Jan 21, 2017

Thank you so much for your help

Thank you all so very very much for your input in helping me create better food for Carmeh that will stimulate her appetite and help rebuild her strength. I will take every suggestion under advisement and do my best to implement them all.

This appears to be her new favorite spot next to our fast growing papaya tree.

She had more energy on our beach walk yesterday morning.  She is not running like the wind but she walked on her own and that is a huge improvement since last Sunday.

Carmeh is no longer in the lead and is now letting Caeli be the alpha dog. I think in part it is because she can’t hear very much these days.

Carmeh did get up to a wee trot for a few feet.

Suzanne, a good friend, has come to town for a visit. We got our first evening together off to great start with a strong margarita.

El Velero in hosting jazz evenings every Friday from 4 – 7 PM. The group is really good.

Carmeh looks so regal, well at least I think so.

This was a quick post as our internet is down yet again.




Jan 19, 2017

Carmeh update and our sky has been on fire

The last few days have been most unsettled.  Carmeh was very ill Sunday morning and we seriously thought that it was the end ( details best not described on the blog ).  However we got some chicken breasts which I boiled, then cooled and fed it to her with rice.  She ate like she was starving.  So Sunday, Monday and Tuesday were just okay.  For some unknown reason Carmeh began about 7 or less days ago to have an aversion to going on the beach.  We would walk her out like always but she would head back home or ask us to pick her up.  Today she hid in the corner of the yard rather than go to the beach.  She did come in her buggy but when we put her on the ground she just walked a few steps or did not walk at all and wanted back up into the buggy.  Just a week ago she was running free and happy on the beach.  We call it running like the wind.

Suddenly that is gone.  Here back at the RV she appears to have little energy.  She plays with her toys for mere moments when last week she played for hours.  Since we stopped the canned food and put her on the chicken/rice food she is eating happily and there are no longer any gut issues nor pain.  However her energy levels have gone way down.  What to do?

I did spend close to an hour on the phone the other day with our vet and now have some antioxidants arriving via a visitor to a fellow RVer on Tuesday.  That took hours of coordination.

Carmeh sitting in the garden a few days ago.

The sunset Tuesday was sensational.

So much color….

We are back to the regular January temps  ( cool ) which we have not seen for at least 4 years. Carmeh is well covered.  Down to 61F at night.  I am wearing a jacket on the beach during our morning walks.

Caeli came to hang out with her sister as she has been doing off and on these past few days.

Yesterday morning Colin headed into Mazatlan for an appointment and Carmeh hung out under his papaya tree which appears to be growing like a weed.

Colin stopped in at the mercado and brought back enough chicken for me to boil up and package for 8 full days of meals.  My entire kitchen was full of chicken.

However I need your input on how to prepare the chicken.  I do boil it because of the restricted fat content of her diet.  We don’t eat meat so this is very foreign to us.  Today I found the chicken very difficult to pull apart, it was rather dry.  Maybe this is Mexican chicken.  She gets 1.4 ounces of chicken per meal but it seems to take forever to pull apart into small bites for her.  Am I boiling it too long?  Yesterday I kept pulling it out of the water as I cooked it and cutting it open with a knife but there was still red showing in the middle.  I might have cooked the entire batch for close to 20 minutes.  I thought that I had cut the raw pieces of chicken breast into small enough pieces to cook quickly but perhaps not.  I truly would appreciate some detailed input.  I have also been using basmati rice which might not be the best as she is not eating it.  It is all I have but I can get regular rice here on the Isla, I hope.  Also she is supposed do get 2/3 cup of chicken per day which we have converted to 4.2 ounces per day.  As per the vet 2/3 cup should be 5.3 ounces per our calculations but we cut it down to 4.2 ounces as it seemed to be too much.  Are we wrong and giving her the incorrect conversion and thus giving too much or too little chicken which is now her only source of protein?

This is the time of year that the sunsets are outstanding.

The sky was on fire last night as was the ocean.

Thanks Colin for this panoramic shot of last nights sunset.  Our sky is on fire.




Jan 17, 2017

A puppy on the beach

So we were  doing our normal beach walk the other day about sunset when we ran across our friend Julie who helps manage Casa Flor.

It appears that she has acquired a new puppy.  Ayla is a 2 month old pure bred beagle.

Carmeh & Caeli were not at all interested in the puppy.  It was windy as you can see by the girls ears.

Ayla so wanted to play but not our girls.

The body language says  it all.  Ayla does look cute with her butt up in the air.

Carmeh is telling us that she is done!

As we continued to walk Ayla started to follow us but Julie called her back ( in French ) and Ayla actually listened and followed her instead of us.  Great start to the pups training.



Jan 16, 2017

A lovely Sunday afternoon

It started out with us attending Handel’s Messiah at the Angela Peralta Theater.  This was a Camerata Campbell presentation directed by Gordon Campbell featuring the Community Choir of Culiacan and members of the OSSLA orchestra.

The stunning music and voices announcing the Arrival of the Queen of Sheba.  It was outstanding considering that not all the vocalists were professionals.

A perfect way to start a Sunday afternoon.  There are seven more concerts in the series which all begin at noon on Sunday and tickets are only 300 pesos.  The performances vary as to what is being performed each week.  We only attend the ones that interest us.  Details can be found here.  I have to say that I was disappointed with the last number, the Hallelujah chorus, when people stood.  Legend has it that in 1743, the British monarch King George II was so moved by Handel’s Hallelujah chorus that he stood out of respect for the “Lord of Lords,” the only authority above his own. When the king stands, everybody stands. And since then everyone has followed suit.  Gordon Campbell also mentioned that it was thought that the King thought the concert was over and stood to leave and then remained standing.  So now some stand and some don’t at each performance.

This is what happens when some stand in front of you.  We didn’t stand, I just focused on the sound rather than the visual.  I heard this group perform the Hallelujah chorus before when no one stood and I think it was much better that way.

Friends from Kamloops, Hannelore and Peter joined us for the afternoon. We have met them several times over the past few years here in Mazatlan.  Such a beautiful theater.

Kathy and her friends were just a few rows in front of us.

Kathy and her husband Eric winter in an RV Park right in Mazatlan.  She writes the blog Kathy & Eric’s Travels.  Be sure to read Kathy’s write up of the concert.  She took many photos and added much more information that I did.  Great post Kathy.

The four of us ended up at Angelina’s for a most delicious meal.

These two were at the table next to us. The eight year old father and his 4 year old son. They were very well behaved.

Lovely thoughts to start the New Year with, on a sign board in front of Angelina’s.

…and so ended our lovely Sunday.


Jan 15, 2017

Introducing the neighbors to Mazatlan

Ruthe and Patrick arrived January 1st and were lucky enough to snatch the last front row spot.  They are blog readers lured here by my photos and stories of the Isla and I am so happy to have them next door for the next three months.  They have finally settled in and were ready to check out Centro. We started off by showing them where to buy tickets for the lancha and how to catch a pulmonia on the other side.  Sorry but I have no photo of them but that will be remedied tomorrow, I was too busy being tour guide to pull out my camera.

We started off with a tour of the Plazuela Machado, the Angela Peralta Theater and some entertainment in the square.  As we headed off in search of an ATM we stopped in the neat little shop, between the Machado and Topolos.

A very unique decor complete with stepping stones over a pond.

Interesting art work. The detail on the crosses are all nails and screws.

An interesting home along the route.  I like the upstairs garden.

These two little ones were having so much fun with the pigeons in the square across form the Cathedral.

Once they we were all done with the ATM, Colin and I introduced them to the Panama Bakery.  That was followed by an eye opening walk through the mercardo.  Certainly lots to absorb on a first visit.

By then it was time for lunch at the famous Tony’s Burgers. Ruthe and I had the shrimp tacos which were very good while Patrick had a shrimp burrito. Colin stuck to his shrimp burger.  I had a bite and I do have to say that it is simply the best burger ever.  Please note that next Thursday, the 19th, Tony will be offering live entertainment all day in celebration off his 8th anniversary at this location.

We were just finishing our meals when I heard ” hello Contessa “. It was Carol and Bill showing Mike around Centro. Mike lives about 30 miles west of Kitchener, Ontario.

Mike reads Carol’s blog and mine and it seems that we have influenced his first trip here to Mazatlan.  He intends to head back to Canada and buy a motorhome.  We look forward to seeing you down here next year Mike.  Thank you for reading the blog.  Looking forward to more time together in the future.

We next walked to Ley’s a few blocks away ( a larger grocery store ) and then caught a pulmonia back to the embarcadero.  Quite the dashboard, eh?

The shrimp boat fleet is all back out fishing after the holidays and now the tuna boats are starting to head out.  I wish them good fishing.  The fish markets here have little selection due to the increased water temperature.

A nice end to the day.

I had to take a second shot, love the contrasts in color in the sky.

Thanks for taking time to read my post.



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