Feb 18, 2018

Smelly disaster averted

That small cement square on the ground to the right of the garbage area ( which happens to be directly behind our site ) is where the deep hole is that collects all of the sewage we RVers put out.  However because the park has literally been full this winter there was more that ended up in that hole  ( not a septic tank ) than normal.   Something unpleasant began to back up in a few sites.

David the owner of the park  ( this is the park handyman Ismael in the photo ) was here within a few hours and had a pumper truck on site very quickly.  It took a long while to pump out the ‘you know what’ !

Soon supplies began to be delivered.

Early the next morning workers appeared.  It seems that David has now decided to run a sewer line from each of the 2 RV parks to the new main sewer line that is being installed on the Isla.  He is starting with our park first.

They worked all day. The main sewer line is at least six feet underground.  They had to dig down to this previously ( and covered ) installed man hole.

Then dig a deep path along the white line indicated two photos above.

This is the size of pipe being installed.

What a long way to dig the trench.

They did get it done and installed and reopened the road all within a few hours.  Amazing work.

The next day they built a new manhole on the other side of our garbage area and then broke through the wall and connected into our ‘sewer hole’.  We heard the noise all day and could smell when they connected.  So now we are officially connected to the main sewer system which at the moment goes nowhere as it is not finished.  Sure hope that the RV sewage won’t start to fill the new pipes for a long while.  Where will it go?  We have no idea but suspect it will end up in the ocean, untreated.  Mazatlan itself has a sewage treatment plant that eventually dumps everything in the ocean.   Sorry but I never got the final photos of the competed job but I am sure that you get the picture in more ways than one.





Feb 17, 2018

Finally got some lovely sunsets

Very appropriate for February 14h.

Different colors on February 15th.

So nice to have these masterpieces back in our lives.



Feb 16, 2018

Saving starfish

On almost every beach walk we find some starfish wrong side up.  All those tiny white feet are clamoring to be facing the sand.

So Colin rescues them, one at a time.

With a flip of his toes they are returned to their happy place.  You can barely see those tiny white feet settling back into the sand.

Then Colin carefully covers the starfish with sand.

Often the tide is still going out so the covering of sand gives them even more of a chance to survive.  Colin saves between 3 to 10 starfish per walk, sometimes more.

I know I look like an old lady here but my 10 peso scarf sure helps keep my sunhat on during the windy walk back to our site.  So glad I came up with the idea as holding the hat down with my hands became tiring very fast.  We have had a lot of strong wind this last week especially just after noon.



Feb 15, 2018

Trip into town and a beach walk

A few days ago we went into centro to pick up some veggies at the mercado.  Two cruise ships in port.

Just behind them was a freighter being pushed out into the shipping channel.  The port is becoming increasingly busy.  Note the two freighters  in front of the white Princess cruise ship.

A yacht docked at the far end, perhaps for repairs.

Those tugs do a great job of re positioning a freighter.

Just someone walking their pet through the parking lot.

Always different buildings to check out.  I do like the color choice.


The road in front of the mercardo is still a mess.

Somehow we ended up here after all the grocery shopping.

It all looks so good.

I had decided to have something else but the lure of the shrimp burger was too great.  We did not eat dinner later that evening.

This guy carried all this wood on his shoulder and loaded it on the roof of the lancha.  Here at the colonia stop he is carrying it off.  How else are folks going to get things across to the Isla?

Once we put the food away we went for a long walk. Yup that is a plane tied up next to Casa Flor.

As we came back we were able to capture the incredible  amount of dust that we have to deal with each and every day.  Yes we live in paradise but with a a price.  Dust!  The horses pass up and down this road, which is right next to our RV, several times per day.  We have had to learn to just live with it.  Well worth the price of paradise.

Sailboat coming in just in front of a few RVers.

As you can see we have not had a lot of blue sky over the past month.  Fortunately that changed about four days ago.





Feb 14, 2018

Wow, we got to see some dolphins

Someone shouted out “Contessa, dolphins”!!  Very rarely do we get dolphins in our bay.

Difficult to photograph but this proves that we saw them.  Someone later said that they saw a whale a few weeks ago.  Hmm…no one told me about it.

I wonder what the yacht owner would think of this photo!

I leave you with this……

Happy Valentines Day to those that celebrate the day.  Our day was not what it was supposed to be but we are grateful for what transpired.  Details to come.



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