Sep 17, 2018

The garden is no more

Time is short and Colin got up and went straight to the garden at 8AM.  I was about 40 minutes behind him.  Here I am taking the tomatoes off the plants.  It was very cold out and I had multiple layers on but still needed my hat because of the sun.  Yes I was wearing socks in my sandals.

The red ones for us and the green ones in a much larger bag for a neighbor who is going to can them.

Our plan is to cover the ground with a tarp until we are back first from Mexico in April and then from Europe end of June.  That should keep the weeds down.  We will plant a few things the end of June.

Colin cleaning up the final tomatoes.  We had five plants and the roots were very long.  Great crop.

Adios dear garden.  You did very well for us this first season.  The lady one plot over was picking the last of her green peppers.  Note all the weeds around our garden area, I hope they say on their side of the fence.

We certainly won’t run out of small tomatoes before we leave.  The bowl on the left is ready to eat and the one on the right will be ready in 2 -3 days.  Than I have a variety of others on the counter and on the window ledge to enjoy as they ripen.

These are for toasted tomato sandwiches.  Hopefully they will ripen before we have to leave.

As you can see the skies have cleared and of course Colin is working.  He has the next three days booked as well.  I have no idea how he is going to photoshop, invoice and collect the money before we leave.  Not to mention actually load the RV.  I refuse to dwell on it…..


Sep 16, 2018

Que pasa

Because the sun appeared for a bit, Colin was able to get a job done yesterday.  He left at 9AM and did not get back until almost 11PM.

At the end of my very long day I relaxed with a book in the tub.

Still unusually cold here for this time of year.  It feels like the end of October when we are preparing to leave. The weather guessers are saying that this might be it, no more hot days.  Glad we are leaving shortly.

So today Colin spent the day doing photoshop and blueing up the sky and the lake.  The photos look great and the client is happy as he needs the photos for a high end magazine article on his business.   I finally finished all that needed to be done re the new will we just finally signed.  But really two months and lots of stress is not normal and I did let the lawyer’s office know.  I won’t go into the back and forth but bottom line is that I started long ago to avoid this last minute hassle.  Now onto other things that need to be done before we can start loading the RV.

After 8 hours of  doing photoshop on his computer today,  Colin went out to do some physical things. like cleaning the Weber BBQ in preparation for our departure.  He also put some patio furniture away.

It rained off and on most of the day so our plan to put the garden to rest was thwarted.  We have no idea how tomorrow is going to go.  If a client can get her home owners willing to accept last minute photography because the forecast looks pretty good, then that is what Colin will do tomorrow.  That will change all of our planned events for tomorrow including a meeting and lunch with our financial advisor as well as a few business stops and working in the garden. I am simply going with the flow.  My list of to do’s is so long that I just go from one list to the other.  Poco a poco.

Off to another bubble bath and than a late dinner.  Colin is back doing photoshop for another client.  Gosh is is almost 8PM 😯   Once we lock the door and hit the road in eleven sleeps all of this will be forgotten.


Sep 15, 2018

A few memories of our girls

They each had their own bed but loved to cuddle together under the heat of the fireplace.

How Colin dremeled their nails.

They were such great travelers.

Relaxing in the bed in the RV.  Caeli on the right.

A rest area in the US on our way South.

It is always difficult to start a trip in the RV without our girls.



Sep 14, 2018

Just plain tired!

Gosh what a crazy couple of days it has been.   D day is in just under two weeks.  The weather is freezing cold but at least we didn’t have snow like my friends did in Edmonton.  Libby I thought you were joking when you said it was like Christmas.  Then I saw all the snow covering Jannose’s yard.   Yesterday we broke a new record for this area. We are a full seven degrees Celsius cooler than normal ( that is 45 degree Fahrenheit ) which is a lot.

Heck I even wore socks with my sandals today and as many layers as I could.  I was cold.  Thank goodness I have a great seat heater in my car as well as a heated steering wheel.  Right Ken?

I am older and this pace is exhausting me.  Life was much simpler when I was younger.



Sep 13, 2018

Reaping the rewards

Yesterday morning started out with some low fog. Photo taken from inside hence a bit of reflection ( or dirty window ) in the upper right third of the photo.

At the very end of a long work day at our desks/computers, Colin left about 4PM to start putting our garden to bed for the winter.  Those two sheds in the background are for storing communal garden tools, etc.

Once I had my last meeting and they left I walked over to the garden area to offer some help. So nice that the rain had stopped.  Now that is a large turnip.  I think you got that one Henk!  I shared  beets, Swiss chard and carrots between a few friends as well as our new neighbors.  As you can see our Swiss chard continues to do well.

Our carrots have been slow to grow but it was time to see what we had grown.  Only half of the row grew but certainly enough.  We have been nibbling today and they are great raw and so very sweet.  The five tomato plants to the right of this shot are still producing as is the the Swiss chard.

This is what I picked yesterday. We still have lots more ripening on the vine.

I already have a half of a crisper drawer full of beets in the fridge and will add these.  At least I know that they should do well in the fridge until we get back in the spring.  Hopefully we will be able to eat the rest of the carrots before we leave.  Colin also cleaned a lot of beet tops and Swiss chard and put them in those special green bags.  We will eat all of those before we leave.  During the last week the kale got bugs and some sort of mold so we never got to enjoy the last of it.  But I will grow both kale and Swiss chard on the Isla in pots as is my normal.

The sun sets to the right of this photo but my eye was drawn to the light only on the lower hills.

Not much of a sunset last evening but still interesting.  In about two months those Isla sunsets will be making an appearance 🙂

I have been in communication with my two blog readers who are likely to be affected by hurricane Florence and so far so good.  Thinking of you and sending prayers your way and to all who will be affected.

It is now 8:25PM, my bath is running and after a wee bit of relaxation, it will be time to prepare dinner.  Hasta manana.


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