Mar 18, 2018

Fun beach walk and yet another party

Saturday started out bright and early with more RV TV.

This tour bus was really sunk but a tractor eventually got it out.  We saw three of these large buses.  It is a long weekend and people are pouring into the Isla.

We went to the near end of the beach for our walk and noted that the boondocker is still there.  However there is some work going on.  Impossible to tell from this photo, but there is a row of palms being planted along the inside edge of the wall.  Somehow I don’t think that that RVer is paying to have shade put in.  Just above the word GOD you can see a fellow carrying some wood.  He is clearing up the area and placing debris very near the RV.  It will be interesting to see if the RV is still here for Semena Santa.

Lots of people on the beach before noon.

First time we have seen this piece of construction.  No idea what is happening here.  There used to be a private residence on that hill.

This is one of the newer and taller buildings going up. More rental units of course.  The lighthouse is part of a private home.

Fun in the sun. Yesterday was a perfect day on the Isla, the first in a long while.

🙂 Remember when we used to be that young.

You can just see the new white building peeking out.  Turns out that these recently completed apartments are being rented out by Puesta del Sol, the restaurant on the right.

The construction of this building just may make it the tallest on the Isla.  I just can’t imagine carrying my luggage up all those stairs, never mind walking up and down several times per day.

Later in the afternoon we went to Casa Verde to a St. Patrick’s Day party put on by this lovely lady who is indeed Irish.

We were having such a good time catching up with Isla friends that these were the only photos we took.




Mar 17, 2018

We went out again

We did stay home Thursday which was a needed break.  This pace is a bit too fast for me but we are enjoying everything that we are doing.  It seems that a lot of things are all happening the last two weeks of March.

We met Jenny and Brad who started out as blog readers and who we now call friends, yesterday at El Fish Market.  It was an early dinner as we had a 7PM engagement and they had one for 8PM which turned out to be for Saturday and not Friday!  FYI Suzanne, I had one of those perfect margaritas and then because you could not be there, I had one for you 🙂

It was so great to catch up and hear all their exciting news. They are moving to Mexico.  For some reason they no longer want to live in Minnesota.  There was a bit of an incident with a pulmonia when several police vehicles surrounded it from all directions.  I did see a breathalyzer test being administered.  But then we got back to talking and missed the outcome.

Fabulous sunset.  No green flash though.

Colin and I then went on to see the play reading at El Recreo. ‘Savannah Sipping Society’ was the funniest play I have seen in a long time.  I along with many others in the audience laughed out loud.

I forgot to mention that during our beach walk Thursday we were hailed from someone wading way out in the ocean.  It was Johnny O and Shelley.  Well not half a block from El Recreo we ran into Johnny O and Shelley and our friend Kevin.  We had a lovely chat and then we moved on to the Plazuela Machado.  It was full of energy, movement and music.  It was the last evening of the jazz festival and there was a featured group playing, set up on a main stage.  However there were smaller groups in other corners also playing.  What fun!  We got so caught up in it that we both forgot to take photos.  Of course we ran into other folks to chat with.  We finally got back to the embarcadero about 10:40PM and headed home.  The highlight of our lancha ride, other than all the people we knew on board, was the fish that just happened to jump into the boat.  Poor thing.  One of the young locals caught it and put it back into the water.

So ended yet another full fun day.


Mar 16, 2018

Johnny O

Yes he was here in February and here is my post of the evening we saw him. We also saw him in February of 2017.   Mazatlan loved this group and wanted more.  So Johnny O came back from Colorado for another week.  Just to be clear, the rest of the band come from here and there and are all top musicians and always play as a group just with Johnny O.

So we went again just this past Tuesday with some RVers and their friends.

Needless to say we had a fabulous evening.

And just because we could we went back again for the Wednesday performance.  It was even better than the first night.  But that could be because we were sitting right in front of the band at a table for two.  We were so into the music that we never got a photo of us at the restaurant.  We were sitting where the lady’s head is bottom left.  The best seats in the house in my opinion.

We ended up staying and chatting until everyone was packed up.  At the end of the evening, Shelley, Johnny O’s significant other, myself and the man himself.  I fear we are turning into party animals.  We never got to bed till after 1AM 🙂

Colin created this artsy photo of the band dropped in on an actual photo of them playing last February.  He had to alter some clothing colors due to the lights shining on the band.

Music from Wednesday’s performance.  This is the link to Johnny O’s website.



Mar 15, 2018

Que pasa

Too bad we always leave before the mangoes are ready.

The paving to Feddie’s has begun.  They are even putting curbs in!

We went into town on Tuesday to check out Sam’s Club.  There really is not much that we would buy there and the white wine selection was dismal so we won’t be getting a membership.  I was surprised to see that the road to the airport is being widened.  We usually take the lancha into Mazatlan so missed this new construction.  It will be two lanes in each direction.  Note the new palms on the left.  Everything is getting spruced up.

As we came home we were met by a herd of horses and a lot of dust.

We have yet another new foal on the Isla.

Nice to see them together.

The puppies made it through the night alright.  Apparently they really enjoyed their canned milk last night.  The middle size pup had to be fed with an eye dropper.

Two of them are eating just fine.  Such different sizes.  They are eating the new puppy kibble I bought yesterday.  I can’t get over how much more certain things cost here in Mexico.

This is the middle dog.  I got to Ann’s in time for the 11AM feeding.  This is the replacement puppy milk that we mixed.   It had a few good laps and then stopped.  It walked around the kibble dish but would not eat it.  Ann finally gave her about 1.5 full eye droppers of milk and that was all she  would take.  She then walked around crying.  I think that she really misses her mom.  I am beginning to suspect that there is something wrong with her eyes.  She does not play with her siblings.  If she is not crying she is sleeping.

The other two had their fill of wet mashed kibble and lapped up some milk.  They did not finish it all as they were full.  It was then play time.  I did buy one tiny ball yesterday, all the other toys were too expensive. Colin donated a pair of socks which they both chewed and tugged at.

While they were playing the middle pup went into the bed area and went to sleep.  I told Ann that she would have to make sure that this one gets milk every 3 -4 hours.  I had also purchased a small bottle with a nipple to feed her with.  Anne tried it with the 3PM feeding and she drank a full bottle.  She also ate 2 pieces of kibble.  It is going to be a very long week.

Busy beach day today, as there was a cruise ship in port.  For the first time in two days we finally got our beach walk done.

I am tired tonight!  We have been out very late the last two nights, more about that in another post.



Mar 14, 2018

We have puppies!!!

Sometime during the night someone came here to our specific site and dropped off three puppies.  I didn’t even go outside until 9:30 this morning to water my plants .  It was when I got close to one corner of my yard that I saw a movement.  I thought I was hallucinating when I saw three shaking puppies.  I immediately called for Colin to come out.  They were timid and backing up, all the while shaking.  I ran to a neighbor to beg for some kibble.  We soon had kibble and water out for them.

They were so hungry that they figured out how to chew the kibble.

It was obvious that they had been left here for me to find, dog lover and all.  They are likely just 4 weeks old if that.  They were so very hungry that they really tried to eat the kibble and eventually managed to figure it out.  Yesterday they had been nursing with their mamma and today they were orphans.

Colin fixed up a mini shelter for them out of an RV bin.  After they ate and tried to play they went to sleep.

The timing could not have been worse as I was just about to have my massage.  I wasn’t too relaxed as my mind was spinning.  Immediately after my massage and while my Mexican speaking masseuse was still here I called the animal shelter.  There was no room at all.  I of course never except a no but after 10 ten minutes of back and forth I had to understand that there was no room at all.  However they thought that in as week there should be more space as they then would be able to move move dogs together to make room for these three.  Needless to say that Pepper and her many pups were part of the reason for that lack of space and of course Princesca’s last few pups.

I was so impressed as the three of them would eat, move about and then go back to sleep.  But when they had to do their business they left their wee nest and moved away.  Gee they were already house trained.  I think they had been in a home because as soon as Colin had put the soft towel down they went onto it for a nap.

So my next step was to find a place for them to stay for a week.  Ann, the lovely blogger lady who came to the Isla last November only because of my blog was so happy when I asked her.  She is in a house here with a totally fenced in yard.  She had offered to take Princesca and her pups but we were able to get them into the shelter after only two days.  So Colin and I gathered odds and sods to help Ann with the care of these wee ones.

I don’t have a proper shot of the three pups but they range from large, the black and white in the middle, to the middle sized one on the right and the very tiny one on the left behind Ann’s hand.  We also set up a pen behind where Colin is standing and right away they knew to go there to do their business.

Sadly the middle one is not doing well at all. She is not digesting the kibble at all and is very weak and lethargic. Yet she can still walk about once we rouse her and is drinking water. We tried to put some mashed food with warm water into her mouth ( which was forced open).  She just kept spitting it out.

I think she just is not ready to swallow anything but liquid.  So we are off to Petco in a few moments to get some puppy milk and puppy kibble.  We have a function in Mazatlan anyway so we will be just a bit late.   Meanwhile I have managed to connect with someone here who has canned milk and will take that over to Ann tonight along with an eyedropper.  I will bring over the proper milk in the morning.  Hopefully all will be well.  I haven’t stopped all day and this is my first free moment to do something for me but of course I am still focused on the puppies.  Thank you Ann for taking the pups in.




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