Feb 20, 2018

Very special visitors

Yesterday long time blog readers Laura and Alan came to visit us here on the Isla.  Actually Alan has read every blog I have posted over the last ten years.  Colin and I had met Alan’s brother John and wife Pat at least 15 years ago while RVing in Mexico, long before I started writing a blog.  A wee anecdote, the four of us fed a new mama dog who was thin and needed food so she could feed her pups, on the beach in Guasave and Pat named her Tiger Lilly.  Pat and John came to visit us in Kelowna once.  Sadly John is no longer with us but now I have his brother in my life.  Interesting how things are connected.  Alan and Laura are thinking about maybe bringing their RV down here for a few weeks or a month next year or the year after.  So they figured they would fly into Mazatlan and make a point of meeting us at the same time as they checked out the RV park and the Isla.

Alan had tried to meet me on April 16, 2015.  You can read about what happened by reading this post.  If you read that post you will understand why it was so very special indeed to finally meet Alan and Laura yesterday.  First he drove out to try and find us on a dark and stormy night and then he flew here to meet us.  Not only that, they brought us a lovely bottle of my favorite wine all the way from Canada.

Alan reminds me so much of John and sounds like him.  Lovely Australian accent.  Laura is from Argentina and she spoke Spanish before she spoke English.  Yes those are very happy smiles you see.

I want to say a special hello to Elaine, Laura’s good friend for over 42 years ( I think I have that right ) who has also been reading my blog forever.  She started because of her love of dogs and of course our girls fell into that category.  Apparently she found my blog because of the Carmeh and Caeli.  I hope that you will still keep reading Elaine, now that our girls are gone.  Perhaps one day when we visit Laura and Alan we will also get to meet you or possibly if they come here in their RV for a bit you could fly down for a holiday.

So we chatted non stop for a very long while before finally getting ourselves into the Jeep.  We went on a mini tour of Stone Island.

All went well until we got to this section of the Isla.

The roads continue to be dug up as they put more and more sewer lines in.  There was no way we could go forward nor backward as a dump truck had stopped behind us.

But as is the way in Mexico things came together rather simply.  The grader saw our plight, backed up and cleared a path for us.

We conversed ceaselessly all afternoon.  Our luncheon ended up being an early dinner where we kept on sharing thoughts, discussing our lives and learning more about each other.  The hours simply flew.  We certainly made the best of a dreary beach day.

It is not often in life that one meets such extraordinary people whom you can call special friends in mere hours.  Cheers!

Thank you for early dinner and the marvelous day.

Sunset from the day prior to Laura and Alan’s visit.




Feb 19, 2018

Now that was a full day indeed

Looking at all my photos from last Saturday I realize what a busy day it had been.

Even before our beach walk we had a visit from Paul Beddows who is a huge part of one of the major caravans that come into Mexico, Caravanas de Mexico .  However Paul only volunteers his time.  Over the years we have been in touch as well as when he visited here and once the road to the Isla was completed I let Paul know and between us we manged to get his caravan company to stop here on the Isla.

Once Paul headed off back to RV2 we went on our walk and at the far end of the beach we came across all these tents.  All the women were wearing dresses and the guys were in long pants and dress shirts. On the way back we stopped and asked if they were part of a school group.  Turns out they were a church group who had traveled from Juarez ( across from El Paso, Texas ) to the Isla in 12 hours by bus.  About 5 PM Sunday they were packing up to head out again.  No idea why they came here for such a short period of time.

A few hours later we drove into the colonia to pick up our laundry before heading into Mazatlan.  This dog was eating out of a garbage bag but as someone approached it picked up the bag and moved on.

we saw th

Then just around the corner this mamma was feeding her four pups in the middle of the road.

On the way to the embarcadero I noticed this fellow concentrating on his fish net repairs.

We were on our way to Centro to do a few errands, mostly to hit an ATM machine as we have none on the Isla.

After 9 years there is still so much to photograph.

As we arrived at the Plazuela Machado we were fortunate to see this little once celebrate her first birthday.  What a living doll!  She could barely walk especially with her pretty ‘gown’.  Note the digestive cookie in her hand.  Her family even had a hired photographer to take photos.

Then we saw a bride and her groom.

This was a special photo.  The fellow was a Mexican taking his doxies to the beach.  That dad at the front right is 5 years old and his kids are 4 and 3 years old.  The youngest was a female.  They are more the standard size dachshunds as opposed to our girls who were smaller.

We were too early to meet friends so we stopped for a drink.  I am trying to figure out how to use my iPhone while traveling.  This is the first time all winter that I have remembered to bring it with me.  So I have now figured out that it knows where I am and if I put in the name of a restaurant of other location it will show me that path.  Yes I know that I behind the times but I am trying.

Of course a quinceanera , actually the second we saw that night.  However this one was a very big deal.  She had at least a dozen fellows in attendance as well as girls.  Oh to be 15 again.

We met our friends at Gaia, one of the newer restaurants on the Plazuela.

The fun was just about to begin.  There was a live band playing just behind that huge beige post and they were great.  We were all dancing in the aisles.

That is me dancing with Jim who did some serious lead singing with the group.  Jim had just done a set of vocals with the band.

We just happened to meet in the bathroom as he was cooling off.

Then I met Exequien Ojeda, the tenor who sang at the Maria Coral Hotel a while back.  He actually remembered me and fawned over my hand again but I already have too many photos in this post.  He is doing a concert on February 24th at the Museo de Arte de Mazatlan for a  200 peso entry fee.

Then I was dancing and it appears to be singing with Pierre.

I have to say that the best part of Saturday was meeting up again with my most favorite band of all, Los Cryps.  They used to play in the kiosk of the Plazuela  Machado every week but for the past few years have only been playing in the Golden Zone.  Now they are playing again in the Machado every Saturday from 7 – 10 PM in front of the Gaia restaurant.

Los Cryps is a rock and roll 50’s/60’s group and they are fabulous!!  You can’t help but want to jump up and dance.  I have posted about them over the years but never done a recording. For those of you who want to dance listen to these.  I think you will agree that this had been a full day indeed.  I loved every moment.








Feb 18, 2018

Smelly disaster averted

That small cement square on the ground to the right of the garbage area ( which happens to be directly behind our site ) is where the deep hole is that collects all of the sewage we RVers put out.  However because the park has literally been full this winter there was more that ended up in that hole  ( not a septic tank ) than normal.   Something unpleasant began to back up in a few sites.

David the owner of the park  ( this is the park handyman Ismael in the photo ) was here within a few hours and had a pumper truck on site very quickly.  It took a long while to pump out the ‘you know what’ !

Soon supplies began to be delivered.

Early the next morning workers appeared.  It seems that David has now decided to run a sewer line from each of the 2 RV parks to the new main sewer line that is being installed on the Isla.  He is starting with our park first.

They worked all day. The main sewer line is at least six feet underground.  They had to dig down to this previously ( and covered ) installed man hole.

Then dig a deep path along the white line indicated two photos above.

This is the size of pipe being installed.

What a long way to dig the trench.

They did get it done and installed and reopened the road all within a few hours.  Amazing work.

The next day they built a new manhole on the other side of our garbage area and then broke through the wall and connected into our ‘sewer hole’.  We heard the noise all day and could smell when they connected.  So now we are officially connected to the main sewer system which at the moment goes nowhere as it is not finished.  Sure hope that the RV sewage won’t start to fill the new pipes for a long while.  Where will it go?  We have no idea but suspect it will end up in the ocean, untreated.  Mazatlan itself has a sewage treatment plant that eventually dumps everything in the ocean.   Sorry but I never got the final photos of the competed job but I am sure that you get the picture in more ways than one.





Feb 17, 2018

Finally got some lovely sunsets

Very appropriate for February 14h.

Different colors on February 15th.

So nice to have these masterpieces back in our lives.



Feb 16, 2018

Saving starfish

On almost every beach walk we find some starfish wrong side up.  All those tiny white feet are clamoring to be facing the sand.

So Colin rescues them, one at a time.

With a flip of his toes they are returned to their happy place.  You can barely see those tiny white feet settling back into the sand.

Then Colin carefully covers the starfish with sand.

Often the tide is still going out so the covering of sand gives them even more of a chance to survive.  Colin saves between 3 to 10 starfish per walk, sometimes more.

I know I look like an old lady here but my 10 peso scarf sure helps keep my sunhat on during the windy walk back to our site.  So glad I came up with the idea as holding the hat down with my hands became tiring very fast.  We have had a lot of strong wind this last week especially just after noon.



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