Mar 22, 2018

Another trip to town and more blog readers

We woke up to a new view.  These pieces of wood are being put into place to create shade for folks coming to the Isla during Semena Santa.  This is common but this is the first time though that I have seen it done on such a commerical scale.  Usually it is just a few kids or families creating these to rent out each day and make some extra income.

We had several errands in town so yesterday was the day. First stop was the bakery we go to just a block away from the mercardo for Colin’s muffins.  He needs a muffin with peanut butter to start his day.  We were totally blown away with the detail of this wall art.  Must have been done over the past few weeks.

Another surprise. The construction in front of the mercado is finally completed.  Love the look of the new road and of course the fresh paint on the building itself.  The road is not yet open to traffic but it won’t be long.

This particular eatery in the mercado is very popular. The other two next to it had no patrons at all.  When we went past about 90 minutes later it was still fully occupied.

Then we got to introduce Sandy and Rex, long time blog readers, to their first Tony shrimp burger.  Both couples split a burger and added a few fries.   Just as delicious as always.  We have been fortunate this year to see them a few times, the last two while we were in Rincon de Guayabitos.  Rex and Sandy were fortunate that I happened to have my smart phone with me and we were able to call Eric, our RV tech who was willing to go to their RV later in the afternoon to check about their RV problem.  Of course Eric fixed it :).  Tony himself took this photo.  I really like that I asked him to take it in this direction.

As we walked to Tippy Toes to get my bangs trimmed Colin spied this unusual palm tree.  Yes the leaves are that interesting color.  I also love the shape of the branches but alas no more room in my garden.

As we walked I saw this poor tree growing on the side of a wall attached to a drain pipe. Perhaps that is where it gets its water from.  That tree is determined to survive.

We then went to El Recreo where there was a 90 minute travelogue presentation on Paris, Spain and Lisbon.  It was interesting but we really did not learn anything.  Gosh I wish we had more free time.  We could put together some fabulous presentations from our various trips over the years.  We did one once on our trips to India and it was well received.  Excellent photos not taken with an iPhone or iPad make a huge difference in the quality of the photos especially when put up on a large screen.

Afterwards we headed to what used to be called the Beach Burger ( our first time this year ) for a fish burger.  I always order a margarita when out and then usually switch to wine while Colin orders a limonda natural.  Can you imagine my surprise when they brought me two?  Happy hour, of course 🙂

I was longing to get back to the peace of the Isla.

But for the first time in the nine years that we have been here, there was no lancha tied up at the dock.

Meanwhile we observed the fisherman getting ready to head out 30 km to the open sea in their tiny boats.  We saw extra fuel brought on board as well as large blocks of ice to keep the fish cold.  They were heading out at 5PM and would not return until about 8AM.  For all the time and energy expended, there is no guarantee that they would even catch any fish.  A difficult life indeed.  Those are shrimp boats in the background, now in dock for the season.

Yeah, two lanchas heading our way.

So good to be back home on the Isla.




Mar 21, 2018

My blog reader project

Colin spent Tuesday morning replacing the rest of the hinges on all our doors within the RV.  I concentrated on getting over my cold and of course got more research done.

The gold colored ones were getting rather corroded from the salt air and it was time to do the big change over.  This was day two of a project he started a few months ago.  I think that we are good for another 15 years.

When I complained that I needed more desk space, Colin had the brilliant idea of using our high low coffee table as an extension to our dining table.  Lots of space now.  Yes it is chaos but it is organized.

We went for a walk midday, my first in a few days.  I just had to see how the puppies were doing.  Ann is doing a great job with them.  She is holding the middle one who was not doing so well and has no name.  I have Bandit in my right hand and Peewee in my left as temporarily named by Ann.

They all loved Colin and wanted to be near him. Peewee kept trying to climb up his leg, that is the one between Colin’s shoes.

Bandit is the largest and used to be the pack leader but has turned into a wimp who wants to be held all the time.

The middle one who has no name is doing much better and no longer needs to be bottle fed.  It is eating kibble as well as drinking milk and is doing some playing.  It still needs more sleep than the others and its eyesight seems normal.

Peewee despite being the tiniest gives as good as she gets from the others while at play and aggressively demands to be picked up and held and loved.

It was nice to see that they are all thriving and doing well.  Unfortunately the shelter was unable to take these three in this week but claim that next Monday is the day that they will have a spot for them.  I have to thank Ann who is a blog reader for taking the pups in.  I don’t think I mentioned it but briefly in November that she was here on the Isla.  Ann or Anne, she goes by both, claims that she left Saskatchewan, Canada solely based on reading my blog.  My descriptions and photos  of the Isla brought her here.  She never let me know that she was coming and made her own accommodation search and final arrangements.  She has been here since early November and is not leaving until April 28th!  Ann has no TV, no radio or CD player other that what was lent to her for a few months.  She did not bring a computer but she has no internet anyway.  She does have a telephone landline that allows her to call back to Canada at no charge.  Sadly her knees do not allow her to walk very far so she has pretty much been staying here on the Isla.  She is seriously looking for another place to stay here again next season that is in a better location.  Ann has been so very generous with her time in helping with these three very very young puppies.

When you bring an animal to the shelter it is expected that you make a donation.  I raised funds for Princesca and her six pups.  Then I was asked to please raise funds for the pregnant dog Pepper who had her pups at the shelter.  So when it came to these three, four week old pups, who were left at my door step so to speak, I once again had to come up with money for the shelter donation.  I had pretty much tapped out everyone I knew here on the Isla.  But I just happened to have some blog readers here in Mazatlan.  So thanks to all of my blog readers who had traveled to the Mazatlan area, I was able to raise enough to cover the expected donation to the shelter when one brings in an animal, in this case three animals.  I have yet to just bring in the one dog :).  Actually I think that I am up to 22 dog lives saved with these three interventions.  But I will always think of these three pups as a blog reader project.  Thanks to all those who were here and able to help.  J + G, thanks for helping not once but twice.  I am so very fortunate to have all of you blog readers in my life.  Thank you for all your comments and support, it means so very much to me.


Mar 20, 2018

Special visitors

My many nights out and some of them very late finally caught up with me.  Just before we went out Sunday night I knew that I was in the very first stages of a cold.  Fortunately I am able to rid my body of a cold very quickly.  I had a rough night but was much better Monday.

So much activity on the beach.  One car got stuck three times!  He obviously was not a good driver. The blue truck was set up for a picnic on the beach but the tractors keep pulling the people movers so close to them over and over.  I guess they did not mind.

So by Monday happy hour I was ready to welcome Alison ( a blog reader ) and Craig.  They had arrived here in RV1 mid afternoon Friday but we were going out to the St. Patrick’s party and we were tired on Saturday and then we went out again Sunday.  We had been chatting back and forth but Monday was our official get together :). They have been traveling Mexico for many years.

They have enjoyed their time here on the Isla.  In the past they have stayed in Mazatlan as they travel through this area.  But that might change.  There was definitely lots of beach activity for them to see over the long weekend.  The Princess ship departure was just another part of the experience.

Then there was the sunset.

Always sad to say adios to special new friends.  Safe travels back to Vancouver Island.



Mar 19, 2018

Seriously it was the last time!

Other than our beach walk yesterday I worked on yet another city for our trip in May.  Colin as well as his guitar playing, polished forty wheel caps for the lug nuts.  It was another busy day on the beach.  About 6:00PM we headed back into Mazatlan for yet another evening out 🙄   We had every intention of staying home until another musical event came up.  However it was a very cool evening with a wind.  Glad I brought my wind breaker as crossing the shipping channel was brutal.

An unplanned event involving Johnny O and Santana ( not the real guy ).  One was leaving town and the other arriving and they overlapped by one day so why not have a jam session?

So we were attending this monumental event at Pedro and Lola.  There was not a spare chair in the house.  They ran out of our first three choices of wine.  Not only that, please note that we are drinking out of brandy snifters!!  They also ran out of wine glasses.  The sea bass was delicious as had been our garlic mushroom appetizer.

Santana and Johnny O.

As you can see there was quite the crowd.  The music was good considering it was a merging of several guys who have never played together before..  But if you are a good musician you can easily adapt and so they did.

So many different things transpired during the evening.  It was great to just be there.  I know that I have put in several videos of late but this one is rather special in that some Aztec Indians come in about halfway through.  Fast forward to the 5 minute mark to get that special action.  Never a boring evening 😎

The lancha ride back to the Isla was even colder.  Strange weather for mid March.


Mar 18, 2018

Fun beach walk and yet another party

Saturday started out bright and early with more RV TV.

This tour bus was really sunk but a tractor eventually got it out.  We saw three of these large buses.  It is a long weekend and people are pouring into the Isla.

We went to the near end of the beach for our walk and noted that the boondocker is still there.  However there is some work going on.  Impossible to tell from this photo, but there is a row of palms being planted along the inside edge of the wall.  Somehow I don’t think that that RVer is paying to have shade put in.  Just above the word GOD you can see a fellow carrying some wood.  He is clearing up the area and placing debris very near the RV.  It will be interesting to see if the RV is still here for Semena Santa.

Lots of people on the beach before noon.

First time we have seen this piece of construction.  No idea what is happening here.  There used to be a private residence on that hill.

This is one of the newer and taller buildings going up. More rental units of course.  The lighthouse is part of a private home.

Fun in the sun. Yesterday was a perfect day on the Isla, the first in a long while.

🙂 Remember when we used to be that young.

You can just see the new white building peeking out.  Turns out that these recently completed apartments are being rented out by Puesta del Sol, the restaurant on the right.

The construction of this building just may make it the tallest on the Isla.  I just can’t imagine carrying my luggage up all those stairs, never mind walking up and down several times per day.

Later in the afternoon we went to Casa Verde to a St. Patrick’s Day party put on by this lovely lady who is indeed Irish.

We were having such a good time catching up with Isla friends that these were the only photos we took.




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