Apr 19, 2018

Que pasa

So yesterday afternoon started with an eye exam for me.  Because I was doing it within ten months from my last one it was going to cost me $110.00 CAD.  I have been having trouble reading with  my prescription sunglasses.  Things were fuzzy  when I was trying to read the fine print on maps.  I really needed to be able to see  on our trip to Europe.  Turns out that my astigmatism was getting better which accounted for the problem.  The lenses were from 2015 and my daytime glasses were from 2017.  So  now they were syncing.  Fortunately I was able to only order the left lens as the right eye was spot on which saved me $275.00.

Just before we headed out Colin was cleaning up all the goose poop on our lawn and patio.

I almost missed these girls as they were paddling so fast.

It wasn’t long before this guy was tempting Colin’s pick up.  Caeli used to be our goose patrol.

I can’t believe that this guy is paddle boarding with bare feet in the freezing water!  I guess if you have been cooped up here all winter this is paradise.

We were doing a number of errands ( 10 ) including a bank deposit, a visit to our lawyer re the annual year end filing and picking up some well deserved vino among other things.

This ball aka as a piece of art caught our eye.  Apparently this represents the cycle of life.  This ball is made of Ponderosa pine bark.  It will slowly disintegrate over the next several months.

We also checked out the new channel built to handle the winter melt which was destroyed last year.  It appears that they basically dug a deeper channel and widened it.  This is  a ten million dollar fix that is supposed to prevent us from being flooded yet again.  So we hope.

We were very tired by the time we got back last evening which is why I did a short post.  I did manage to make some progress on the year end yesterday.  Lots more to do but I am confident it will all come together soon.  Once again we has a great dinner and some good wine.

It is currently 9PM and I just have to stop.  We are exhausted and tired and hungry but not wine deprived 😉   Just finished a two hour phone call with Apple re computer issues.  We both had to reset and redo etc, and it it not finished…not an easy task.  Better than we started but enough for tonight.  Life is good, more manana.


Apr 18, 2018

Twas a very cool morning

We awoke to frost on the top of the Jeep and on surrounding roofs.

-2C/28F with the wind chill at 7AM.  What concerns me is that 21C/70F next Tuesday.  Hopefully that is not too much of a rapid melt of the snow pack.

We both saw the beaver this morning.  Good to know that he is still around.  This was taken through a window and zoomed in quite a bit.

Thanks for those asking.  Mommio is doing fine.  Well as best as she can as she never gets out and feels like she is in a prison.  She knows all the latest news and especially the political situations.  Doing well for 103 1/2.

The rest of the day was a blur of errands and such.   My computer is doing the slow slow dance and is being a real pain.  I think it is Firefox but have no idea what to do about that.  Enough for tonight.  Hasta manana.


Apr 17, 2018

I am amazed at how much we have accomplished

We both have been going full force to get the basics done.  The reason for this is that then I can get both our taxes and the company taxes completed.  I hope to get it all finished within the next 10 days so that we have two weeks to review our Europe plans and do our packing, etc.

We finished the RV today ( inside and basements ) and we even have the bed made for our next trip south early this fall.   The RV storage facility here at the park where we live is still being rebuilt after the floods of last year so we had to find another storage area for the next few months.  The park did allow us to use an empty site to dump and flush so we were good to store the RV.  Only need to take it out once to get the oil changed.

The weather continues to remain unseasonably cold and unusual. It rained all night and at slightly higher elevations snow fell.  There were two more mud slides locally affecting traffic.

By end of day yesterday I got things sorted into piles and today I was able to get most of the envelopes slit open in between other calls to our lawyer,  the bank, etc.

I got the laundry finished today, yeah!  But why would 3 of 8 pair of Colin’s shorts turned themselves inside out?  Later three of my sundresses did the same thing.

Colin cleaned the inside of the RV during the heavy rains and then the basements when it stopped for a bit.  Snow on the local hills as the clouds lifted.  This is what we normally see in November.  The rain soon started yet again.

So much snow.  Unfortunately one of the Jeep tires decided to start deflating so Colin headed off to a tire store and was gone for just over two hours.  Not sure yet but we may have to buy another two new tires for the Jeep.  We have to test the tire for a bit but they thought that the tire might last the summer.

Early night for us, should be eating on about 15 minutes.  Signing out at 8:35PM.


Apr 16, 2018

Working hard

We have to keep pushing as we have to move the RV into storage tomorrow.  Colin is working on the final unloading of the basement and cleaning of the inside of the RV.  I need to get things put away so I can open the mail and do the bank statement reconciliations as well as the company credit card statements and then I can finally start to work on our taxes.  Then there have been a few very nasty events that have us reeling in shock but I will deal with that over the next few days.  They all involve money but not in a good way.

Saw this on the news this morning. There have been a number of such incidents.  Looks like we will be emptying our basement before we head to Europe.  We likely will be flooded once again.

Just a bit of the bedroom mess yesterday.  We had three more loads like this.

The pile of mail plus other bits I have to deal with.

Yes those are twelve more sundresses ( my uniform ).  I was worried that I could not get anymore in this style so I bought a few here and there and wow they expanded.  I am good for at least three years.  Because they are cotton they do stain and are impossible to clean.  For 100 – 120 pesos ( $7.00-$8.00 each CAD ) they are worth it.

We got a lot of rain today.

Lots of laundry.  I got 7 loads done today including returning it all to the RV.  Tomorrow I have 5 more loads to do and then I am caught up for a week.

Rain in the morning during which Colin cleaned the inside of the RV, and sun in the afternoon, perfect for dealing with unloading the basement and the car.  Then late afternoon these dark clouds rolled in with wind and a lot of rain.  More snow to add to the 150 percent of normal snow pack.

Sorry for the quick post but it is 8:15PM and we need to eat and relax before doing this all over again tomorrow.



Apr 15, 2018

Our home coming was not quite was we expected

It rained during the night but we both slept well which is a good thing for a Walmart boondock.    Got up at 6AM and it was 48F, not too cold at all.

More beautiful scenery as we leave Washington State.  This is the Okanogan river which is high as were all the bodies of water we saw today.

Filled up with diesel just before the border @ 3.39 per gallon.   It was a bit of a squeeze to get into the fuel station but we managed.  The closer we got to Canada, the cloudier it got and of course it started to drizzle once we crossed the border.

Adios USA and hola Canada.

The border agent had a bit of an attitude and scolded Colin for using the air brake when we shut down the RV as requested.  Totally different questions than last year.  He had to see my face fully as he compared it to my passport.  We had to give the exact date we left Canada ( normal ) but also the dates we crossed into and out of Mexico.  Also had we flown back to Canada at any point.  How much were we declaring and did that include repairs to the vehicles?  He was okay with my three extra bottles of wine.

Barely any growth on anything in the vineyards nor the orchards.  Spring is definitely late.


We got to Holiday Park about 11AM, disconnected the car and I went ahead to park so that I could guide Colin to park as close as possible to the house.  We are too big for our driveway of course but we do live on a wide street.  So as long as  a fire truck can get past we are okay to park for three nights as we unload.  Once parked we checked out the yard and noted the amount of goose poop on our patio 👿 as well as the lack of buds on the trees.  The house seemed fine except for a light on in our bedroom 😯 I don’t think we left it on but you never know.  I hope it wasn’t the person checking our home.  So I started unloading the fridge ( always start with the food ) into baskets and Colin carried them into the house for me.  As I started to put things away he began to sort out the water softener.

Somehow the large first filter he was installing slipped out of his hands and fell onto our pipes, the ones that lead into the house.  He was lucky that as the water gushed up into his face and all over him that we was able to shut off the main switch.  We called every plumber in the book.

This was the only one who answered the phone.  None of the others have even returned our call.  So yeah for us as I did not want to be without water all night ( yes I could go out in the middle of the night to us the RV toilet but !!!! ).  So he came, fixed it all and charged us the emergency Sunday rate.  But we had water.

Colin worked with Luke as I continued to load and move and put things away.   I put 7400 steps in just doing the back and forth.

I took a moment to take this shot to show how low the snow is for this time of year.

So we worked for seven hours and got a lot done.  The forecast of rain kept us motivated.  The rain started about 4:30PM but I had tons of putting away to do inside.  We started driving 13 hours ago and now it is time to shut it down for the evening.  We are having a wonderful favorite dinner and lots of wine.  Happy to be home.




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