Mar 19, 2019

Packing, packing and packed

The first bit.

Looking emptier.

Where did the plants go? Where did the patio furniture  go?

Power washing the dust screen. It does a great job of stopping  the dust as you can see.

Ann stopped by to say adios.  She enjoyed her glass of vino blanco as I kept power washing.

It was a bit more difficult to get this section done.

This morning Ismael was otherwise occupied and was unable to help Colin take down the dust screen.  Somehow he did manage on his own.

Between us we got a few repairs done to the screen and got it wrapped up for storage.

Then the two taxi trucks came along and it was time to load up our stuff.

Both trucks were full.

Colin got his log / piece of art moved to a safer area on our site.

Off to the bodega.

It was a busy day but we got it all done including a few minor repairs by Eric.  Colin washed the car and the RV.


Phew what a day……tomorrow we hope to be airborne….





Mar 18, 2019

Work projects

There have been number of work projects happening in and near Tres Amigos.  Vic also had the fellows who worked on our RV do his.

His paint job was much more involved than ours.  The painters did a great job in protecting the RV next  site over.

Vic had his basements painted all the way around as well as the front and back end. Fabulous result.  Again a perfect paint match.

Next door to us, directly across the dusty road there has been some activity.  We have been told that it will be a new restaurant and later that it is only temporary for Semana Santa.  I guess we will find out next November.

Looks like a lot of work for a temporary project.

Just the other day a few loads of palm fronds were brought in.  A few managed to find their way onto the roof but the rest are still on the ground.  These people work only a few hours per week on this project.

This was an Erik project. He had to take out the window to reconstruct a new window opening mechanism.

Someone thought that it would be a good idea to have some storage sheds available for rent here at Tres Amigos.

It is a very slow going project.

Here they are burning old cardboard egg cartons to keep the noseums away.

These sheds were supposed to be ready by March 15th.  Not even close.

Just a few days ago they poured the cement roof.  Custom doors still need to be made.

We were supposed to have one of these sheds but as it got closer to our departure day and they were not ready we became concerned.  Colin did a  very rough square foot measurement  of what we had to store vs the new storage space.  We had about 400 extra sq ft.  That means that all of our stuff had to be perfectly packed.  We decided to stick with our existing huge storage space.  The thing is the price is the same including hiring the taxi trucks to move our stuff.  So tomorrow is the last day we can store our things.  We made the right decision to stick with what we had.  We have friends leaving here Friday and they have no idea what they are going to do with their stuff as they were counting on the new storage area to be ready.

We woke up to a high tide. This tent and hammock sleepers  were just that close to the tide line.

After another day of packing as well as cleaning the inside of the RV, including the fantastic fans ( not just the screens) and all the window screens ( thank you Colin ) we were rewarded with a bit of a sunset.




Mar 17, 2019

I am back

Thanks for your good wishes.  I was  just very tired and actually I still am.  Having seriously sick friends, packing up and leaving the Isla are all very emotional and it has taken its toll on me.  I am no where near stopping blogging nor taking a break for more that a day here and there.

On our walk Friday morning we saw this red van parked where the other RV had been a week or so ago. This appears to now be the  non official boondocking spot on the Isla.  The sky does not lie, it was cool day.

Despite saying that we had our last trip into Mazatlan a few posts back, I did have to go back on Friday to get my hair done at Tippy Toes.

Colin came in to me meet and we headed over to El Fish Market for dinner.  For the first time ever we ate inside as it was too cold to be outside.

The big hair colour reveal.  Not as dark but not as blond as I prefer.  I actually went back to 2011 on the blog and checked my hair colour done here in Mazatlan and this is the first year that I am so dark.  I was really blond all the other years.

This may be our last nice sunset. The past few days have been cloudy and cool.

As we were waiting for our meal a parade of older vehicles when past.

Never a dull moment in Mazatlan.  The parade went on for a long time.

Yesterday, Saturday had us power washing all of our carpets.

Our storage pile has started.

About noonish we drove over to the the Playa Sur embarcadero and went once again into Mazatlan.  I had forgotten my necklace at the hair salon and needed to get it back before we leave.  We walked from Playa Sur to Tippy Toes and back.  That was our walk yesterday instead of a beach walk.  That black blob with a flash of green on the right is the new location of our squatter.  He has built a shelter of sorts on the rocks on the causeway to Goat Island.

Saw this poor plant that really needed water as we walked in.

Interesting looking tiny ??  It had a window at the back and one street side.  The wood they used is very nice and it was a very good construction job.

Once we got back home we did more packing up including harvesting my veggies which we will enjoy before we leave Mexico.

I always check the dates of my canned goods and donate the current dates to Ismael.  I bring home what I can use over the summer and leave behind in storage, items that are good to 2020 and 2021.  The key is writing down what I have left behind so I don’t have to bring it again.  Today we found 24 rolls of paper towels and 42 rolls of toilet paper. Now we don’t have to carry so much next year.  We actually ran out of toilet paper one year.  This year we ran out of Ceasar salad dressing.

Colin found this tiny white frog in the middle of one of the large pots we grew our veggies in.  He must have lived  in there all winter.  I wonder if he was white because he never saw the sun.

Our park, Tres Amigos RV1, remains full.  The RV in the background is actually dry camping in our parking lot. The small trailer was looking for a spot for a few nights.  I think that they did get a spot in RV2 which is also full.  We have a caravan of 13 there at the moment.



Mar 16, 2019

Life is not always easy

I have three wonderful people in my life who are undergoing major challenges this week.  Two of them do not have that 100% ending, the other is having issues  with her eye sight.

We are doing last minute things including an extra trip back to Mazatlan.

We are doing well re the packing. However I am tired and I have no energy to download and edit photos.


Love you all but at this time I need to take it easy.


Mar 14, 2019

It never gets old

You might say it was a day of lasts.  The last time we were going into Mazatlan to shop and all that that entailed.

As we walked to the ticket office at the Embarcadero I was surprised to see these packages sitting in the sun.  They were full of raw meat and chicken.  Hopefully they will be picked up sooner than later.

This was a very large boat and this tiny panga was motoring right next to it.

Then my nose caught the odour of hops being brewed.  As you can see by the smoke atop the buildings,  beer was being made this morning at the Pacifico plant.

Street art. This one was signed and dated 2017.

Lovely roof top cafe. The structure beside it is going up very fast. Just across the street to the left is one of the Michael Gallery stores where I did some serious gift shopping this morning.  Of course I managed to add a few items for us as well.

The mercado sits on a full city block and all the way around on the outside are dozens of tiny shops.

Because of the floor construction inside we now walk around the outside to get to the entrance we need.  At one of the entrances I had to stop and take this photo.  There are three of these lights hanging from the ceiling just past the chicken area.  Beautiful lights.  I wonder if this is is a new thing or a one of.  Very pretty.  My title for this post is ” It never gets old”.  There is always something new to see even after nine winters here.  I love it.

Once we got our Chihuahua cheese and tortillas we moved on to our favourite produce booth.  The lady to the right of middle, in black, saw me taking the photo and waved.  She has actually visited Osoyoos, BC, not far for where we live.  So sad to say adios to our friends at the market today.  I kept thinking that I should bring something back to them next November but I have no idea what a momento of Canada might be other than Maple Syrup.  Any thoughts??

Colin missed out on a shrimp burger last week so we stopped after several hours of shopping.

Between us we had eight full bags, three of which I could not even lift.  Just in case you need to go, I usually slip away to Panama’s to use the toilet while they start our food prep.  Today they had run out of shrimp and had to get some from one of the fish vendors.  It was a great burger 🙂

Our fishmonger.  We got some snapper for us that will give us left over fish tacos for lunches  and some shrimp to enjoy back home.  I also picked up extra snapper to make a pot of chowder for my friend Libby.  It is her favourite and this will be the first time she has fresh fish in it, which I have frozen until I get to Lake Havasu.  It was so sad to say hasta Noviembre to her.  She could not believe that we were leaving so soon.  She is also someone I would like to bring a small gift to. But what?

I never tire of riding in a pulmonia. They have regular cabs now but we refuse to use them.

Adios shrimp fleet. Thanks for all the fresh shrimp we have enjoyed week after week.

I cleaned and froze our shrimp to enjoy back in Canada as a shrimp stir fry.  The first bowl of water holds the shrimp just as I bought them at the mercado.  I then peel each shrimp into that purple bag in the sink.  These shrimp were already beheaded so I didn’t have do that today:) Next I slice the back of them and pull out all their poop and put that on the paper towel. They then go into bowl number two and then bowl number three. I really like them clean and if they are salty from the ocean this helps reduce the salt.  I towel them off and put them all in a ziplock and into the freezer ready to use as needed.  Nine years ago I taught George from ‘Our Awesome Travels’ how to clean and devein shrimp.  I bet he now has a better method!  I am still using the same one.

So ended another day on my beloved Isla.  I often get teased about the number of sunset photos I take but you know, ” it never gets old”.


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