Feb 22, 2017

The day got away from us

The plan for today was relax and even more relaxation. The girls have had a bit of a rash for close to two weeks.  I noticed it because they were itchy and there were some rough patches on their chest.  Some hair had fallen away in each area.  I started to use an antifungal and antibacterial creme that I had.  The affected area would start to heal but then a new area would appear every now and then.  This morning we noticed that Carmeh had 3 areas on her tail where the hair had fallen off,  each about 1/4 inch in diameter.  It was definitely time for a visit to the vet.

By the time we finished feeding them and got ourselves ready we were off.  It is a good 50 minute drive from here, fortunately there was little traffic.  The vet did a quick exam and put some of the hair and scabby material on a slide and checked it under a microscope.  He said that the hair was healthy and that it appeared to him that it was a bacterial skin infection.  I asked how it could have happened and he said “cats”.  We do have feral cats here and they do have fleas which could have led to the problem.  The cats wander about our site at night.

Why oh why is there invariably something like this happening in our lives?  Always has been and I guess it will continue ad infinitum.  The suggested solution was a bath in a special antibacterial soap, Vetriderm.  The girls were due for their K9 advantix II today which is their protection for fleas and ticks.  Now we have to wait a full five days before we can administer the repellent as the bath will have stripped all of the oils from their coats.  The flea/tick repellent sticks to the oil on their coats so we have to wait for it to come back after the bath.

What a long morning with a further stop at a plant nursery.

The cruise ship sitting at the end of the road as we return to the Isla.  It is actually docked on the other side of the shipping channel.

Once back home we took the girls for their daily beach walk.  Two miles later they were getting ‘the bath’.  They have never ever been so squeaky clean.  Fortunately the soap smells nice enough.  They finally got a late lunch but not us.

Ishmael just happened to show up and he planted Colin’s third papaya tree, the replacement for the one that was destroyed in the storm.  It is much smaller and we hope that it will grow into a large fruit bearing tree.

I had decided to pull out one of my hibiscus. It was one from last year or the year previous. It has only had one flower since we arrived in November.  The white spots show some sort of disease.

This is the plant that I had pulled out.  There was a lot of yellow on many of the leaves.

I replaced it with a brightly colored bougainvillea.  It will grow with time and always be in bloom.  This is a special shorter bougainvillea that won’t grow as tall as the ones at the back of my garden.  I should be able to keep it in a hedge like shape.

We finally were able to get our own lunch and then a few hours to ourselves.  Can you believe that I actually turned down a margarita at the neighbors?  I just needed to sit and relax with my book.  Colin of course was off in his world of music.

We were rewarded by some lovely color by Mother Nature.

Almost 8PM here and time for dinner.  Tomorrow promises to be a new day of adventure for us.




Feb 20, 2017

Was it the California storm or another?

Whichever it was, it was a real pain in the neck for us.  We knew that we were expecting 18mm of rain last Saturday night, but not the high winds.  I guess being right on the ocean makes us more vulnerable.  For certain we got at least one inch of rain/25mm but likely more, all between midnight and 7AM.  Quite the storm.  We lost power twice.  I know of two RVers who were out at 2AM bringing in their awnings only because I saw them.  We did have some lightening but I personally never heard the thunder.  Colin had to get up and go out in the rain to remove the piece of cardboard that he had attached to our bedroom awing which kept the RV park light out of my eyes.  It was flapping against the awning arm and was extremely loud with each bang against the awning arm.  Colin slept fairly well but I was up more than asleep.

The morning showed us the consequences of the storm.  Fortunately we had rolled up our patio carpets and put them in the car prior to the rain.

A great deal of water on our patio.

Lots of things blown over including plant pots and the dog carriage.  Water everywhere.

The waster was pouring out of the drain we had installed under the RV last year.

We installed the drain last January as our patio was always under water, often ankle deep when it rained.  So I guess it did help to a certain extent.  You can see the photos of the drain construction by clicking here.

We had to get rid of the water or we would still, two days later be living in a mess.

The parking lot was a bit of a lake here and there but is soon dried up once the sun came out.

We took 15 buckets of water off the patio. At one point I was sweeping the water towards Colin as he scooped it up in the smaller pail.

I guess I was sweeping rather vigorously as I got a blister from holding the broom so tight.  Sadly it still hurts and affects how I use my right hand.

The water that couldn’t be scooped up was toweled up.

This fellow drove onto the beach and started frantically shoveling sand. He obviously needed to stop some water from going somewhere. He managed to dig himself well down into the sand as he filled the back of his truck.

One of the easier ways to ring the water out of the towels. Then mop up more water and repeat. I couldn’t help with this part due to my very sore finger.

The worst thing that the storm did was blow over Colin’s papaya tree.

Such a shame as it had so many papayas already growing.

After about 4 hours of clean up we finally got out for our beach walk.

The waves post storm were still significant yesterday afternoon and remain so today.

There was not as much beach sculpting as I had thought there to be, just enough for Carmeh to jump up and down.

The egret looks like he is on stilts.

We have survived yet another water intrusion.  But seriously enough already.

The weather is supposed to be improving starting tomorrow.  I could use more heat.  Meanwhile its time for me to head outside and enjoy some wave action.








Feb 18, 2017

Ear wax and chicken!!

Isn’t Carmeh cute?

Today I called the US border crossing station at Lukeville, Arizona and actually spoke to a person.

Great news. As long as the chicken is cooked we can bring it into the USA.  So dear Carmeh will for certain have her food as we travel through the border.

Every few months my ears get very very itchy and I have trouble hearing.  So I have Colin candle my ears.  This is how much wax that came out of each ear.  The tip of the pen gives you an idea of the amount of wax.  I can hear clearly now and no more itching.  Google ear candling if you want more details.

Caeli and Carmeh snuggling at 7:30AM.  It is unusually cool at the moment, 12C/53.6 at night with highs of about 23C/73.4F forecast for tomorrow with cool winds.  We hope to get back up to 27C/80.6F by next weekend.

It’s just been that kind of day.

Thank goodness our travel plans are flexible.  We just might be staying here longer than planned 😀


Feb 17, 2017

Where has our shower water drained to?

A few nights ago I noticed that our tile floor next to the shower was wet.  It was not supposed to be.  Same thing the next evening just after our showers.  So we started to check things out.

Looks like we have a severed pipe.

When did it happen?  No idea.  How long have we been draining our shower water along the floor boards?  How bad is it?  Will our tile floor come up?  Do we have mold?  Well not so far.  So we set a fan to blow directly on the area.  After 3 days it is still somewhat wet.  Of course the first thing we did was get in contact with our super RV tech, Erik.  He came the very next day.  This was deemed to be an emergency.

Quite the challenge, working in such a tiny area.

This could have happened last year or very recently, no idea whatsoever but the pipe was definitely in two pieces.

The fix was a new white pipe connected to the grey flexible joint shown between the two clamps.  Apparently the original pipes did not exactly match up which might have led to the break.  I think that we have done very well considering our RV was built in 2001.

All I can say is how very lucky we are to have an RV tech in the area here in Mexico.  Erik even checked under the shower where the grey tank is and there was no evidence of excess water sitting on top of the tank.  I’m sure that many will be upset with me but I told Erik that he should charge extra for emergency visits.  After all he does have to delay another client to handle the urgent matter.

When something like this happens, I always wonder what else is happening here in the RV that we don’t know about 😥


Feb 16, 2017

Starting to relax once again

Carmeh is doing much better and almost seems normal to most people.  We see her weaknesses but are so very happy to see her running like the wind once again on the beach.  We still are taking it once day at a time but have started to talk about next winter here on the Isla and are including her in those plans.  I will however have to get her on another diet once we get back to Canada.  Meanwhile my mind wonders how the heck I am going to get her chicken into the US as it is not allowed and nor into Canada.  After a full day of travel we usually end up boondocking with no place to start buying chicken at 5PM and to cook it.  Thank goodness that is at least a month away.

We have been having some unusually cool temperatures around here this week.  The forecast does not look promising.  Many of you in the US are much warmer than we are.

I am not complaining but a bit more heat during the day would be greatly appreciated.

Yesterday it was too windy to sit in front so I sat in the back garden but soon became cool after lunch. The glass of wine and the blanket soon had me snoozing.

Not long after Colin took the photo of me napping I was awoken by a motorcycle.  Yikes, we had visitors.  We had no idea that Terry and Janice were going to drop in.  In fact they were on a mission to check out the RV park for friends.  They live in Mazatlan and their friends are enroute, driving in Mexico for the first time ever.  We had a great visit, amazing how quickly almost three hours passes, almost like the blink of an eye.

A special hello to new blog readers Claire and Pierre. It was lovely meeting you here in January, looking forward to your return visit in March.  They became aware of my blog as they were looking for an RV tech in Mexico.  Thank goodness for Eric, where would we all be without this RV genius.

Meet Audrey and Darwin.  They arrived here on the Isla in early December planning to stay a few weeks.  They never left until early February.  What is most amazing is that we had met them way back in February of 2004, 13 full years ago.  We were all staying in Lo de Marcos at Tlaquepaque Trailer Park for a few months.  It was great to reconnect and share some travel stories over years past.

My kale and swiss chard are definitely ready to eat, all 6 pots at once!  Wish you were here Rae.

I steamed some for dinner last night along with a fillet of dorado dipped in flour, then egg and then Panko bread crumbs, served with Singapore curry noodles and a Caesar salad.  Colin cooked the fish on the BBQ on the mat.

Have a good look at this image sent to my by a blog reader.  If you do chose to enlarge the photo you will have to drag it to your desktop first.

Simply incredible.





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