Dec 14, 2019

We are officially ready for Christmas

Who knew that we still had stuff to do to be ready for Santa?

What do you think of these this large hanging Christmas ornaments?  Those of you who have been here for a while are used to seeing the many smaller balls hanging. It really took a lot of energy and last year I knew that I should make a change.

This is what I was working in the above photo.  I love how I recycled my small ornaments.

The night shot.

Meanwhile Colin was doing surgery on our snowman. I may have mentioned in past years, that this was a gift from a very special friend from many years ago.  Julie may or may not still be reading this blog but I do think of her often.

Colin said that he had a new idea…..

Brilliant ( literally )  idea mi amore.

I really like my Dollar Store find. During the day they sway with the breeze.

The five stockings that I knit long ago represent the 5C’s.  Below are dog and penguin cutsies.

Yes I do believe that we are ready for Santa and some special visitors.




Dec 13, 2019

Que pasa

So happy to see the humidity down yesterday.  Right now tonight  as I type it is 76% but not too bad.  The clock is out by 3 hours, it was about 1PM.

I am working on finding a chiropractor and a physio therapist.  I can’t continue on with this constant pain.  Meanwhile yesterday I felt the need to walk so we went for a wee walk.  I made it as far as Carmelita’s and then back.  Lots of icing after that.  I was hoping that by walking I might walk out the cause of the pain. Maybe tomorrow.

So I sat and rested and iced ( and read a book on my iPad ) while Colin went into Mazatlan to the mercado to get some needed groceries and maybe a few Christmas gifts for me 😉 I really wanted to go but I did not have the energy.  Hopefully next week.  Colin stopped at one booth, a non food booth but not a trinket/tourist souvenir booth.  He asked the lady how long she had been there.  She stopped and thought and said over one hundred years.  Her family has had that spot all that time and it has been worked by family members.  The mercado opened back in 1900. Next time I go with Colin, I will be sure to take a photo of that booth.

When we started to travel in the RV, I went through our Christmas decorations and packed some mementoes to travel with us.  I gave this to Colin many years ago, a mouse sitting on a roll of film taking a photo.  Apropos 🙂

This lovely piece of blown glass belonged to my grandmother.  Over the past few years the teapot has lost its spout. We have several bins under our house back in Canada holding Christmas decorations, hopefully I still have some very special old pieces in there. We downsized from a 5000 sq ft home to 3600 sq ft and now live in 920 sq feet and even less when we are in the RV. I kept all the decorations from our huge home where I had four decorated theme Christmas trees.  I love Christmas and all the lights, decorations and especially the music.  Can you tell?

Many of my ornaments have special connections.  The ‘cat in a mitten’ on the right was one of the craft projects I came up with when I ran a Christmas decoration booth at a craft fair at least twenty years ago. That was fun but a ton of work.  The sequinned/beaded candle on the left came from Paris.  I was there on a trip I won from Air Canada ( where I worked ) before I married Colin ( over 32 years ago ).  I came home with four very special Christmas decorations.  I could not afford much more than those and I treasure them to this day.  The sleigh was a gift from a dear friend.

Looking very festive inside tonight.



Dec 12, 2019


Yesterday we had the RV park posada at RV2.  Turns out that most of the non Mexican population of the Isla also showed up.  We provide the food in the form of a pot luck contribution and usually the owner of the RV park provides beer but not this year. He did provide a wonderful band to listen to and most especially to dance to.  The music started at 6PM but we were home by 5:25PM due to the horrific mosquitoes and noseeums.  I can’t dance right now anyway.  It would be torture to listen to that wonderful musical group and not dance.

This is about a third of those attending.

Arrival time was 3:30PM and we all started eating about 4PM and by 4:45PM there was not much left at all.  These tables were full of delicious   platters of food.

From 3:30 – 5:00PM there were three tents like this offering  a wide variety of items to be bid on as part of a silent auction.

That tall bottle  on the left was one of my donated items for the auction, a 1.75 litre bottle of Irish Creme Liqueur.  Last I saw it was going for 600 pesos, more than double what I paid for it.

There were a few items that were auctioned off live. I made a few bids here and there on the silent auction but we had to leave because of the bugs.  So at the moment I have no idea if I was successful in any of my biding.

An unexpected early evening for us.  So we ate popcorn and watched a Christmas movie.





Dec 11, 2019

Tuesday passed in a flash

I have to really think about what we did yesterday as I took only one photo all day.

We did a bit of gardening in the morning.  I had Colin plant some Portulaca/moss rose seeds for me. I can’t get down on my knees.  However I was able to bend from the waist and added some new kale and Swiss chard seeds to top up my pots.  I think that last rain we had killed some of the seeds and I had holes so simply did some filling in. I also did a bit of tidying of my hibiscus pots, just a few weeds and dead blossoms.

Later I stood in the kitchen preparing something for a potluck for the next day.  By the time I was done my knee was throbbing.  Standing is not good for me.  So I sat and read and iced.  I also had a lovely visit with one of the RVers who dropped by to see how I was doing.  Always lovely to sit out front and watch the ocean.

Suddenly Colin reminded me that we had to leave in a very short amount of time.

He had booked us a table to see Johnny O as this might be his only time playing here this winter.

We stayed for the first set and enjoyed the music and dinner. About 15 minutes into the second set I was crashing, suddenly very tired.  So we left and were home shortly after 10PM. I needed to rest.  Gosh I never even got a sunset shot.  Hope you are having a good week.



Dec 10, 2019

Unusual prints and fog

We woke up to very thick fog yesterday and it seemed like more than 100% humidity.  Damp and cool.

We think that these belong to a large dog.

The prints came all the way from behind where this photo was taken, along our RV mat and right up to the end of  the yellow patio.  Of course Colin had to wash the patio and the RV mat again!

This was after the fog had dissipated somewhat.

Thank goodness Monday ( yesterday ) was massage day.  Sophia did an excellent job on my knee.  She discovered a large mass behind my right knee which she worked on.  I also felt every inch of her pressing down from my ankle up to my hip and back again and over and over.  Definitely tight but oh so much better.

Yes I am still icing and doing exercises everyday.  I no longer am using a cane to walk but I am being very careful.

This loud helicopter spent some time hovering and checking out the beach activity before moving one.

I came inside later to find that Colin had begun to put up our inside Christmas lights.

Now we have to add the ornaments, etc. Looking good so far.  Not sure why the last two photos were so out of focus.

So ended Monday.



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