Aug 16, 2019

Guess what I am making for dinner?


Please keep those Yellowstone comments coming.  They are so very helpful.


Aug 15, 2019

We enjoyed another visit with neighbours

Thank you so very much to those who are giving us some input into our visit to Yellowstone.  I still am not certain where we should make a reservation, remember we are 40′.  The trip will be next June before kids are out of school.

We have been meaning to have Dianne and John over for a very long while but at this time of year Colin is never home.  We sometimes get together for the local street drop in happy hour here and there.  Last night was perfect for a special visit.  The house was clean as was the yard plus I had extra appetizers from the blogger get together.

After a bit of general chit chat, John and Colin got down to some music. John has a band and a great voice.  He wants Colin to join him and the others in a jam session.  Colin is thinking about it.

It was supposed to be a quick happy hour as per Diane but you know us, it was close to three hours before they left 🙂 Our second fun evening in a row. It was truly enjoyable.  Nice to have the time to spend with special people.

So this is the ugly fat spider that is creating mess on our patio. He is no longer. Top left is an insect caught in his web. I had cleaned the web in this area for the blogger meet up and here it was 24 hours later, another huge web.  Tonight the area is clear of any web.

I managed to get a bit of colour in the sky last night. I didn’t realize how much I miss my Isla sunsets.

We made a trip to Costco today.  Okay it is mid August, so I guess selling Halloween stuff is acceptable.

But definitely not the time to be selling Christmas decor.  December 25th in still 4.5 months away.



Aug 14, 2019

First official annual Kelowna area blogger meeting

I believe that it was last summer or the one previous that we were invited to a party for a few local bloggers.  Colin was working and I did not feel comfortable going all that way on my own as it would be a long drive back in the dark so I missed out. There are many bloggers in the area but the one thing we all have in common is RVing and we are all snowbirds.


Yesterday I hosted three local bloggers and their spouses including us of course.  There was never a quiet moment.  Interestingly enough, travel was the main topic of discussion which centered around visiting places on our bucket lists so to speak.  We were supposed to sit outside on the patio but the wind was too strong so we stayed inside.

Colin, Rod and his wife Sylvia, myself, Stacie and her husband Bob.

Stacie writes the blog Maxx Trails.  Rod who has been rather busy lately writes Six Saturdays and a Sunday.  We all write a different type of blog and I think that they are all interesting.  For instance Stacie & her hubby just got E -bikes and are bicycling  everywhere, they winter in Yuma and are full-time RVers.  Rod and Sylvia are always renovating something either at their home here in West Kelowna or at their new place in Phoenix  and are do it yourselfers.  So much to learn on his blog.

The bloggers, Rod, myself and Stacie.

Tuesday is pasta night here at the RV Park restaurant and we had reservations for 7PM. We sat outside on the patio and the conditions were perfect.

I don’t need to wine a little, I just enjoy the wine and life is good.  Even better with friends.  Colin and I have been out with Stacie & Bob  before but despite reading Rod’s blog for years and years, this is the first time we have met in person.  A few years ago when we were possibly having to be evacuated re flooding ( we were evacuated but found a place to live in our RV ) Rod offered to put us up and a year or so later when they were in the line of a forest fire we offered to put them up.  That is just what fellow bloggers do for each other.

So it was very special for us to all get together.

In fact we had such great time that we closed the restaurant down. We just kept chatting until I looked around and realized that everyone had left except us. Five plus hours had passed in a flash and we were just getting started.  Definitely the beginning of an annual event.  Croft, we would love for you to join us next summer.  Tell us when you will be in the the area and we will plan our next blogger reunion around your visit.



Aug 13, 2019

Yellowstone input please

I have never been there but Colin has, long ago.  So we are planning to take the RV there next June for a few weeks.  Before I start doing any research I thought that I should start with you my readers.  I would appreciate some input from you such as how long we should stay?  Where should we stay in the RV, how far in advance should I book?  What were your favourite experiences?  Actually anything you care to share would be of great value to me and likely to others as well.  Those of you who have been there are the pros and I would truly appreciate any input on any aspect of Yellowstone.

Looking forward to reading your comments.

Photos from online Yellowstone.



Aug 12, 2019

A bat & a bird

Always something happening around here.  Yesterday morning Colin noticed a small black creature walking/ hopping along the patio.  It took a while to figure out that it was a bat as it was sort of hunched into itself. But something was wrong, it could barely move and certain wasn’t able to fly.  It was sick. There was no way we were going to get close and check it out in case it had rabies.  I got on the computer and found a local bat website that had some recorded information.  Meanwhile the bat kept moving.  We were too involved in the situation to take photos.

It eventually crawled up the fence and wedged itself between the fence and the salmon coloured board.

That bit of black in the middle is the bat.  I guess that is the best that it could do to find a dark area.

I also called security to come and check out the situation, thinking that he might have a suggestion.  None at all.  As of this writing the bat is gone.  I can only hope that he didn’t come back into our yard.  This is the one time that I am glad we no longer have our girls wandering around the yard.

Then the rain started and it ended up raining steady until midnight give or take.  So mid afternoon  Colin went out to wash the roof of the cars off and I guess the sides as well with a brush, no soap.  He had just washed them a few days ago and the spits of rain the other day along with the dust made the vehicles look dirty so this made them look presentable again.  For some reason he went into the shed and that reminded him to check the small freezer we have in there for muffins.  Colin discovered that the freezer was not working and everything was slowly thawing 😯  Thank goodness he went into the shed.  For some reason the dedicated plug we have for the freezer had tripped. We still don’t know why.  Right now we are checking it several times per day but once Colin has some free time he will change the entire extension cord.  Fortunately we had a thermometer in the freezer and it was still below the throw everything away point with about 10 degrees F to spare.

Next Colin came across this wee bird laid flat out on the lawn.

I haven’t seen too many cedar waxwings this summer.

Colin gently moved it to safety and out of the wind and rain into the rock area under the big tree.  It slowly recovered from the shock of having hit our window and eventually flew off.

Other than two emails, one from the husband of a dear friend who had an ATV accident a few days ago and has three broken ribs and a partially collapsed lung and the wife of another friend who had emergency heart bypass surgery a few weeks ago, it was a quiet Sunday 🙁

Like I said at the beginning of this post, you never know what is going to happen around here.  Our good friends Margot & Ken, now living in Victoria, used to say that we were surrounded by drama. You think so 😉

OMG, just as I was about to publish, a black cat ran across our lawn.  What does that mean?





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