Jun 20, 2018

I can’t stay away

Maybe I am addicted to the computer.  Yesterday afternoon I had a nap and I  then went to bed at 9PM and slept until 7AM today.  I woke up tired 🙁     I will keep trying to rest.  The chest x-ray came back today as clear which I expected.  So my doctor won’t give me antibiotics but suggests I contact her if I don’t feel stronger in a few days.  Will do.

Still no photos of the weed free garden that Colin worked on last weekend.  He also goes everyday to water.  I only leave the house now for medical appointments.  However we did enjoy this Swiss Chard from our garden the other night.

I was resting in my recliner last evening when I saw a very good water skier doing his thing.  Colin went out and they soon approached our beach.

The fellow in black lives at the far end of the lake and said that he has seen photos of our home. He would love to live here in our park but wants to be on the water as we are.

Colin sat on the steps and they chatted for a very long time.  I soon lost interest as I was resting.  I still can’t believe that I slept from 9pm to 7am .

Still not feeling any better but I did get my last leg vein treatment done today.  Nothing but rest ( and some wine ) in my future for a few days.  Can anyone tell me where all the crud keeps coming from?  I mean, can’t you only bring so much up with your coughing or expel so much from your nose???  Can’t you???  Seriously, where does it come from and how do you end it?  Perhaps TMI but I want to know.

Nap time….


Jun 19, 2018

Taking a day or two off

Had my last right leg vein treatment done this AM and the last left leg treatment for this year is tomorrow.  Not fun wearing thick mid thigh tight compression stockings in 34C temperatures.

I was exhausted by 10AM and could barely do my 30 minute required post vein treatment walk.  I felt like I was falling apart, no vitality at all.  I wanted to lie down and sleep forever.  Colin called my doctor who was able to fit me in within 30 minutes.  She has no idea what is wrong with me.  My whooping cough test came back negative which I knew and now today I went for an x-ray despite my lungs appearing clear.  Colin thinks that I just totally wore myself out, right down to nothing.  I just kept going and going in Europe no matter what.

Maybe I just need bed rest for a few days.  Even during my two hip replacements I felt so much better.  I just want to stop coughing and blowing my nose 😥  Five weeks is much too long to live like this.


Jun 18, 2018

Yeah we finally got to France!

I did do a post a while back about our trip from Florence to Nice on May 31st.   You can find that here.  There is also a link to our Airbnb there.  I must mention again that Nice is the second largest city in France after Paris but the most expensive in all of France.  Long ago Sardinia gave Nice to France in exchange for protection of their land.  We did find the prices a tad higher but we managed for the most part to keep within our budget.

There were not quite as many smokers in Florence as the rest of Italy or so we thought.  Many many people riding bicycles there even dressed in their business attire.  Nice had even fewer smokers which we appreciated.  I still can’t believe the amount of cigarette butts we had to walk over in Naples and Rome.

We really enjoyed our train travel in Europe. This was our segment from Florence ( which was the only city it never rained in while we where there ) to Milan in Prima class.

From Milan to Nice we were in in First class which was not as nice as the lower senior prima class was.  However it was totally enjoyable.  So much to see.

Why would you fly when you can see so much in a few hours?

We saw this as we came into France. No idea what type of vessel this was.

Our VRBO host picked us up at the train station.  So wonderful for us as I was already worn out what with the rushing to change trains in Milan and just being weaker than normal.

I had emailed our Nice host as to where I could have my stitches taken out.  Somewhere along the way there was a misunderstanding and they assumed that I needed to see an eye specialist.  From the train station we were whisked by auto to our lovely apartment.  However after a brief intro to the place he told us that we had an appointment to have the stitches over my eye checked out in thirty minutes 8-O.  My stitches still needed another 24 -48 hours before removal.

So we waited 45 minutes and the French eye specialist MD who at first claimed that me could not understand my French ( which he did later as he warmed up to me ) decided that if we waited ( another hour ) that he would remove my stitches today.  I would have preferred to wait a day or two.

So we waited and he did remove them.  I could have done it myself but I was unable to see above my eye without my eyeglasses.  We waited and he unnecessarily put a topical anesthetic on the area.  Finally he very slowly and carefully ( and  painlessly removed my stitches ).  The facture/bill was 100 euros.  Wow!!  Oh well, at least they were out.

On our walk back to the apartment we found a small cafe style restaurant that offered a veggie burger with fries.  Perfect.  We really needed a change from pizza and pasta.

We truly enjoyed our meal and the great inexpensive house wine.  It wasn’t long before we headed back to our comfortable home for five nights complete with sloped floors to unpack and get settled.  We did have an early morning tour scheduled for the next morning.

I was so happy to be in Nice.






Jun 17, 2018

Paying our respects to the Italian Greats

The Franciscan church of Santa Croce began in 1295 and contains over seven centuries of Florentine and Italian history.  This is where we spent our last day in Florence, May, 30th.

Dubbed “The Temple of the Italian Glories”, Santa Croce contains more skeletons of Renaissance masters than any other church in Italy.

We were honored to be standing at the tomb of Leonardo DaVinci.

Another Italian great…..

In case you can’t make it out, this is the tomb of Galileo who died in 1642.

So very many special people who shaped our world lay here in this church.

We were truly humbled to stand here.

Yes, Michelangelo who died in Rome in 1564 miles away from his beloved Florence.  The people of Florence were so determined to return Michelangelo’s remains to his home that they smuggled his body back to Florence.

The numbers here correspond with the words in the photo above and explain how each section honors Michelangelo.

The tomb was designed by Giorgio Vasari in 1570.

Here lies the tomb of the most popular opera composer in history, Rossini who died in 1868.  Rossini penned 39 operas including the famous Il Barbiere di Siviglia/The Barber of Seville.

Truly a remarkable end to our time in Florence.

We walked for a bit cleaning our minds of what we had just experienced.  So many campers all over the place.  Good for them for having the courage to drive through all the city centers.  Perhaps we will attempt it one time.

We crossed the River Arno and yes that is The Ponte Vecchio.

It is a medieval stone closed-spandrel segmental arch bridge, noted for still having shops built along it, as was once common long ago.

The Galleria Uffizi where I had my third fall two days prior.

We actually had dinner right on The Ponte Vecchio.  Colin had a ravioli with pine nuts and this was an eggplant parmesan.  A wonderful light dinner with more great wine.

So many small but interesting cars in Europe.

This is how garbage is dealt with.  Every few blocks there are stations to drop your garbage, glass only, plastic only, cardboard only, a mix of a few things and the last brown one is for miscellaneous garbage.  You carry your garbage out to the bins and they are emptied at least every two days.

Apparently sunsets taken from the Ponte Vecchio are the thing to do but this is the best I managed in Florence as were almost back to our VRBO.



Jun 16, 2018

Still not doing well

We will have returned here a week ago tomorrow, Sunday.  I am still coughing as much and feel as weak as I was then.  No energy to do anything.  I would rather have my two hips replaced again than go thru this day after day.  I have another appointment with my doctor on Monday.  I really can’t live like this.  I am constantly exhausted.

Colin spent over two hours today weeding our garden but I have not been out of the house, I just don’t think I can manage it.  So there are no photos.  I know he worked hard as he came home black with soil from top to bottom.  Thanks for all the gardening tips, we will follow your advice for sure.  Maybe tomorrow I will be able to go out in the golf cart to the garden.  Sorry for the continued delay in the final posts of our trip but I just can’t sit at the computer right now and editing photos and writing takes more energy than I have.

Also thanks for the travel suggestions for next year.  At this moment I feel that I never ever want to go away again if my vitality is going to be sapped from my body like this.  We had a fabulous vacation but to come back so worn out is not acceptable.  Perhaps it is the codeine the doctor told me to take to stop the coughing that is also lowering my energy levels.  Going to try some French brandy tonight instead.

Our June calendar girls.  The first photo is Caeli barking at the horses as they head home at night.  The second shot is of the girls barking at an iguana, you can see its tail at the top of the fence post.  Carmeh is running like the wind on the beach in the last photo.  My action girls.


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