Jan 16, 2020

Adios Amigo

It was a very sad day yesterday, January 15th, when both RVers and bloggers lost George Yates of Our Awesome Travels. George was one of the very special guys, the one with a huge smile and a twinkle in his eye. He was always there be it in person or online to help however he could. George embraced life to the fullest each and everyday. Not even cancer slowed him down. He continued to live his life on his own terms.  He gave to each of us until his body wore out. I am relieved that he is no longer in pain but would give anything to have just one more day with George.

We first met George and Suzie here at Tres Amigos RV Park on Stone Island or the Isla ( Isla de la Piedra ) as I call it. It was our first full winter here in Mazatlan and it was George and Suzie’s first and only visit to Mexico in their RV. We shared Christmas dinner with them and the other RVers in 2009. We brought the New Year in on December 31st at Pizza Benji’s on Goat Island/ Chivos. Now that was a party.  So we brought in the next decade back then together and here we are ten years later saying adios just after the next decade started with only fifteen short days before George passed.

I spent a good part of the past twenty hours re reading George’s posts from mid 2009 and 2010.  He and Suzie both lived life to the fullest on each one of the days they spent here in Mexico. I started to make a list. This is our eleventh winter here. George was only here a few months, yet he did more and saw more places than we have in our time here. Granted he and Suzie were retired and we came here to rest before going back to work 10 – 12 hour days back in Canada. I think it might be time to follow in some of George’s footsteps.

The time we shared here that winter ten years ago was when I learned about blogging and between George and his friend Larry I was ready to start my own blog which I did in May of 2010.  I will never forget George, nor Suzie.  Life should be lived as he did, day after day.

It was an honor George to have met you here in my most special place.  Adios amigo.

Their first Carnival in 2010.  Swept up and into a group of street performers. Photo from George’s blog.

Yes George, you certainly fit in here and everywhere else you have been. Photo from George’s blog.

You will be missed by your loving wife, your families, your hundreds of friends, your hundreds and more of blog readers and others who just were lucky enough to meet you for one day.

I too will miss you, adios.


Jan 15, 2020

Musical interlude

It came to Colin’s attention late Sunday evening and again early Monday morning that Tom and Mandy from RV2 were looking for a site to host some international musicians who are currently playing here in Mazatlan.  Or course Colin offered our site.  Tom and Mandy did all the work, purchasing and preparing the food.  Colin set up our site, added chairs & small tables as well as an extra shade umbrella.  I decided that we needed to add at least a salad which I made along with a bowl of fresh cut sweet pineapple and cookies for dessert.

We had no idea show many were coming nor how long they would be here.  Turns out they arrived around 1:30 PM and were gone by 6PM.  They were here for a short time but it was intended and a good deal of music and jamming was involved.

Good thing that Colin is traveling with five guitars this winter. They were well used.

Mandy cooked the shrimp  and lobster.  She did all she could do so that I did not have to be involved or moving about too much.

Long time blog readers Linda and Russell just happened to drop by to visit and were treated to some special music.

I hope that you enjoy the following two minute video which includes Colin playing with the best of the best. The bio of the players….
Eugene Hideaway Bridges, songwriter, guitarist, band leader, released 7 albums, entertains globally. Has played with the greatest including BB King.
Rick Reed, Bassist, guitarist, has played with Paul Butterfield Blues Band and Canned Heat.
Benito Meschoulam, band leader of SantanaWays, a Santana tribute band in San Diego.
Colin Jewall – who’s that? Guitarist -Classical, Blues, Rock, Photographer, Traveller.

Quite fun as all of the guitars belong to Colin.  The full screen option also is working.

Great end to a special day.

Sadly I did just a bit too much moving about, taking photos, fetching serving spoons and dishes, serving wine and beer, etc.  My knee was not very happy Tuesday morning when Octvavio my physio guy came for my ultrasound treatment.  Oops, I did too much and had some swelling due to too much movement and just maybe a bit of ligament stretching.  Colin really thought that I would just stay put and do nothing.  You would think that after 33 years he would realize that it would be impossible for me to stay still and do nothing and watch people enjoying my lovely site here.  I love to be sure that my guests have everything that they need plus more. He said that he would look after everything but there was no way that I was going to disturb him while he had the opportunity to play with these extraordinary special musicians.  No worries, here I am 48 hours later and after being back on bedrest I am much better.


Jan 14, 2020

First happy hour

I was going stir crazy so invited a few friends over for my first happy since my surgery.

This was this past Sunday.

However we had unexpected competition.  This banda group was so loud that we could barely hear each other talk.

We did have a lovely sunset. I have no idea what those two tall things are to the left of the palm tree.  Something new that we will have to investigate as I won’t be walking for at least 4 -6 weeks.

If you enjoy music please take a moment to enjoy this exceptional 3 minute You Tube Video sent to me by blog reader Michael Herrmann.   I then listened to the next video of the Sugar Plum Fairy.  This duo is very talented.  We saw a fellow play similar glasses while in Naples in 2018 but these two are beyond amazing.





Jan 12, 2020

We had to pass on the symphony

Today was a most special symphony performance.  Of the entire series this was the one I most wanted to attend.  But I just was not ready to go out yet.  Soon I hope.

This is what we missed. Fortunately I was able to re sell our tickets.

Three flowers on one hibiscus plant. Lovely.

I have begun walking the length of RV1 to get some exercise.  Not very far but after the first time I needed to go back home and nap.  Yesterday I did it twice and will do so again today.  Bit by bit.  I continue with my cryotherapy, only 23 more times to go!  Octavio, my physiotherapist  came for the second time Friday.  The plan is for him to come twice per week as long as I need him. I am doing my upper strength exercises three times per day, 10 reps each.  I know that in another week or so, once I see the doctor on the 17th that I will be starting the hard part of rebuilding my knee muscle, etc.

Last night I made us what I call a shrimp stir fry.  Lots of veggie chopping involved.

All veggies plus one of these packages of sauce. I got these at Superstore.

Once the veggies are done I add the sauce and the shrimp.  The trick is to not overcook the shrimp.

Dinner was beyond tasty. Fortunately we have enough left for a second meal.

Sadly the shrimp industry here in Mazatlan is on the decline.

These shrimp boats are waiting to come into port.

Sadly the shrimp industry is suffering.  It was difficult last season but has become much worse this year. Please take a moment to read this article. It explains the cost of taking a shrimper out and the difficulties that the fleet is experiencing this season. Very sadly only 10% of the fleet is still out attempting to catch shrimp. I wonder how much longer we will be able to get fresh shrimp here in Mazatlan.





Jan 10, 2020

I sat outside for a bit

One of the RVers in the back row taking his coffee and dog out for a paddle.  Shortly after this was taken he stood and paddled off.

This beautiful Fuchsia plant was waiting for me when I got back from the hospital six days ago.  Mucho gracias A & D.

It was lovely sitting outside for a few hours.  Colin kept coming to check on me every 15 – 20 minutes to see if I needed anything.

Another gorgeous sunset yesterday ( Thursday ).  Love those cotton candy clouds.


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