Dec 12, 2017

Beach walk

We have been on so many beach walks where we have not taken the camera and of course those are the ones during which we have seen so many interesting things.  So we have vowed to carry the camera with us always.

There were a lot of waves this day.  Yes the shrimp boats are still out there.

Hey a boondocker right on the beach.  He has a European license plate.

So much beach to dry camp along not to mention walk along.

In the distance some local fishermen are pulling in their net.

Always fun to see what they have caught.

Not bad for the first catch of the day.

The ocean is moving today.

So nice to see that the horses are still here.  The girls loved them.

Another of my new hibiscus, double yellow.

This photo was not taken at its peak but a lovely new addition to my garden.  I really like the color.

Not easy to see but this is miniature double hibiscus.

Finally a decent sunset.

Enjoy it as we haven’t had another for a number of days.


Dec 10, 2017

Local snapshots

Last Tuesday we took one of Colin’s sandals in that needed some stitching.  We had no idea where to find a shoe repair place but started with the the shoe shine guys in the Plazuela Republica across from the cathedral.  The first fellow took us to this guy who said he could repair it and that it would be ready in a few hours.  We told him we would pick it up Friday.

We were not at all concerned at leaving the shoe with him.  Friday morning we just had to wait a moment while he completed his shoe shine.  He wanted 20 pesos/1.06US/1.36CAD for the repair and Colin gave him 50 pesos/3.40CAD.

Next stop was the colorful mercado, the central market.

A great place for us to replenish our fruits and vegetables.  We do have a daily veggie truck that comes to the RV park but sometimes we like to come to the mercardo as there is a much larger selection.

So much to look at, it never gets old.

These were not on our list.

The pulmonia ride back to the embarcaedro is always interesting, we see many new streets as they don’t always drive the same route.

We limited our time at the mercado as we were meeting some RVers who were golfing for lunch at Estrella Del Mar.  Counterclockwise is Diane, David who is here for only a week, her husband Pierre and their friends Claude at the head of table and his wife France who along with us was not golfing.  It was cool and windy on the patio, glad I brought my sweater.

I was the only one who had two margaritas but Pierre was having a good time with my hat.

After a leisurely meal they were off to complete the final 9 holes. A great place to play a round of golf.

I was trying to get photos of them on the 10th hole but my camera battery died at this very moment.  I did mange to catch this photo of Diane and David.

Another full day in paradise.  There was no sunset to speak of that evening.


Dec 09, 2017

December calendar photo

Here they are, the stars of our December calendar.

We reminisce with each beach walk.  So very many special memories.



Dec 08, 2017

Que pasa

Well it appears that my camera is not interacting too well with my new iPhoto and I have lost photos including a very special sunset.  All my own fault actually.  I have been in the habit for years and years of deleting my photos off my camera once I have downloaded them.  However for some strange reason iPhoto or the camera are not downloading all of my photos ( or events as they are called ).  It seems that I will have to try and remember to use the download process 2 or 3 times.  I lost my super moon shots but Colin’s were much better anyway, these were taken without a tripod.


With the full moon we have had extreme high and low tides.  So I have been happy to sit and read and keep an eye on the beach.  My book and my knees and my view.

We have walked everyday but only when the tide is low. However because of the high waves we have not been swimming.

This past Wednesday ( Dec. 6 th ) we had the most spectacular sunset yet this season.

The colors were  deep and very vivid.

This was the sky facing the sunset.  A spectacular reflection.  The sky simply lit up, pretty much in a 360 degree circle.

What a privilege to be here to see this.

Sadly I lost Thursdays sunset photos but there will be many more.






Dec 07, 2017

A very quiet and relaxing day

Other than watering my garden, Tuesday was quiet.  In fact we didn’t even go for a beach walk.  Neither of us wanted to tell the other that we just didn’t want to walk, it was funny that we both felt the same and in the end we just totally relaxed and enjoyed the day.  It was a high tide and the waves were huge and crashing, great to just sit back and enjoy the view.

I did host a small happy hour for our friends and their friend who had flown in today from Montreal. David is here for only a week.  You might be able to tell by the hand gestures that a great time was had by all.

Another great end to a perfect day.



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