May 16, 2021

Antelope Canyon

My first slot canyon and likely my last. We were so fortunate to have perfect weather for our walk through. The day was October 19th, 2018.  Here is the link to my blog post which has more photos. Hopefully I will get one more opportunity to revisit Antelope Canyon. If you are in the area don’t miss it.

Our May 2021 calendar photo.



May 14, 2021

First visit to the beach

Over a month ago on April 2nd we walked the girls to the small beach just off the golf course here in the park. Dogs are not allowed.  However I have seen many dogs visiting there. As the golf course was not yet open we decided to take the girls.  No one was around.

Sand was a new texture for them to explore.

Then they noticed the water. They were only 12.5 weeks back then. So much tinier, how fast they grow.

So many new sniffs.

Ciela was very brave.

It appears that they will really enjoy the beach on the Isla.

Lots of digging in the sand.

I love Carlie’s sweet face in this shot.

Just two days ago we again walked them to this very small beach area and they loved it and romped all over. Fortunately no one was in the area so we got away with it again.  It wasn’t long before Carlie headed to the water. The lake is starting to rise because of the snowpack melt and there was no gentle slope to the water. She went from soft sand into about 6 – 7 inches of water. Colin and I both panicked, he was ready to wade in and rescue her. However she instinctively did the dog paddle and came back to shore. Of course she and her harness were wet but she just loved it. Needless to say we don’t have any photos of what happened. These girls are keeping us on our toes. We need to find a dog beach nearby.

If they don’t stop digging holes in our lawn I am going to have to keep them in a pen outside. Six new ones today. I think we now have at least 12 good sized holes.

Yeah we finally have heat and that is the forecast for the next few days. The garden is going to be very happy.





May 12, 2021

Mabel and Ciela

This set of photos were taken April 12th by Colin, exactly a month ago. At that time she was 14 weeks old. So four weeks younger that the photos in my last post. They are too special to not post them.

It was mentioned in a comment the other day that Ciela’s eyes are narrower than Carlie’s.  They really aren’t but in that photo session she was squinting because the sun was in her eyes. She must be more sensitive to light than Carlie.

She was and still is an imp.

Meet Mabel as named by our new neighbour. Long time readers might recall how this duck nested in our hedge. In fact she is standing on the fence directly above where her nest has been for a few years.

Mabel has been searching for her nest for a few weeks. She was most unhappy with the fence.

This was also taken on April 12th. She has taken to coming everyday and sitting on our lawn looking for nutrition to get her thru her pregnancy. It took her a few weeks before she moved on. The girls were very patient just watching her and if they were outside they just sat and watched her move about – mostly.

Click here for a link to my photos of her chicks coming out of her nest in our hedge last June and heading to the lake for the first time. It was an amazing sight and I will never forget it. She taught me that ducks can count. A friend sent me a link a few days ago. It is also a story of how a mama duck kept track of her new brood but much more dramatic than the photos I took. Thanks Ken. The following is a two minute extraordinary video taken in Spokane. This guy is a hero.

Back to Ciela.

We call her Ciela Bella.

Hmmm, we were doing this a year ago.

Contemplating life and the future.




May 10, 2021

Photo essay by Colin

The twins are 18 weeks old today and Colin took these photos this morning.

What a boring photo shoot.

We will attempt to make an effort.


Can you see Ciela’s tongue reaching for Colin ‘s ear?

So much love.

Lots of doggy tongue love happening here.





May 06, 2021

Que Pasa

Great news in that we completed our company year end today. Best of all we only owe $253.29. It was an intense day including a lengthy meeting with our accountant as we are working towards shutting down our company.  That won’t happened for five years but we need to start planning the tax implications now.  By planning ahead we will be able to save $50,000.00.  So worth the time expended this past week. Of course we could shut it down tomorrow but why give up that 50K?

I can’t believe that the pups turned 4 months just this past Monday. When does one stop counting weeks and switch to months? Carlie has such a soulful look in her eyes.

We enjoyed a few perfect weather days but mostly we have have had cool temps and clouds. Not a normal spring. We finally stopped having frost overnight just this past Monday. I never wrote the date down but it likely was April 25th that we planted our parsnips, part of our carrots, beets, spinach and kale. A few days later we planted our peas, much more that last year. All but the parsnips have sprouted. When it warms up a bit more we will add cucumber, zucchini, green beans, Swiss chard and more peas and carrots a few weeks later so that we a fresh crop every few weeks.

Ciela has a very long tongue.

Once the danger of frost was over, we finally planted our tomatoes yesterday, both in our patio pots and in the garden. We had about seven tiny tomatoes growing in the pots on the dining table. The entire plant was turning yellowish so we were happy to get them outside.  I have no garden photos nor of the tomatoes on the patio but I will soon.

The girls are becoming very proficient at digging holes in the lawn. We finally put up some mini fences to try and stop them.  It did not work as you can see here, one  of them inside and one outside.  They just went in and out and fought each other from inside or outside of the ring depending on which side they were. I have since purchased plastic fencing similar to this for the multiple holes but much tighter so they can’t get in.  So instead they are breaking off and wanting to eat the various plastic bits. In case you were not aware this breed of dog is known for digging holes, that is what they were bred for. I have to say that these two are quite the challenge, likely more intense as they are siblings. First time in twenty years we have had this problem.

Just to clarify re my last post. Rick mentioned “Nice you were able to have a reunion like that.
Lots of people use Headphones or Earbuds to avoid those problems.”   I was able to hear everyone perfectly, it was the others that could not hear me very clearly or not at all. That is why I plan to get my computer checked yet again to make sure they did fix the computer microphone. But first, when I have a moment, I need to FaceTime with friends to check the sound. It might work better than Zoom.

Last Sunday we left the girls alone so we could go to a nursery just 15 minutes away to pick a very few flowers for my patio pots. Colin recently purchased a camera that we could set up and monitor on his iPhone.  This is the third time that we have monitored them but the first time that we have left the park. They are the two dark blobs on the left close to the window.  We were gone 45 minutes and they never moved. Great way to leave them alone and to give me peace of mind. Thus far they have never cried nor whimpered when we left them.

Isn’t there an old saying out there that states the things happen in threes? We have had a third fire here at the park. First the huge fire that destroyed the store and the restaurant. Then recently the fire that destroyed the authentic boat signage to the entrance of our park. Today was the third, a smaller fire in our garbage dumpster. Click here for that information.

We planted our flowers this past Tuesday. I am so happy to see flowers along the lake.

Lots of help from the girls, in particular Ciela. These haven’t even been planted but she is already tasting them. They have grown just enough to jump up and reach into the pot.

Here Ciela is getting sprayed with water as we test out the irrigation system.

This afternoon was our first sighting of goslings.  Earlier today we had our first few geese up on our lawn snacking and pooping. Tis the season.

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