of that if that is the case the dust spot will probably be out of focus.  The repairman wanted no money but Colin paid him anyway.  Total repairs this winter have cost 850pesos/44.30USD/58.35CAD.  Well worth every penny to me and to you my blog readers.  I will pick up the new camera when I am in the US next month.

Erik was able to get that metal part made for the generator but that then involved something else.  Last night he discovered part of why we were having a problem “Today I started the generator and let it run and I now see why the tensioner pulley didn’t last, the pulley mount arm isn’t aligned so that kept a constant pressure on one side of the bearing causing the bearing to heat.  It won’t take much to align it, basically we just need to bend the arm slightly so I’ll make sure that happens”.   Hopefully we will be taking the RV out on Saturday to get the generator replaced.  Fingers crossed that that will go well.  You can expect are report on how it all went.

The research for our six week trip to Europe is going well.  I am at the halfway point.  It is taking several hours per day but we are still managing our beach walks.  This morning we only got 1.95 of a mile in as it was cold.  Yes nippy with a biting wind.  I had goosebumps the entire way and we turned back early.  It took both hands to keep my hat on. It was sunny then but it is now overcast and only 71F outside.

Once again those frigid temperatures in the US are making their way down here.  More snow expected in Las Vegas 8-O.  We are going down to 56F tonight.  If only the winds would stop.  Temperatures should be warming up again early next week.

At least the weather is making it easy for me to say inside and research.

Colin has been working on the RV headlights again.  Now that he has courser sand paper ( thank you Alan ) he has been able to do a better job of removing rock pits, scratches, etc that kept us from even seeing the light bulb.  It wasn’t just discoloration.




Feb 18, 2019

Would you believe it, if I told you about another party?

Yes that makes for four days in a row.  February is turning into a very social month.  I also wanted to mention that at the fundraiser this last Saturday for the special needs children, 52,420.36pesos /$2720.00USD was raised.  That will go a long way here on the Isla.

Sunday afternoon, we were invited to a birthday party for a friend we have known for nine winters now.  It was at El Velero, a lovely place to have a special gathering.

This fellow just happened to there at the same time.  Those of us invited for the occasion were given a wrist band to identify us when we went up to the generous fish taco buffet as the restaurant and their beach front patio were full.

Robin the birthday boy and his new love Deborah, were having a birthday bash.  It was his 74th and her 64th.  Yes they were born on the same day but ten years apart.

The only thing we had to pay for were our beverages.  Who had the margaritas and who had the limonda?

After our very filling and delicious meal some dancing was involved.  Good thing I sat this one out and let Bonnie take my place.  My energy level has been low the last few days.  I wonder why?  But we did have a few dances a bit later.

Tequila shots for the birthday duo.

…and a special cake.

We slipped out a few hours early for some relaxation back at the RV.  Colin of course was on one of the four guitars that he has here while I sat with a glass of wine trying to finish a novel.  Just as the sun was close to setting we had some special visitors.

Alan decided he wanted to learn how to really swivel his hips.  Colin took the photos, Laura was the encouraging audience and Alan and I were the hip snivelers.  What fun.

As I got up to join Alan I threw my hat off my head and behind me over my shoulder.   How very fortunate that it landed right around my wine glass.  Amazing, right?

Yet another cruise ship heading out.

Time for some campfire discussion.

A great way to end the day.




Feb 17, 2019

The Scouts and Umm a mini party

Yesterday Colin and I saw this group about a mile out from the RV park.  They were hiking up the beach.  We expected they were going to camp for at least one night.

Yes that is still another spot ( well it was there before)  on the camera lens.  Not only that but the camera is no longer functioning  properly, perhaps it has been taken apart too many times.

These were the youngest.

Once we got back to Tres Amigos we found out that Laura and Alan  ( and Ferne, I think ) had come down to the beach to see the group.  They were Scouts, both male and female.

They were marching up to where we were had been walking.

About 2PM we drove around over the causeway to Chivos.

There was a fundraiser going on for the disabled children here on the Isla.

Both silent and live auctions as well as raffles were used to raise funds.

Many items were donated including this CBD Oil.

Your 200 peso entry got you either two shrimp or two cheese quesadillas with side of guacamole.  Drinks were extra.

There was some live music and overall it was a fun few hours in the sun.  Still no indication of how much was raised.  I am confident that it was a large amount.

On our beach walk early this morning we saw the scouts set up.  Very precise location of each tent.  Later in the day they were walking back down the beach.  Mission accomplished.

Yesterday was yet another full day for us.



Feb 16, 2019

Another day, another party

Yesterday the day passed very quickly, between our beach walk and my research.  Suddenly it was time to head out for dinner with Carol and Gary.  We headed into Mazatlan and the Plazuela Machado…

…where Carnaval was making an appearance.  No large paper mache statues this year but a thin looking butterfly with color just on the one side.  The colored side is facing the Italian restaurant and Gaia.  It you look carefully at the lady in white almost center of the butterfly, you can see thin black steps in front of her face.  The idea is for people to climb up and get a photo taken of themselves up there.  Certainly not as grand as the giant monigotes of years past.

Colin and I were in Centro a few days ago doing errands when we discovered that Johnny O was playing Friday night solo.  So we made a reservation.

We were at La Bohemia where he usually plays with a band but last night he was on his own.

Instead of an electric guitar he was playing an acoustic electric guitar.  His song choices were varied and a different mix than we have heard before.  Such a privilege to be there and enjoy his music.  Have a wee listen here…..

Dinner was excellent as always and the margaritas were the best I have had since we got to Mexico this year.

We shared a wonderful evening with Carol and Gary.   Not sure when we will be seeing them again but we know that we will see Johnny O soon.

Yesterday was the election of the two Queens of the 2019 Carnaval.  You can read about that by clicking here.  One of the Princesses was from Isla de la Piedra.

As we returned from Mazatlan late last night, there was a party complete with band in the central square on the Isla near the embarcadero.  Sadly Daiana Sánchez was not elected to be a Queen but she makes for a very beautiful Princesa.

I have no idea when I wake up in the morning what my day will hold but of late it certainly is exciting.


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