Oct 24, 2020

Yikes, computer issues

My Apple desktop computer did an update while I was relaxing earlier today which resulted in me being unable to use it.  Between us we figured it had something to do with my time machine.  Before that I had spent two hours trying to fix the problem. It took close to an hour for the computer to stop whirling and we shut it down. Once we disconnected the time machine, back up system, I was finally able to finally get mail to work. Turns out that perhaps the time machine was the problem as now that it is disabled I appear to be working with a new computer. We will pick up a new back up system in the next few day days. Meanwhile I have run out of time to do a proper post. It is 8:45 PM and we do need to have dinner.

My rain chain is now an ice chain 🙂

I was surprised to see a small sunset this evening.


Oct 23, 2020

It happened, we got snow today – big time

Yesterday morning I actually saw a sunrise, actually a sunrise reflection to the south.

The morning started off very cool but by 4PM the sun was out as were these two canoeists. They were bundled up and enjoying a beautiful afternoon @ 44F.

We were up around 7AM this morning and snow was falling. It was not yet sticking to the ground.

Then it began to stick. I was like a little kid running from window to window checking out every snowflake. Today we were supposed to be on day 4 of our 7 day Nile river cruise.

We had geese drop in yesterday and I guess they spent the night. The white on their backs is snow.

At first we were told to expect 4 inches of snow but a few hours later the forecast changed to possibly 6 inches of the white stuff.

It wasn’t long before the snow began to accumulate.

It was at this point that we decided to cancel our chiropractic appointments in Vernon for 11AM. Not a good idea to drive in these conditions not mention that so many still don’t have their snow tires on. Also with the first snow ( very early snow ) drivers can be erratic.

I was happy to just watch the snow fall. Eventually the flakes became larger and larger.

I felt like I was in a snow globe because of all of our windows with the flakes falling all around me. We saw a heron having a bit of difficulty flying during the heaviest snow fall and a female eagle circulating over and over looking for breakfast.

Temps remained around 0C/32F most of the day, although it did rise to 1C/34F mid afternoon.

I was surprised at how fast cars were driving down the road.

I never expected to see a snow plow. This is the parks version and it works.

We went out about 3PM to do a wee shovel and a two block walk.

I tried out my new coat which worked well, this one is good to -15C/5F. My twenty year old boots worked fine as did my ear muffs but I will need heavier pants and warmer gloves ( those I have ).

We are expecting to wake up to -9C/15.8F with the wind-chill  in the morning.

Today was like the perfect storm – for me to try out my winter gear.

So are you all getting flu shots?  I’m still on the fence.  I have never had one before plus with all the sanitizing, mask wearing and social distancing not to mention not planning on having anyone inside our home, we should be safer than ever before.




Oct 22, 2020

Slowly getting ready to shut down the garden

Our garden just keeps growing. However on October 11th we knew that we needed to start pulling some things out.

We still had close to a hundred if not more of tomatoes to ripen.

The green beans were still growing.

Colin took out all the smaller cherry tomatoes and left the larger ones on the vine.  Here he is cleaning out the dead part of the bean vines in one of our two bean sections.

Squash that belongs to some friends further down in the garden.  See that huge read tomato.  They had quite a few hanging and going bad. I think they are hunters and were away at harvest time.

Some lovely fall colours in a garden.

The Mountain Ash trees are full of berries. We all know what that means. Brr.

Part of what we took home that weekend. One zucchini and nine cucumbers and beans.  The end of the cukes for this year.

The first row of Swiss chard or the right was been pulled.  I am leaving the second sowing of kale to grow a bit more in behind and to the left my second sowing of Swiss chard is ready to be picked very soon. I am going to leave the beets and carrots in the ground for a bit.  I also took some beet tops for steaming.

In the last week the temperatures have been lowering every day and there is a very definite chill in the air.

Today we got the bad news. An early snowfall starting tonight and with 5 – 10 cm / 2 -4 inches of snow on Friday and a low of -9C/16F. We are going to sink or swim.

These are my winter boots for now.  They are Encore Ice 4 by Merrell and come with a grip outer sole. I love the shearling lining and cushion heel. I wore them out yesterday for two appointments and some grocery shopping.  My bare feet are very warm and my toes survived. I do have a pair of old snow boots that I can wear when I really need to – as in more than 2 inches of snow.

I did answer all of your questions from the last blog post, so you might want to check out my replies. Yesterday we were gone a full 7 hours and make 16 stops. Way too many but we ‘d rather get it done in one day and be home the rest of the time. Here is the link to my lasagna recipe. I did use the no boil lasagna noodles which worked perfectly.  It certainly was great for leftover lunches. It was so special using our own zucchini and Swiss chard.

It is getting late and dinner is ready ( crock pot Tuscan bean soup with our own Swiss chard ).  Already going on to 7:45PM. More next time. Thanks for all of your comments. Interesting how we all adapt to temperature.

We have a difficult road ahead of us.

Think about it. Time to get back into smaller bubbles for just a while until things slow down again.



Oct 20, 2020

Getting ready for winter

Last Thursday we brought the RV home from Enterprise RV.  In a short two week period they solved our hydraulic problem.  The motor for the hydraulic needed to be rebuilt.  Amazingly they diagnosed the problem, found a shop to rebuild the motor and it only cost us $900.00. We are very happy with their work and communication and they will now be our go to for RV issues – should we have any more 🙄

It actually was ready Friday the 9th ( we only brought it in on October 1 st ). But we could not get there sooner.

We put it here for a few days in order to charge the batteries before putting the RV into storage. I spent several hours including asking on RV.net about batteries and freezing.  I even called the manufacturer of our batteries and got a very different  answer than Colin had when he called. That person said to just pull them out for the winter, just in case 😯  Long story short, if your batteries are fully charged and you disconnect the negative on each battery then you are able to store them for the winter within the coach and do nothing more. Our AGM batteries are good to -60C/-76F before they will freeze. This was confirmed to me by several people on RV.net. If it gets that cold here in the winter, I won’t even care that we have an RV 🙁

We were surprised by those asking us if we were packing up to head to Mexico! Umm we can’t cross the border folks. Oh yes, we also got an invoice from the mobile RV tech for the work he did trying to solve our hydraulic problem.  It was much cheaper getting a $30.00 driving permit to take the RV in and another to bring it home. The mobile dude charged us $473.00 before tax 😥 $164.00 for a new solenoid that did not need to be replaced as well as $150.00 for labour and a $50.00 service call! He is in this park almost everyday!! No I am not going to say another word but I bet you know what I am thinking.

Colin cleaned the batteries and then disconnected the negative posts. On Saturday, the 17th we put it to bed for the winter. Sniff!

How many heaters can you count? One electric and three oil burners. I will admit to having three oil burners on as well as the fireplace.  Not sure how I am going to survive.  My happy place is between 80 – 84 F.

Actually Colin is not sure how he is going to survive. He prefers it on the cooler side then I do. So how do you couples out there manage to deal with heat/cold issues in the house?

Colin brought in a mat from the RV and we put that outside the door.  The darker charcoal mat inside the door is new from Home Depot for $25.00 to stand on to take boots off, etc, it has raised knobs so the moisture ( snow ) goes between them. You can barely see our boot tray under the entrance table.

Thank goodness for Canadian Tire, we got this tray for about $12.00. Perfect area to place wet shoes and boots. I really like how the table fits on the tray.  That way we can leave the table in place for the winter. I so love doing research and finding deals on stuff like this.

That night as a treat I made us a zucchini, spinach lasagna. New recipe that I found that incorporated our garden veggies. I used Swiss chard instead of spinach.  It was beyond yummy, definitely we will make it again.

Of course we added tomatoes, cukes and carrots from our garden. I can hardly wait to make it again.  I has three bites of leftovers for lunch today:)


Oct 19, 2020

Que pasa

Life is passing by so very quickly that I am not able to keep current on this blog.  What happened first?  Oh well you just might get all the news in a jumbled order.  Don’t they say, better late than never?  It takes so much time to select and edit photos that I am now 8 – 10 posts behind. At least all the photos are in their separate folders and ready for me to use.  It seems that every day spins out of control with some issue that needs to be resolved and of course each issue takes a few hours to handle. Colin is just days away from wrapping things up business wise, although there is a possibility of one more home to photograph in a few weeks!! We are trying to work with the weather, rain means computer work and when it is not raining we are putting both the garden and our yard to bed for the winter.

This pair of Colin’s glasses have been lost for 4 -5 weeks now. We turned the house upside down over and over. Suddenly they were found – locked inside the hot water on demand box on the outside of the house. We are having an issue with hot water and he had gone to check & obviously left them there. So it wasn’t until a few days ago when we had another problem that he found them:)

We harvested our first row of Swiss chard last week, the second row is ready as well. That bucket was packed with chard.  Once cleaned I remove the stems I layer them on a cookie sheet and freeze the tray for 2 hours or so.  Then we put them in a food saver vacuum seal bag and pop it into the freezer.

Guess what is coming sooner that expected.

We have gone through all of our clothing bins and now have some empty ones. We only have the Christmas bins left to sort but that will have to wait a few weeks.

I still have both windows sills full of ripening tomatoes.

I saw these ducks the other day, they were just passing through. A female and male Hooded Merganser.  So very pretty.

Sunset reflection to the south, last Wednesday, the 14th. Beautiful.

A few minutes later to the west. Stunning.

Even a reflection into our windows.






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