Dec 17, 2017

There has been a change to our paradise.

We managed to get over the cold snap last week but then we had a few days of drizzles and then a day of heavy rain.  The forecast is on again/off again with a rain/shower forecast for the week ahead.

But first a new frequent visitor to my orange stand.

Yes we had rain. We had eight pockets of water that kept collecting on our gazebo roof.

It was wet and humid and no one was outside.

A few hardy souls were enjoying the beach no matter the weather conditions. Good for them.

Having experienced above ankle deep flooding here in the past we prepared for the worst.  We rolled up the carpets and put things away as best we could.

It did not take long for the puddles to start forming in RV park lot.

We know the drill and were prepared but it was damp and cold.  Nothing to do but grin and bear it.

Then just the other day ( Dec 15th )  after 7 days with no sunset, Mother Nature decided that we needed a show.

Very vivid colors.

Then a softer sky as the sun set and projected some lovely color.

Perhaps paradise is back 😀



Dec 16, 2017

Virgin de Gualadupe bonus day in Mazatlan

Umm sorry to say but this is a long post……but I think it is worth your time.

December 12th is a big celebration in Mexico.  It is the celebration of the Virgin de Guadalupe.  It is easy to Google the details which go back to 1531 but here is just a tidbit.

It is a noisy holiday ( our girls used to cringe at the noise ) with many firecrackers being set off till late the night before and very early the morning on the 12th as well as throughout the day.  As you travel through Mexico you see the Virgin as seen above all over along the roadside, painted on rocks, a display set up outside a home or tienda/store.  A very visible symbol here in Mexico.

We spent the afternoon showing France and Claude who are new RVers to Mexico and only here for 6 – 8 weeks how to get over to Mazatlan and the mercado as well as walk around centro.

Always so much fun showing off the colors, noise and wonders of Mazatlan.

They loved it.

I would have to say that this guy is laid back and relaxed 🙂

Our favorite parrot is still hanging out at his owners pastry booth.  This is exactly how the 5th C, Cheikka looked.  We rescued her from Acapulco back in 2008 and smuggled ( literally ) her into Canada.  When I had my car wreck in 2010, we had to give her away as Colin could not care for me, the girls and Cheikka.  She was a great girl as were Carmeh and Caeli.  What a bunch of great C’s we were back in the day.

…and then as we were wandering around Centro we happened upon the Cathedral,  properly known as the Cathedral Basilica of the Immaculate Conception.  It is the main religious building in the city of Mazatlan, in the Baroque style of Sinaloa, Mexico.  It was the main celebration of the Virgin de Guadalupe.

Many many photo op booths had been set up around the outside of the Cathedral for parents to bring their children dressed as peasants to come and get a photo with the Virgin de Guadalupe in the background.  A very special memory for the parents, it is obvious that this guy was having nothing to do with it all.

This was one of the more elaborate set ups and this wee one was milking it for all it was worth.  A true cook she was stirring the beans and turning over the tortillas.

Oh this poor baby was so asleep and mama keep trying to wake her up.

Hola little one.

So many little cuties.

El guapo.

Only 60 pesos/3.13 US  for a choice of photo op.

Well 2 out of 3 is pretty good.

A great money maker for the various food stands and the toy sellers.  The streets around the Catherdral had been closed off.

It was a wonderful to be able to walk through all of this.

We finally were able to tear ourselves away and continue our walking tour.  Love the different trees that have been added to the very newly constructed streets and sidewalks within Centro.

It is like discovering a new city.

This lot is for sale,  great view of the Cathedral, needs a little work.  Located right on the corner of the Plazuela Machado.

The door was open at the Teatro Angela Peralta so our friends got a sneak peak.  I could hear a rehearsal for which I think was the Gala Navidena.  Wow, should have bought tickets, next year for certain.

Next stop was the top of the Freeman Hotel. for sunset drinks.  The RV park is behind the large hill oi the left and we look directly at the middle hill in the ocean.The larger hill on the right is Chivos which is where we watch the sunsets over.

The Cathedral can be spotted from pretty much everywhere in Mazatlan.

You can see a lot from the top of the Freeman. Nice solar job.

I think that they are smiling as we were  finally able to sit down.  We did have a shrimp burger lunch at Tony’s in the mercado so I thought that we should walk it off 🙂

Mazatlan is a great city.

Day 5 of no sunset but the lights are still special.









Dec 15, 2017

Taking part of the day off

Had a 90 minute massage today followed by a long walk along the beach.  Started a good book mid afternoon along with a glass of wonderful Pinot Grigio.  I hope to finish that book by bedtime as I enjoy more of that Pinot.  My French Christmas songs are playing in the background.  Life is good.


Dec 14, 2017

Invasion of the weird

For two days we had these never before seen on our beach large jellyfish.  There was no way I was gong to go swimming.

One fisherman told us that they were dangerous and another told us they were harmless.  Personally I thought that they looked like they belonged in a science fiction movie or in a bottle in a science lab.

A very active ocean.

I will never tire of watching nor listening to the waves.


Dec 14, 2017

A relaxing Monday

We had a great beach walk in the morning and then toured France and Claude around the Isla in the afternoon.  Colin then played for a few hours while I read.

They later came over to enjoy a drink as we watched the sunset.  The fire was to keep the bugs at bay as the wind had died down.

Sadly it was day 4 of no sunset. but we still has a great time.


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