Jan 24, 2021

Nothing to shout to the roof tops about


Its my blog so I choose to start with a sunset from the 22nd, two nights ago. We have been getting some colour here and there.

We continue to hunker down, going out every 7 – 10 days for a medical appointment ( chiropractor or medical massage ) followed by small errands ( drop off a dremel to have the battery rebuilt as well as a cordless stick vacuum ), quick stop at the health food store, stop at the post office and a grocery shop. It makes for a long day. Five hours away from home is four hours too many but some things need doing, especially picking up new library books. We then spend the rest of those 7 – 10 days walking here within our park, not driving anywhere. We certainly aren’t filling up the Jeep much. I think we are becoming hermits. Despite being home so much we never run out of things to do. We are content with computer time, reading, guitar, cooking and watching a movie every evening. If we ever get bored we can always play games or watch a second movie. I guess I should mention that we do spend a good deal of time looking outside, it is never boring.

Finally the birds are starting to eat the Mountain Ash berries. I guess that the berries need to have matured to a certain point before they indulge.

Taken yesterday morning on the Isla. Beautiful photo Sue. She gets to see this every morning and then walks the beach. Big sigh!

We kept hearing voices throughout the day yesterday. I kept popping up to see families out front – lakeside. I should have counted how many people were out walking, like this person. Parents and children were a first. Where did they come from?

I wonder if they parked along the highway and walked down to the lake. It was a perfect blue sky day with bright sunshine. If you layered up you were warm enough. We certainly enjoyed our walk.  Perhaps we might attempt the lake another time.  I need to get my walking sticks out. I can’t remember which tip to use on the ice?? It really was fun seeing people out enjoying the day. At one point we had stopped to chat with a neighbour a few streets over. She was outside with her dog, and as we chatted I kept hearing a whack. Someone was out on the lake hitting golf balls.  She said that they often did it. Well that explains where the coyotes and eagles have been getting their toys:)

We came home to find this couple standing next to our beach and checking out our home.  Easy to see inside with all the windows. We prefer to heat the house with solar so we always leave the blinds up. We are used to folks going past in their kayaks but not to standing on the ice looking in. It happened a few times, we just wave.

This pair were skating. She is somewhat shaky and each hung on to an end of the stick as they skated.  No idea where they disappeared to.

I was pretty certain that this was a mouse moving about the ice. Colin checked and checked. It was just a leaf moving in the gentle breeze.

We had a lovely happy hour yesterday face timing with friends. It was enjoyable and we really need to do so more often. One of the things we talked about was baking various veggies in different ways.

Baked veggies were on the menu for our dinner. There were beets, turnips, parsnips, carrots, onions, broccoli, more carrots and a good deal of cauliflower. Can you believe that we ate 3/4 of those veggies along with our “vegan turkey cutlets”. Great dinner.

The end of the day on the Isla yesterday. One day we will be back.



Jan 20, 2021

New beginnings


Jan 19, 2021

Welcome visitors

We were so happy to return home last Friday after all of our errands. Even happier to see some swans way out there.

They were mostly sleeping and we had no idea how long they had been there. Again we had nine Trumpeter swans but we had two cygnets  ( last time only one ) and now one less adult.  This young one in the middle prefers to rest standing up.

We simply drop anything we are doing to just sit ( actually we usually stand ) and watch to see what might happen next. These guys decided to go for a walk.

It wasn’t long before they all stood up, shook themselves and started walking to the right one after the other.

Where are they going? Here you see the two cygnets ( the darker swans ).

Now what? Time to stop and have a meeting.

Looks like the majority rules and the swans now are walking to the left.

It is getting late and the light is fading. This was our sunset last Friday with the swans under the arrow – still facing to the left!

An abrupt and quick turn to the right and we have an immediate lift off.

A blur of white feathers as they rise and move on, ever so quickly.

Well that was a lovely welcome home.






Jan 17, 2021

Snow and sun day

We woke up to a lovely dusting of snow.  The snow started about 9PM last night and we stayed up until it stopped falling. I would love to watch snow fall everyday.

So lovely to have the sunshine.  It was about -4C but actually warmed up to 4C mid afternoon. A perfect day.

About 3PM as we headed out on our walk we spied two skaters mid lake. Rather dangerous as the ice has been melting and doing a bit of freezing for days now.

I can’t image the middle of the lake being safe. We have seen a few coyotes out over this past weekend and a royal treat – more swans.  More on that in the next post.

Lovely sunset this afternoon. That dark curve along the lake must be water running under the ice.  It appears each time the sun comes out and things start to melt ever so little. We so enjoyed the snow blanketing the ice today. We wake up to a new vista everyday.

Last Friday was our weekly day out of the house for medical appointments, grocery shopping, fuel purchase and library stop, etc. We were out for five ours which is about three hours too many. We have become homebodies and other than our daily walk we are happy to just be here in our warm and cozy home.







Jan 14, 2021

Wow, just wow!

Direct from Mother Nature, just as the camera captured it.


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