Jan 16, 2018

We found the babies!

No idea what happened to Friday as there are no photos to document the day and the sunset was just a regular everyday type 😉   Great for most but ho hum for me.  Colin was supposed to follow Princess to her den but she took off ahead of her usual schedule.  Our plan was to feed her Saturday morning and then follow her.  However Julie who lives in a four plex/Casa Flor up the beach saw her first and fed her and then the dog decided to head back to the pups right away so Julie followed her.  We got a phone call about 9:30AM.  Puppies found.

When Julie found the dog earlier she had put a collar on her then came home and called us.  So we quickly got a few things together like a bin, a tarp and food, picked Julie up and headed to the area.  The dog came to me because of our bond so it was easy to leash her.

The den was half under a fallen tree and surrounded by tall weeds full of burrs.  The den was very small, she must have run out of time.  She had to lay on top of the pups to feed.  If you look closely you can see a few of them.

They still did not have their eyes open but they were big.

Julie moved them out one by one.

We thought that there were only five but we found one more at the back of the den.

Once the puppies were in the box, Mom went back into the den and moved as far away as she could from us.   She did not want to leave her home.  She would not come so Colin had to pull her out with force.

Then she refused to walk so Colin had to carry her to the car and then put her inside.  She closed her eyes and leaned her head on his shoulder.

I quickly got into the car to try and comfort her.  As you can see she was stressed.  The pups were in the blue bin behind her and they were whimpering.

Julie had agreed to let the pups stay at her place on the top floor on a balcony.  The RV park would not let me have them along with a loose beach dog.  Colin had to pick her up and carry her inside.  Once on the ground she would not walk so he carried her up to the second level.

We had thought to bring dog food and water dishes as well as a pork shank bone with some left over rice that had been donated for her.

It was the perfect method to calm her down and distract her from her surroundings.  The pups are just behind her.  We used the bin to cut the wind coming up from the beach.

So we have four girls and two boys.  Papa must have been a big guy.

After she ate she moved closer to her babies.

Just a few minutes later she stretched out and started to feed.  Note the towel under her head.  I am the most nurturing dog owner ever.  It was nice to see her have space to stretch out and to relax.

Once she her eyes began to close we left quietly so as to not upset her.

But somehow she knew we were leaving.  She did settle down again.

I would never have left her side but we had plans to visit friends at their new condo on the malecon.  Great view.

Not to mention the gorgeous sunset.

Oh and the handsome men.

It was the perfect way to de-stress from the day.

While Colin and Kevin played, us girls chatted in the other room just catching up on life.

Linda and I eventually moved into the music room where she joined in created some great sounds.  Next time I will bring my maracas to play.  Now lets see if I can make this video work so you can see Colin playing non classical music.  He loves Kevin’s steel guitar but Kevin refuses to sell it 😯










Jan 15, 2018

Thursday was an interesting day for us

We left the Isla early Thursday morning to meet long time friends for breakfast.  Best breakfast ever at Allegro Caffe in Mazatlan.  Great smoked salmon Eggs Benedict not to mention the best decaf brewed coffee I have ever had.

Interesting street art.

Bella is a well know artist in Canada and we both enjoyed this ‘wall’ art.

Colin liked how my blouse colors went with the background.

Anyone need to have their blood pressure checked?

Adios Bella and Carl. What a fun morning. See you soon.

After a few errands we were ready to head back, to the Isla. This pulmonia was running on a propane tank.

On the street repairs.

After we changed we headed to the beach. Not too far past RV2 we saw our girl following a lady walking her dog.  Turns out it was Allison, a blog reader whom I helped get a spot here for a week before they moved further south.  She said that the dog just appeared out of nowhere in about the same area we thought that she was disappearing off the beach.  After cuddles and some water she headed off to the restaurant to beg.  We kept walking and  replenished the kibble and added fresh water to the bucket at the far end of the beach.  We still have no idea if she is the one eating the kibble.  We can only hope




Jan 14, 2018

Celebration of life and news about our girl

Peggy and her husband Robin had been here about a year longer than us.

A while back ago they moved to Maui from the US mainland but often came back to the Isla to visit for a few weeks most years.  Peggy was a true animal lover and above all she loved the Isla.

Her RV family here on the Isla were devastated to learn of her sudden and unexpected death this last fall.  Colin played soft background music at her beach front memorial.

Adios sweet Peggy.  “Your life was a blessing.  Your memory a treasure.  You are loved beyond words.  And missed beyond measure”.  Aloha!

Wednesday about 4PM we spotted our girl in the restaurant next to the RV Park just next to the memorial location.  I had brought our dog food and water with us to the celebration of life so we had it with us.  Princess was as happy to see us as we were her.  She ate quite a bit of kibble and drank a good deal of water.  She sat with us for a few minutes and after a final cuddle she headed back to the restaurant.  She is very independent.  A waiter come out shortly thereafter and asked about us caring for her.  He asked if we would take her back home with us.  He then proceeded to tell us a very sad story.

Just outside the restaurant.  The black dog belongs to the owner of the restaurant and is not emaciated but wanted to eat our food.

I think that his timing may be a bit off but he says that about a month ago two pregnant dogs were dropped off onto the beach.  He claimed that they looked like sisters.  The first dog had her pups in the restaurant.  There were eight of them.  The owner was most upset about this.  Meanwhile the waiter was trying to find someone to care for the babies and the mom.  Two days later he came to work to find that the restaurant owner had come in and put the eight babies in a plastic bag and put them and the mom in the back of his truck and dropped them off somewhere on the Isla in the middle of a field far away from everything.  An inhumane death sentence.  Sometimes that is how things are done here in Mexico 😥

Alberto, the waiter told us that when the owner was away, he allowed our girl to come in and beg at the tables.  She particularly loves chicken bones and tortillas and anything else she can get.  He actually knew her morning and afternoon schedule which has helped us to meet up with her.

So we knew that she had a good meal with us that afternoon and got some extra begging at the tables.

Our final site-ing of her Wednesday afternoon.

Fortunately we knew she had been well fed this day as the next day, Thursday, we were off to Mazatlan early in the morning.

The end of a long day.  A Princess ship heads out into the sunset.


Jan 13, 2018

I became very concerned

We had last seen the dog Monday morning.  No site–ting at all on Tuesday.  In fact we did not see her until late Wednesday afternoon.

Carnival Cruise ship coming in early morning.

As we walk the beach each day we see a large variety of aquatic life.  As the tide comes in or recedes the starfish are often turned upside down.  You can see its tentacles moving about.

If you wish to see how a starfish actually moves about, click here for a less than one minute educational moment.

So Colin is constantly turning them over so that they do not dry out and die.  Once they are turned over you can actually see their arms reach down to the sand.

If the tide is still going out he will often move them closer to the water.  That bag on his right shoulder holds water and kibble and two containers to fill for the dog to eat out of.

Tuesday  morning we left a bucket full of fresh water and a container of kibble near where we thought we saw her walk up and off the beach the day prior.

The area we chose had a lot of dog footprints in the area.

Tuesday sunset.

We walked early Wednesday morning but did not see her.  However half of the kibble was gone.  We added more fresh water to the bucket and topped up the kibble.  However we could not be sure that it was actually her that was eating the kibble as there are many other beach dogs out there.

Half the kibble was gone.

After attending a celebration of life for a fellow RVer Wednesday afternoon we finally saw the dog again.  The next chapter tomorrow….



Jan 12, 2018

Our second time with the dog & a fabulous sunset

We were now traveling with a bit of food and water. We had our second encounter in the morning, Monday, January 8th.  At this point I only had tortillas with me (which today in real time is what she  appears to prefer but is not the healthiest for her.)  We did buy dog kibble later in the day last Monday.

She did recognize us and was happy to see us as well as to eat the rest of the tortillas.  She looks so thin in these photos.

That is a bit of tortilla sticking out of her mouth.

Such a sweet girl. I do think that she looks like a Princess.

So after she ate and drank our water she headed down to the restaurant while we kept walking up the beach.  We came upon someone we have known here for a few years ( Casa Flor ) and asked about the dog.  He knew nothing about her but was willing to keep an eye out and offer her food.  As we spoke she came back towards us ( the restaurant was empty that early in the morning and there was no one to beg food from ) and when we crouched down in a welcome pose she came right up to us.  I could tell she was still hungry but we had no food left.  The fellow on the beach managed to get us in contact with his lady friend who brought us some dog kibble and water.  However the dog was very wary of this new male stranger and kept her tail between her legs.

We were surprised to see her eat kibble which most beach dogs refuse. She was that hungry.

She ate and ate and drank.  We talked with these folks and they agreed to keep an eye out for her and to feed her when she came near their place.   Once she was full she took off toward her pups.  We followed for a bit but could not go all the way as I had an appointment back at the RV to do an injection.  We were able to see where she went up into the plantation.  I was happy as I knew that she had a full stomach that morning.

Just off the cruise ship for the day and this is what they are enjoying about being on the beach!

The start of a great show by Mother Nature.

Fishermen putting our their net.  Note the sailboat on the left.

A change in color.

Another great day here on the Isla.






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