Jan 15, 2019

Que pasa

Well after two perfect days we are back to gray sky and humidity.  Pretty empty beach.

However we did have some surprise visitors the other morning.  For the second time ever in my nine winters here, we had some whales come along to entertain us.  So much fun and there was even a baby who did a lot of jumping out of the water.  They stayed within view of the RV park for over an hour.

However we continue to walk every day.  I was disappointed today to find that someone had dug up a live starfish to take as a souvenir.  A dead dry starfish would be merely laying on top of the sand.  As the tide was only just going out it was obvious that this one was was killed 🙁

Yesterday Colin changed our sediment filter.  Really very clean considering we have been here exactly two months.  When we were in Acapulco our filters were green with slime.

Yes we do have a complicated water set up.  Two hoses to the back ( one for my plants & the other for car washing or for Ismael to use ), another to the water softener and then to the water filters ( sediment and carbon ) which go to our water tank and then one more to the front for my plants and for washing our feet when we come off the beach.  Plus one extra white hose ( coiled ) for flushing our tanks.  I should get a photo of all the valves 🙂

I was doing some research on my blog ( that is how I recall things ) and came across what our newly planted back garden looked like back in the spring of 2012.

One year later, in 2013  you can see the growth as well as the addition of two palms which I had planted in the fall of 2012.  They had grown well over that winter.

Just for the fun of it I took this photo yesterday.  I now live in a jungle.

Some fun facts.  Now I know why I see so many fire trucks from Grand Prairie ( Alberta ) on them.  Donated and driven down here.

As it was a dull day I spent most of it inside working on the computer.  I looked out at the sunset and it seemed dim.  A few minutes later I was like wow, so I rushed outside.

…and it only got better.


Jan 14, 2019

The walk, part two

One of my favorite new homes.  So much new construction.  Surprising.  Business must be good because of the new road.

Well that is one way to get your PVC pipes from point A to B.

What a beautiful tree for this mechanic to have set up under.

What interesting decor.  Can you see the four different heads?

A close up of two.

Love the color, the decorative pillars and the boat mid left.  The sidewalk is the same design as those pillars.

A new mini restaurant.  First time I have seen anyone there.

This is the home that we went to get sweet potatoes for Carmeh when she was so very sick.  We were desperate for the sweet potatoes and I saw a several large bags by their door.  I went in and asked to buy some but they just gave them to us.  Lovely people.  The house used to be purple and now has had a facelift and a new paint job.  The fence, gate and driveway are all new.  That is the gym on the right.

A barbershop on the Isla.

Do you get the name?  Should be haircut!

Another people mover aka a monkey wagon bringing in a bunch of tourists to one of the restaurants for the day.

Looks like a cemetery for old pangas.

Traffic jam of old parked trucks.

Pickles are impossible to find in Mexico. However I did find two different types in one small tienda here on the Isla.  Sweet pickles and dill pickles. Totally amazing.

Only on Sundays the owner of this home offers a comida del dia/special of the day up top.  I have been told that the food is excellent and most reasonable.

Shortly after returning home from our long walk, Eric the RV tech showed up and did three things on our to do list.  This was a big one and he had to pull out our oven to get to the problem.  So grateful that he had time to see us.  We still have a few other things to get done but the priorities  have been addressed.

A very fun afternoon on our beach.  RVers from our park sitting out in their chairs, a new fellow from the back row pulling  their boat in out of the water while Pierre is about to head out for a sail in his catamaran.  A really wonderful day here on the Isla.

A splendid ending to a perfect day.



Jan 13, 2019

Saturday was one of those perfect days

It was a lovely day yesterday, a perfect temperature, sunshine, blue sky and a light breeze.  Perfect for a walk into the village.  I needed to put some money on my iPhone.  For 200 pesos/ roughly $10.50US, I get unlimited calling and texting within Mexico, Canada and the USA plus some data.  The only problem is that those back at home can’t contact me unless they have Mexico in their phone package which most don’t.  However it does work for me to contact clients, Colin’s Mom, our propane company back home when there was an issue, etc.

I forgot to mention that we had four sailboats in our bay.

Several of my hibiscus bloomed.  I have been having a small issue with aphids but just spraying them off every other day takes care of that.  No new bugs this morning.

I love my birds.

I was zooming in from the far edge of the yard as I did not want to disturb him.  His beak goes quite far down into the orange.

This is what you see as you come out the RV park gate.  The tree is in the middle of the large intersection.  If you go to the left of the photo into the shaded area you will drive right down to the beach and likely get stuck in the sand:)  Can you see the horses in the middle?  They are heading out to pick up some riders.

An empty lot right on the beach. It has remained empty for nine years that we know of.  The shed was added last year and I believe the black tinaco/water tank was added after we left last April.

From the empty lot I got a shot of these two heading out.  Turns out they were just tacking back and forth for a few hours.  You can see their dinghy’s trailing behind.  They returned for the night yesterday but were gone this morning.  You can also see more dust above the sails.  Colin wonders if perhaps it is a grease of sorts.

Even walking we had to wait.  Those boats have been parked there for a long time.

Always lots of vivid color.

There are so many of these little stores that you have to wonder how they make any money. In another block there are four, one on each corner.

There are two choices to get filtered water. A five gallon garrafon/water jug costs 12 pesos delivered.

We also have a police station of sorts on the Isla. If they are out in the truck there is usually no one there.

Across from the police is the chicken lady. Only on Saturdays and Sundays does she roast chickens which come with sides as I understand. Yes I did ask to take her photo.  We don’t eat chicken but I have been told that her food is excellent and she always sells out.

A very large yard with a long red & white fence. The yard is mostly filled with vechicles including several tractors. The house is small and is painted hot pink.

There is also a basketball court on which some rvers have set up pickeball at set times complete with proper net.

Next to the ball court there is a small play area for children.

And for adults gym equipment.


We are only halfway thought the walk so I will continue this next post.





Jan 12, 2019

Yesterday was mostly overcast

But it was warm and cozy just sitting outside reading.  We did do our beach walk but I didn’t take photos.

Colin and I both noticed this kayak way out there.  At the same time one of the banana boats also noticed and went out to escort them back to shore.  The area they were in does have strong currents.  Usually someone is always watching to see what is happening out there.

Miguel had a good day. I noticed him with several different groups of riders.  He patiently takes photos with each person’s camera in the group.

However he was not happy how the horses were positioned so he moved them about.  He then asked everyone to place their hands in the air.  I wonder how many tips he gets for his attention to detail.

Another great sunset yesterday.

There must have been a large school of fish as the pelicans were feeding for a long while.  Can you see the two splashes on the right where they dove right into the water?

Today I took a look of photos to share with you tomorrow.  Sadly I found dust in the sky area 😥


Jan 11, 2019

Got my camera back

We went over to Playa Sur yesterday to pick up my now dust free camera.   The repair cost was 250 pesos/$13.10USD/$17.40CAD ( in November he charged me 300 pesos ).  He went on and on about how much dust there was and that he had to redo the cleanse three times.   He insisted that the camera be carried in a plastic Ziploc bag.  It is ever so much easier to carry such a small point and shoot camera in a pocket or a purse but that is how it gets a lot of dust and lint on it.  Each time the camera is turned on the lens zooms out 1 & 1/8th of an inch.   Right away without even zooming far out on the horizon to take a photo dust has an opportunity to enter the camera.  There is no seal to stop the dust from traveling inside each time the camera is used.  We had been told last November to keep the camera in a bag or in a case.  I did not do so.  Too much trouble digging it out every time I wanted to take a photo.  So not even two months later my camera was again full of dust spots.  I now have the camera inside a Ziplock bag.  It is a real pain to use that way. But if I don’t want dust I have no choice.  This last time the dust was spread over a large area and I could not shoot around it.

I asked the camera doctor( sorry I don’t know his name ) what was the best type of camera to get to prevent dust.  His answer was instant.  A sealed camera such as an underwater camera.

Such as this one.


Here is the link to that one.   My camera guy suggested a Canon of Fuji waterproof camera.  Click here for a link to a Fuji model.   Being waterproof they are of course dust proof.  The prices are all over the map from low to very high.  Of course there is limited if any zooming.  However it is something to think about should I get another camera and Kathy, it would be the answer to you taking photos from the back of your motorcycle.

We had left the car at the Playa Sur embarcadero and from the camera place we walked over the the Plazuaela Machado, from there to the bank and then to the Mercardo.  We walked over three miles and it was hot and sticky with the humidity.  I loved this new to me shop located just behind Gaia.


The shop is called Colores Latino.

Very colorful.

There seems to be construction almost everywhere in centro.  I must say that it is a real pain digging out the camera now.

Anyone want to rent a lovely home just a few blocks from the Machado.

A new coffee bistro on Angel Flores.

At least this project is moving along fairly rapidly.

That was my last photo taken in town.  I was hot and sticky and  it was too much bother to keep digging out the camera.  Hopefully it was the humidity wearing me down and eventually I will figure out a system in using the camera while keeping it protected.  We did our shopping in the mercardo but I was really feeling weak.  Perhaps dehydrated.  So we stopped and shared a shrimp burger and some fresh squeezed orange juice.  It was a full hour before I usually eat but I knew that my body needed something.  We then got our fresh shrimp and snapper and took a pulmonia back to the Playa Sur embarcadero.  I was too worn out to walk back.  Once home and all was put away I just sat and read and relaxed.

We had a lovely sunset followed by a great dinner.  I will say that I did sleep well last night.

Thank you for all of your input on your cameras and other suggestions.  I really can’t see myself using my iPhone 6 to take photos.  The main reason is that I have no idea how to use it but one reader did suggest some apps that might help with size, etc.  Someone here did give me a few suggestions but I found that the photos were bad.  If I ever have any spare time I will look into it.



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