Aug 22, 2019

Oh, Oh, what is in my mouth?

Last night ( Wednesday ) I made one of our special home cooked meals.  Colin had done a job in Vernon on Monday evening and came across a roadside booth selling sweet Chilliwack corn. Of course he purchased half a dozen.  It is the best corn that you can find here in B.C. and we only get it once or twice per year 😀   We cook our corn in the microwave.  We first shuck it and then wrap it in Saran Wrap.  Easy to quickly remove the saran once the corn is cooked and add what you like to make it perfect for your palate.  In our case we use flax oil and sea salt.

I was sitting there enjoying every bite when suddenly I felt something hard against my teeth.  I fished it out and was aghast. It looked like a piece of tooth had broken off.  However I was not about to stop eating my delicious cob of corn and put the bit of tooth to the side.  I could not feel the rough edge of a tooth with my tongue.  I wasn’t at all concerned as I had a dental appointment for the next day, today in fact, for my annual check up and cleaning.

My finished cob. In full disclosure, I had two cobs!

My bit of my broken tooth.

I moved onto the second cob and suddenly felt more pieces in mouth 😥 I still can’t believe what happened.

The pick I had been using to hold my piece of corn was falling apart.  Top right is what I thought was a piece of tooth.

Did you know that actual nails are used in these picks?  The first photo shows you what the corn cob holder looks like.  This last photo shows you how it is constructed.  Real nails 😯   I have had this set of four cob holders for many years and I assume that over time the plastic weakened and fell apart 😡  in my mouth, bit by bit 😥

A bit of a shock, but fortunately not my tooth breaking off, but at first I truly thought that is what had happened. I never had a chance to mention this to my dentist today but it turns out, that he is reading my blog 😎  Hopefully this will give him a chuckle 😉



Aug 19, 2019

Que pasa

A final update on the park golf course. The holes and surrounding area are all artificial turf.  Apparently if you hit your ball out into the rough you get a piece of turf to put your ball on in order to take your shot.  The plan is to finish off the course for next summer.  They have come a long way from when the course was flooded two years ago.  Mostly done by volunteers.  Management did contribute to some of the hired labour.

I am really trying to enjoy the end of summer.  Come September I will be gearing up for our trip to Mexico, ordering insurance for the vehicles, purchasing special items of food that we can’t get there and hundreds of odds and sods type of things that need doing including tiny details like buying fertilizer for my Isla gardens and even garden gloves.  We also need to order four new house batteries for the RV, fix a few things and the list goes on.  Colin is usually working until a week before we leave, sometimes just two days before we head out so many of these tasks fall to me.  However he does his fair share and we consult as needed.  I am a good researcher for tracking things down.  In fact he is working tonight.  A perfect night with no smoke nor clouds to do some home exteriors. I am surprised at how much earlier it is getting dark now.  It seems to have happened just over the past few days.

I think that I showed you this piece of crystal that we purchased last fall while touring around Zion and Bryce.  I love how it picks up the light that comes though our patio window.

Did a bird try and build a nest in our rain chain?  You can see a bit of twig sticking out which is causing the overflow.  Colin needs to get way up on the roof and somehow lean over to check it out. Not sure when he will get to it, but we have managed the past few months as is.

I miss my rose garden. When we lived across the street I had some very special roses and they all had a lovely unique perfume.  The wind here like the Isla is too strong for them.  Fortunately I get to visit my neighbours roses.  I do peel over the fence every now and then to see how mine are faring.

Another cedar waxwing .  No idea if this is the same one that hit the window and eventually flew away.

What is the point of having five guitars of you can’t play then all one after the other?

He sometimes sits in one place to play one of them and in another for others. I am happy that Colin has the space and a wonderful view in which to play.

Colin can spend hours with one instrument and then change. I think that they all get played at one point during the day. Sometimes I can figure out which one he is playing just by the sound.  Notice the sheet music on the table in the foreground.  I have grown accustomed to finding music here and there.

Our tomatoes are almost out of control. I have had to come up with a plan to eat them in the order picked.  The first bowl has some split tomatoes that we picked yesterday.  Maybe we aren’t picking them soon enough.  I don’t know why they are splitting.

These will sit in the afternoon sun coming through the window for a few days before being perfectly ready to eat.  They are good to enjoy right now but with so many I can place them in an order.  Our bushes are so thick that it is difficult to just pick the ripe ones.  We can barely see the tomatoes needing to be picked.

Life is good for us and we continue to enjoy each day as best we can.


Aug 18, 2019

Garage sale and the perfect dinner

Yesterday was the final garage sale of the year here in our park. As we cruised around in the golf cart I saw this neat combo. The car has’The Judge’ on the front fender and the sign on the RV says the ‘Judges Chambers’. Very neat.

Not as many folks selling. The best garage sale is the first of the season in May.

This lady was mostly selling her collection of succulents. But we managed to find four neat things here.

The two iron free-standing trellises will be perfect for our cucumbers next spring and only cost us $2.00 each.  They don’t drink white wine and had 4 bottles of wine and a wine rack for sale that came with their RV.  Only two bottles interested me and on looking them up later I found that they sell for $20.00 and $25.00, I only paid $5.00 each.  Excellent deal. The pillow and plant pot complete with plastic plant cost $3.00 each and add to my patio decor.  The gold and black hat had a wide enough brim for me and at $2.00 was a another good purchase.  I also bought a tiny Canadian flag lapel pin for $1.00. Good to have when travelling.  I am very happy with my $23.00 worth of purchases.

We did errands in Kelowna on Thursday and locally here in Lake Country on Friday. Among other things we purchased some wild sockeye salmon and cedar boards.

We have been unable to find cedar planks this summer and have run out. The ones at Costco were perfect but they aren’t carrying them at the moment. The ones at Canadian Tire are two small.  So we purchased two 1 x 6 untreated cedar boards.  Colin got five cuts out of each.  Cost us $1.00 per cut board.

However the salmon fillets were rather wide so Colin had to use two of the new boards. The smell of cedar was in the air.  Instead of just the one fillet of salmon Costco has been placing two in the package.

We ended up with two plates like this. More salmon that we needed but not wasted as we will have it cold on top of salad this evening for dinner.  All of the fish only cost us $26.59.

As much melt in your mouth salmon as you could eat, baked potato with sour creme, steamed Swiss chard from our garden and our usual Caesar salad.

Colin took the following two shots before dinner while I was inside working on our meal.


Aug 16, 2019

Guess what I am making for dinner?


Please keep those Yellowstone comments coming.  They are so very helpful.


Aug 15, 2019

We enjoyed another visit with neighbours

Thank you so very much to those who are giving us some input into our visit to Yellowstone.  I still am not certain where we should make a reservation, remember we are 40′.  The trip will be next June before kids are out of school.

We have been meaning to have Dianne and John over for a very long while but at this time of year Colin is never home.  We sometimes get together for the local street drop in happy hour here and there.  Last night was perfect for a special visit.  The house was clean as was the yard plus I had extra appetizers from the blogger get together.

After a bit of general chit chat, John and Colin got down to some music. John has a band and a great voice.  He wants Colin to join him and the others in a jam session.  Colin is thinking about it.

It was supposed to be a quick happy hour as per Diane but you know us, it was close to three hours before they left 🙂 Our second fun evening in a row. It was truly enjoyable.  Nice to have the time to spend with special people.

So this is the ugly fat spider that is creating mess on our patio. He is no longer. Top left is an insect caught in his web. I had cleaned the web in this area for the blogger meet up and here it was 24 hours later, another huge web.  Tonight the area is clear of any web.

I managed to get a bit of colour in the sky last night. I didn’t realize how much I miss my Isla sunsets.

We made a trip to Costco today.  Okay it is mid August, so I guess selling Halloween stuff is acceptable.

But definitely not the time to be selling Christmas decor.  December 25th in still 4.5 months away.



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