Apr 22, 2019

April calendar girl

This is Channel.  She was our second dachshund.  She loved to play with toys, especially those that made a great deal noise.  In the top left she is hanging out in a hammock with Colin in the Baja.   Her eyes were so compelling, they just drew you in.   She loved birds and butterflies.  Whenever a bird or butterfly would fly overhead she would stop and watch.  She would even stand up with her front paws resting on a tree truck and crane her neck up.

Sadly by the age of two she had fallen out of the RV once onto concrete and while sleeping in her bed, a blind dog who was visiting stepped on her back.  She screamed at the time.  Several months later while we were RVing here in Kelowna she woke up in pain and could not move.  We packed in a hurry and drove non stop to a special critical care veterinary hospital on Boundary Road in Vancouver.  She needed urgent surgery.  The next day after the surgery she was still screaming in pain.  They called in a neurosurgeon on the Monday of a long weekend.  Before the second surgery we carried her outside to the grass where we sat with her for a few moments.  She had been given more pain meds and we just wanted to sit with her away from the hospital environment. She just looked at the sky and the birds passing overhead. Colin carried her inside and placed her on the operating room table and then we left.  She died on the table.  While trying to stabilized her spine they put a screw through her aorta by accident of course.  She was only two and a half years old.  We were devastated.

This butterfly over a doxies head was the perfect memorial for Channel.  That is Carmeh in the background.

She was a very special girl.  The last two photos were taken from blogs in years past.

I just want to add that in my post last month when I talked about Cloii, our first girl, I neglected to mention that she died of poisoning.  We suspected she ate something at a friends home that we had visited a few hours earlier.  It was also a very tragic, horrific and sudden death.   Our first two girls only lived a few years but we have so very many special memories of them both.




Apr 21, 2019

A night out and signs of spring

For the first time since we left Las Vegas on March 28th we went out for dinner.  One of our favorite places is the O-Zeki Japanese Restaurant.  New construction since we were last here, I can’t believe how very close the building is to the property line.  I can’t imagine living there.

I always have the salmon teriyaki.  But instead of rice I get double vegetables.  No idea why my photo is out of focus.  Maybe I was rushing.

It also comes with 2 tempura prawns and 5 tempura veggies.  A great meal for reasonable prices.  I already sampled this dish before taking the photo.

Because we are home early this year, we were able to attend the last theatrical performance  of the season.  Usually we are too late.  So it was wonderful to be able to see Black Coffee by Agatha Christie complete with Hercule Poirot, Captain Hastings and Inspector Japp.  A very fun performance.  We enjoyed our night on the town so to speak.

It was a lovely morning so we went for a walk. I was wearing capris, a scarf and jacket. I was cool but no one else was. Colin was only wearing shorts and a shirt. My body is accustomed to Isla temperatures.

Lovely stained glass work with a Buddha on left side.

So many buds on this tree.

We stopped at the golf course which is finally undergoing renovations after the flooding two years ago.

I read that the greens will be artificial turf with natural landscaping.   I will keep you posted Margot & Ken.  Most of the work is being done by volunteers. They are hoping it will be ready by June.

I don’t remember seeing so much snow in these hills, pretty much straight west.

We noticed this golf cart go past the other day and found where it lives today. Yes those are bright gold seats. I wonder if they did it themselves. The roof is also unique.

So pretty and my first tulips. These are in a sheltered area.

Look at those eyes. I love the sleeping Mexican figure at the back.


Apr 20, 2019

A quiet weekend thus far

Thursday I was out and before I left I left instructions for dinner.

Colin prepped the veggies and threw in what needed adding and I came home to dinner in the crockpot.  The soup smelled wonderful and tasted even better.

It has remained chilly with a good deal of wind. This duck is sitting on the newly poured concrete around the outdoor pool.  The pool is empty, maybe its waiting for the water.

We were supposed to have workers here yesterday but with the possibility of 60% showers they did not show.  As it turned out it did not rain but remained overcast and windy.

Last May we sold our 2006 TV as the sound was poor.  You can read about that here.  Shortly thereafter we left for Europe for a month and left Canada for over six months the end of September.  What with Colin working the rest of the summer ( when the smoke allowed ) we did not watch too much television.  Since being home and with the inclement weather we have been watching more TV.  When the actors speak softly or there is music in the background I having trouble hearing the words and we were already at full volume.  So Colin decided that we needed to add on a sound system.  Apparently this is common with the new TV’s.

This is our third system.  The first system was a Bose from Costco and if made no difference at all.  The second unit was very long Yamaha unit that came from Visions Electronics and it was no better. When Colin returned that one the friendly salesman suggested the above unit. It is made by Polk and is very small as you can see.  Best of all we can both hear much better.

It is a keeper.  We are very happy with it.

It has been quiet weekend thus far.  Well other than the neighbour power washing for several hours this morning.  Not a big deal, we all make noise every now and then.  I did get a few hours of book reading  in yesterday but still have 20 pages to go to finish the book. Dinner was ready and I had to stop 😯   Later today for certain. Today was another day at the computer but as I had finished my research 😛  I am now into sorting through a million little details and pieces of paper.  Funny how one thing always leads to another and takes much more time than expected.  It was a beautiful day with blue sky, sunshine and brilliant white snow on the mountains. Still windy though. Best part of today is that there are still two more days of the weekend left.

Happy Easter everyone.


Apr 18, 2019

Still married to my desk

Almost done Europe but there is always more computer work to do.  I still have a lot of paper work to get through but I am no longer stressing about it.  I am just taking what I think is the next most important task ( right now that is our trip ) and working on that.  I will get to the rest when I do.  Poor Colin has been out in the car everyday this week.  Even today he did me a huge favour.  I was out this morning as I had an appointment and on the way back I picked up some fish.  It wasn’t until I was back here at the computer that I realized that it was Easter weekend and that tomorrow was a holiday.  In fact most places are closed until Tuesday.  So Colin very graciously offered to go pick up my library books ( I am optimistic that I will get some free time over the next few days ) so that I could continue my research.  Lucky me.

Yesterday was a fun day.  We had some unexpected overhead visitors.  You can read about that here. First we heard them and then we saw them.  The first group did a special formation flypast before coming in to land.  We just watched with interest.  The noise is so loud that we can’t help but get up to see what is going on.

At least an hour later while Colin was in Vernon, I heard them again and grabbed my camera.  Can you see the plane in the tree branches?

I got this guy coming in. Considering how far away each plane was, I think my new camera did a great job.

Yesterday was mostly a windy, very windy day. Had I gone for a walk in the sunshine, my hat would not have stayed on.  I wonder if this is where I should mention that I have not had a true walk since we left the Isla.  Soon, soon.  My body is not happy with me.

So glad that we decided to have two levels of kitchen counter. The top level is full of my trip paperwork and all the frypans that I usually store in the oven.  Dinner last night was pizza again, just like last Wednesday.

I always make my pizza but if we happen to be in Vernon where there is a Papa Murphys we will pick one up.  Great price for a cook at home pizza that is very tasty.  Likely we won’t have another until July.  I still can’t believe that I forgot it was an extra long weekend.  Weekends aren’t important to us as we make our own special times off.  Hopefully our weather will clear up and we can get out and do some walks.



Apr 17, 2019

Things keep getting crossed off the to do list

When we moved here we could not afford to remove the cement patio that was already here.  We hired a fellow who installed our chosen 24″ x 24 ” x 2″ hydropressed slabs over the existing concrete as well as expanding in different directions.

The water here is hard and the rust from our sprinklers changed the colour of the slabs.

Over the years Colin had the patio clear coated. Then that started to peel and not look good.  We tried using different chemicals to try to remove it.  We are not happy with the look of our patio.  Colin has been looking for two years  for a solution and may have found one.

The snow isn’t leaving anytime soon.

We have a reverse osmosis system under the kitchen sink with a UV filter.  All the filters need to be changed annually but because we are only here half the year we only do it every two years and yesterday was the day.

We have tried everything to get our patio back to normal. A few years ago we hired a guy with a massive power washer inside his  truck. It only got some of the sealer off. The new idea is sandblasting.

Colin took one piece in to see how it would look.  We like it, the colour is back.

Dinner last night  was a stir fry with almost the last of our Mazatlan shrimp, we have enough for one more meal.

One pound of shrimp along with onion, carrots, broccoli, mushrooms and kale made for a very yummy dinner with leftovers for lunch today.



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